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Latest update: June 29, 2021

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management’s Tulsa location provides a myriad of financial services and solutions to families, individuals and businesses in the area. At the Tulsa office alone, clients have 20 registered financial advisors and advising groups to choose from. This local office also regularly participates in charitable activities within the community, providing clients the opportunity to give back as well. Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Tulsa

About Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Tulsa

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management’s financial services and products range from investment opportunities to planning for retirement and everything in between. The company’s advisors are also capable of working hand-in-hand with other professionals, such as tax attorneys and estate planners, to ensure that each client’s goals are not only met but exceeded. If interested clients are unsure of which financial services and products best fit their needs, the Merrill Lynch Wealth Management website allows visitors to input their financial goals or needs and be paired with the relevant service or products. Visitors can also use the online Investment Personality Assessment tool to better understand their investing goals and needs. Additionally, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management’s advisors are always prepared to help clients identify which products and services will help them best meet their financial objectives. Individuals and families can use the Merrill Lynch Wealth Management website to access a variety of investing and financial resources, as well. These resources include current market standings, investment trends, portfolio strategies and more. In addition to regularly meeting and consulting with an assigned financial advisor, an individual’s financial information can be safely and securely accessed via the Merrill Lynch Wealth Management suite of apps and online portals. To determine if Financial Synergies Wealth Advisors is right for you, you can schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.
Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
Assets Managed $2.75 Trillion
Minimum Assets $100,000
Number of Advisors 10
Fee Structure Fee-Only
Address 4400 Post Oak Pkwy #200

Frequently Asked Questions

Customers who are interested in working with Financial Synergies Wealth Advisors team frequently asked these questions.

What are the cost structure and fees for Merrill Lynch Wealth Management products and services?

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management products and services require fees based on factors such as account duration, annual fees, investment amounts, percentages and so on. These fees will range depending on the individual’s investment and financial goals as well.  

Does Merrill Lynch Wealth Management offer Roth IRAs?

Yes, individuals can open Roth IRA accounts with Merrill Lynch Wealth Management advisors.  

Does Merrill Lynch Wealth Management sell annuities?

Yes, annuities for retirement income can be purchased through the many available Merrill Lynch Wealth Management advisors in Tulsa.  

What resources does Merrill Lynch Wealth Management offer to clients?

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management clients can access a wide variety of online resources on the firm’s website. These resources include up-to-date research, articles, investment tools and free calculators.

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