The 10 Best St. Louis, MO Nursing Homes

As you research what nursing homes are available, you’ll find that there is a variety of amenities, specialty care options, and locations that can heavily impact the price. We reviewed nursing homes in St. Louis to identify which ones were the best. We compiled this top 10 list to aid in your search.

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Avalon Garden Nursing Home

At Avalon Garden Nursing Home, seniors receive some of the best medical care possible while living in a facility with a large community, but is small enough to not feel crowded.
  • Mid-sized facility
  • Highly-rated medical care
Avalon Garden Nursing Home | Retirement Living
Start My Search 4359 Taft Ave
St. Louis, MO, 63116

Delhaven Manor Nursing Center

Delhaven Manor Nursing Center can help seniors on Medicare and Medicaid with short and long-term care needs.
  • Medicare and Medicaid accepted
  • Short- and long-term
Delhaven Manor Nursing Center | Retirement Living
Start My Search 5460 Delmar Blvd
St. Louis, MO, 63112

Grand Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation

The Grand Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation facility is located in a large brick facility in a light urban area making it possible for seniors to stay connected to family members while enjoying the good weather.
  • Light urban location
  • Large facility
Grand Manor Nursing & Rehab | Retirement Living
Start My Search 3645 E Cook Ave
St. Louis, MO, 63113

Carrie Elligson Geitner Home

The Carrie Elligson Geitner Home has been providing senior living services for a long time and continues to offer 24-hour care in an isolated facility on the side of a lake.
  • 24-hour care
  • Private location
Carrie Elligson Geitner Home | Retirement Living
Start My Search 5000 S Broadway
St. Louis, MO, 63111

Oak Park Care Center

Specialized care programs for seniors are available at Oak Park Care Center, including therapy services to help clients improve their mental health.
  • Memory care available
  • Therapy services
Oak Park Care Center | Retirement Living
Start My Search 6637 Berthold Ave
St. Louis, MO, 63139

Royal Oak Nursing & Rehab

Seniors can get all of the care options that they need from the Royal Oak Nursing & Rehab facility including long-term care, hospice care, and respite care.
  • Long-term care available
  • Hospice care available
Royal Oak Nursing & Rehab | Retirement Living
Start My Search 4960 Laclede Ave #1494
St. Louis, MO, 63108

The Estates of Spanish Lake Nursing and Rehabilitation Facility

The Estates of Spanish Lake Nursing and Rehabilitation Facility is a large facility that gives seniors access to experienced nursing staff and rehabilitation services.
  • Large facility
  • Experienced nursing staff
The Estates of Spanish Lake | Retirement Living
Start My Search 610 Prigge Rd
St. Louis, MO, 63138

Riverview Nursing Facility LLC

Riverview Nursing Facility LLC is located in a beautiful area on the water and has a large community for seniors to be involved in.
  • Large living and care facility
  • Beautiful location
Riverview | Retirement Living
Start My Search 5500 S Broadway
St. Louis, MO, 63111

Life Care Center of Saint Louis

The Life Care Center of Saint Louis gives seniors a place to live that includes many modern amenities and promotes a community-focused method of continuing care.
  • Neurological department
  • Cardiac, neurological, and physical conditions rehab
Life Care Center of Saint Louis | Retirement Living
Start My Search 3520 Chouteau Ave
St. Louis, MO, 63103

Bernard Care Center

Seniors find the Bernard Care Center is both warm and inviting, as well as prepared to address a number of common senior living concerns for residents.
  • Bright, lively atmosphere
  • 24/7 nursing care
Bernard Care Center | Retirement Living
Start My Search 4335 W Pine Blvd
St. Louis, MO, 63108

Additional St. Louis, MO Nursing Home Resources

As you research your St. Louis nursing home options, you’ll probably uncover many organizations that are dedicated to providing support services for seniors. Here’s a list of some of the senior-focused organizations around St. Louis:

  • Arthritis Foundation – Eastern Missouri: The Arthritis Foundation’s Eastern Missouri location provides education, exercise, and advocacy programs for arthritis patients and their loved ones. Call the foundation at 314-991-9333 if you need assistance.
  • Mid-East Area Agency on Aging: Although the Mid-East Area Agency on Aging is located in nearby Manchester, it provides information and services for seniors in St. Louis. Contact this agency by calling 636-207-0847.
  • OWL – Midwest Midlife & Older Women’s League: Midwest Midlife & Older Women’s League, also known as OWL, provides education and advocacy services for senior women living in Missouri. Call 314-725-5862 to confirm eligibility for services.
  • Breakthrough Coalition: The Breakthrough Coalition is a large membership organization of service providers for seniors, providing resources, education, advocacy, and networking. To find out the next meeting date and time, call 636-207-0847.
  • Elderlink St. Louis: Elderlink St. Louis helps connect Jewish seniors to community programs and resources. Contact 314-812-9300 to make an appointment with a staff member.