Boulder, Colorado

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Boulder is situated at 5,400 feet above sea level along Boulder Creek, at the foot of the Flatiron Range. First settled in 1858, it has gone from its roots as a cattle ranching and gold prospecting town to a city of 96,000. Boulder is the eighth largest city in the state and has a dynamic economy supported by computer, aerospace, scientific, and research firms. It has carefully managed its growth in order to preserve its high quality of life, and for years there have been tight controls on land use. For those who seek a rich cultural environment in a magnificent physical setting, Boulder will have great appeal.

Located just 30 miles from downtown Denver, it offers easy access to Denver’s resources and amenities yet it is distant enough to avoid the negative issues that surround a very large metropolitan area. Boulder is an affluent community with tree-lined streets, beautiful parks and greenways, and a well-educated population. Bus service is exceptional; pickups are frequent, and fares are inexpensive. Surprising numbers of persons transit the city by bicycle. The campus of the University of Colorado is exceptionally beautiful, and from a number of vantage points in the city, you can see the 14,000-foot peaks of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Boulder Public Library, which dates back over 100 years, is today a highly computerized vital resource with a 92,000-square-foot main library and three branch locations.

Arts & Culture

Boulder has a very active and diversified arts calendar. There are a host of opportunities available for those interested in dance, visual arts, museums and galleries, music, the theater and performance arts.

Selected additional sites for arts & culture are: The Boulder Bach Festival –

Boulder Concert Band –

Boulder Gay & Lesbian Film Festival –

Rocky Mountain Theater for Kids –


Boulder has excellent opportunities for outdoor recreation. It has three full-service recreation centers that offer a range of activities, 54 urban parks, Boulder Reservoir, swimming pools, and golf at the Flatirons Golf Course. There are also 200 miles of cycling trails.


The University of Colorado, with an undergraduate population of 20,000, is located in Boulder.

Senior Programs

Boulder has over 9,000 seniors and families with senior members. The city’s two senior centers offer day trips, classes, low-cost meals, massage, computer training and a wide selection of sports.

Boulder Senior Center –

Boulder offers a variety of senior assistance programs, including property tax work-offs, rebate programs, care assistance, and subsidized housing.

The city has established a Web site that provides a guide for seniors and caregivers.


Boulder Community Hospital, founded in 1922, is a community owned and operated not-for-profit hospital. It has 265 beds with 547 physicians in 48 medical specialties on staff. It is a full service hospital that meets the needs for emergency, inpatient, and cardiac care. In addition, it offers numerous special medical services.


Boulder Municipal Airport –

Denver International Airport –


Boulder has a semi-arid climate characterized by modest precipitation, abundant sunny days, and marked day-to-day and seasonal changes in the weather. It receives about 13 inches of precipitation a year. The annual snowfall is 75 inches, however it seldom lasts more than a week, or possibly two weeks. Summer days are typically in the 80s or 90s in the afternoon.


The Daily Camera –
Rocky Mountain News –
Denver Post –

Property Taxes

Boulder County Treasurer –
Tax Relief for Seniors –
Property Tax Calculation Formula –

State Taxes

Chamber of Commerce

State Aging Agency

Colorado Department of Human Services


Breckenridge – 92 miles
Broomfield – 13 miles
Colorado Springs – 97 miles
Denver – 29 miles
Fort Collins – 55 miles
Vail – 108 miles

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