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Why pay for books when you can exchange them and keep your exchanges?  At, you select any books from our site and send in an equal number of your books in exchange.  With no transaction fees and flat rate shipping for up to 6 lbs. of books, it’s the perfect site for avid readers.  Join today!

Doubleday Large Print Home Library
On this site, visitors can purchase special hardcover, large type editions of the hottest best sellers.  As a member, you can buy books at up to 30% off publishers’ prices.
Initially a popular site to purchase books, Amazon now sells music, DVDs & videos, toys & games, electronics & software, home improvement items, operates an online mall, and runs an auction.

Barnes & 
This site is the Web site for Barnes & Noble Bookstores. Visitors can purchase books, music, prints & posters, software, and magazines.


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