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AutoWeb is a site for both car buyers and enthusiasts alike.  There are chat areas and message boards where visitors can talk with one another, with an expert or even with a mechanic.  Auto specifications are set forth in legible tables.  It allows shoppers to choose between the two closest dealers.

An informative site dominated by text.  It allows users to compare both new and used cars to determine the best possible deal.  Contains very useful research, with everything from Kelley Blue Book prices, new- and used-car comparisons and vehicle reviews.  It automatically sends a referral to a dealer without giving the consumer a choice.

Car Point’s site offers consumers a detailed view of some selected cars using 3-D surround video.  If the shopper picks one type of car, the site lists similar models for comparison.  Buyers are referred to at least two dealers in their area.
A useful site for consumers who have already decided on a particular model.  It offers many professional publications and reports, and finds all participating dealers in a 30-mile radius.  Shoppers can then choose from dealers they want to hear from.
Allows a consumer to purchase and finance a car over the Internet.  The service guarantees a price, then links the buyer to a dealership that handles the paperwork and turns over the keys.

This site provides a list of dealers by region, and the price at which each is willing to sell the car you want. You can contact any of the dealers to buy the car.

Kelley Blue Book
Kelley Blue Book is famous for providing price information on new and used cars, plus estimated trade-in values.  The site offers reviews and advice on many makes and models.

This publisher of automotive guides offers a comprehensive site for auto information, including prices, rebates and auto reviews. Its Town Hall includes postings from readers who pose and answer car-related questions.

Priceline has pioneered a unique new type of e-commerce that enables consumers to “name your own price” for hotel rooms, airline tickets, home financing, new cars, and groceries.


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