The 14 Best Charlotte, NC Memory Care Facilities

There are only 168 specialty residential programs, like memory care, in the whole state of North Carolina. This is far less than the number of nursing homes or assisted living facilities. You’ll want to make sure you choose the right one.

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Alzheimers Memory Center

Alzheimer's Memory Center assembled a team and a facility entirely focused on treating and providing care for seniors with Alzheimer’s Disease. The facility is also set up to help clients with other forms of dementia, making it a dementia specialist center.
  • Specialized teams trained in dementia disorders
  • Involved in dementia research
Alzheimer's Memory Center | Retirement Living
Start My Search 7809 Sardis Rd
Charlotte, NC, 28270

Brookdale South Park

The team at Brookdale South Park is specially trained in memory care methods. Its Optimum Life program is designed to help clients live a full and healthy lifestyle by balancing six focus areas.
  • Focused on specialized Alzheimer’s Disease care
  • Specially built facility for dementia patients
Brookdale South Park | Retirement Living
Start My Search 5326 Park Rd
Charlotte, NC, 28209

Waltonwood Cotswold

The treatment focus at Waltonwood Cotswold uses multisensory activities to promote memory retention and recovery. By immersing seniors in familiar sensations, seniors are more likely to trigger important memories that they want to keep.
  • On-site nursing care
  • An individualized service plan for each senior
Waltonwood Cotswold | Retirement Living
Start My Search 5215 Randolph Rd
Charlotte, NC, 28211

Brookdale Cotswold

The team at Brookdale Cotswold is highly trained in a wide range of memory disorders and treatment methods. They care for seniors by providing enough support while helping them maintain their independence.
  • Updated safety protocols and safety systems
  • Secure courtyard and garden
Brookdale Cotswold | Retirement Living
Start My Search 3610 Randolph Rd
Charlotte, NC, 28211

Summit Place of Southpark

Summit Place of Southpark offers seniors the chance to participate in memory care programs that are specifically designed for each senior’s needs.
  • A wide range of customizable floor plans to choose from
  • Specialized memory care programs
Summit Place of Southpark | Retirement Living
Start My Search 2101 Runnymede Ln
Charlotte, NC, 28209

Preston House

Preston House maintains two, 20-senior neighborhoods that provide memory care support. The community works together to stay active and help each other overcome memory disorders.
  • Emphasis on having a home-like environment and facility
  • Small size allows more personalized care
Preston House | Retirement Living
Start My Search 4910 Harris Woods Blvd
Charlotte, NC, 28269

Elmcroft of Little Avenue

At Elmcroft of Little Avenue, the staff uses the Best Friends® program to create deeper connections with seniors. That way, they can learn everything there is to know about each senior and customize their care accordingly.
  • 24/7 community security
  • Focus on freedom and individuality
Elmcroft of Little Avenue | Retirement Living
Start My Search 7745 Little Ave
Charlotte, NC, 28226

Brookdale Carriage Club Providence

Among the amenities at Brookdale Carriage Club Providence is a concierge service where seniors work with a staff member to plan trips and activities that fit each senior’s lifestyle.
  • Outdoor recreation facilities
  • On-site chapel
Brookdale Carriage Club Providence | Retirement Living
Start My Search 5800 Old Providence Rd
Charlotte, NC, 28226

Northlake House

At Northlake House, seniors live a lifestyle designed to minimize the impact of memory loss. By working with staff members to find impactful events, seniors can improve their memory retention while working toward being independent.
  • Active social calendar
  • Focus on nutrition and healthy living
Northlake House | Retirement Living
Start My Search 9108 Reames Rd
Charlotte, NC, 28216

Brookdale South Charlotte

Brookdale South Charlotte pushes seniors to be independent and pursue the hobbies that make them happy. The facility has on-site entertainments like a coffee shop, private dining room, and ice cream parlor where seniors can go to have fun without having to leave the facility.
  • Pet-friendly facility
  • On-site library
Brookdale South Charlotte | Retirement Living
Start My Search 5515 Rea Rd
Charlotte, NC, 28226

Brighton Gardens of Charlotte

Brighton Gardens of Charlotte is staffed by medical personnel who can address medical and personal care needs. The facility provides living support as well as an active social calendar for seniors and their families to promote engagement in the community.
  • Individual Service Plans based on each client’s needs
  • Physical fitness help programs
Brighton Gardens of Charlotte | Retirement Living
Start My Search 6000 Park S Dr
Charlotte, NC, 28210

Sunrise on Providence

Seniors at Sunrise on Providence benefit from 24-hour care by trained nurses and care providers. The team can coordinate care activities like medication management so that seniors can focus on their recreational and wellness activities.
  • Community pets
  • Scheduled wellness visits with Registered Nurses
Start My Search 5114 Providence Rd
Charlotte, NC, 28226

Charlotte Square

Charlotte Square is located near downtown Charlotte, which makes it the right place to live for seniors that want to visit downtown often. The facility is also near major medical facilities that provide medical support to Charlotte Square residents when needed.
  • Studio apartments with safety and security systems
  • On-site library
Charlotte Square | Retirement Living
Start My Search 5820 Carmel Rd
Charlotte, NC, 28226

Legacy Heights Community

Legacy Heights Community provides minimal support for seniors where appropriate so that they can focus on being independent in their daily care. The facility also provides community activities so that seniors can stay connected to the community.
  • A focus on privacy and self-reliance
  • Transportation services included
Legacy Heights Community | Retirement Living
Start My Search 11230 Ballantyne Trace Ct
Charlotte, NC, 28277

Additional Charlotte, NC Memory Care Resources

Finding the right memory care facility in Charlotte can be overwhelming. Fortunately, here are five organizations that can help local seniors:

  • Alzheimer’s Association Western Carolina Chapter: The Western Carolina Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association provides local support and advocacy services for Charlotte residents. For immediate assistance, you can call the 24/7 helpline at 800-272-3900.
  • Parkinson Association of the Carolinas: The Parkinson Association of the Carolinas provides a range of services for those diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Call the toll-free resource line at 866-903-7275 to learn more about available programming.
  • United Family Services: United Family Services has many services for seniors and their families, from crisis intervention and counseling services to programs that help residents achieve financial independence. Call United Family Services at 704-332-9034 for more information on programming.
  • American Cancer Society North Carolina: The American Cancer Society’s North Carolina chapter has events and resources for cancer patients, survivors, and their families. Call the North Carolina chapter at 704-553-5350 to sign up for an upcoming event or learn more about available resources.
  • Arthritis Foundation North Carolina: The state chapter of the Arthritis Foundation hosts events and advocates for arthritis research. Call the North Carolina chapter of the Arthritis Foundation at 704-912-1365.