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2-10 Home Buyers Warranty

4.5 Stars (52 Reviews)
Updated: January 19, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
Jonathan Trout
Content Manager
Jonathan is a former product and content manager for Retirement Living. His background spans sales/marketing, finance, and telecommunications. Jonathan’s expertise in consumer wellness and research-backed data stories helped educate seniors on financial planning, retirement, and community resources. Jonathan graduated from Oklahoma State University with a B.S. in Environmental Sociology.
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Edited by: Lauren Hamer
Lauren Hamer
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2-10 Home Buyers Warranty is a home warranty company with headquarters in Aurora, Colorado. 2-10 HBW offers consumer home warranties covering appliances and systems and structural warranties on the home itself to builders. The company primarily serves those involved in buying or selling a home with warranty plans designed to help eliminate unexpected expenses that sometimes come up after closing on the property.

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty

Editorial Breakdown

Service Quality 4 Stars
Affordability 4.5 Stars
Coverage Area 4.5 Stars
Customer Service 4 Stars

Overall Rating 4.3 Stars

Bottom Line

A 2-10 home warranty service plan covers the repair or replacement of your home's major systems and appliances. Covered systems include AC units, furnaces, plumbing, water heater and electrical. You can add on additional coverage options to the original plan.

52 2-10 Home Warranty Reviews

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1 Star

July 19 2019 10:06PM

As a realtor, I have bad experience with 2-10. Case one: Seller bought 2-10 for my client buyer at COE. After two weeks my client moved in the house, the washer started leaking. Before closing escrow buyer's home inspector checked the dishwasher, there was no indication of leaking. Then buyer called 2-10, a plumber came in and reported to 2-10 and said the leaking was cause by the existing problem and refused to fix. Case two: My client bought a house two years ago and have had 2-10 HW for 2 years. 2-10 refused to fix the heating/cooling system after my client has paid two year home warranty. The inspector said that the unit was install improperly. So they refused to fix it. I really feel sorry for my clients. I will no recommend 2-10 to my client anymore.

Ellen Z.
Tucson, AZ
1 Star

July 17 2019 2:59PM

I paid for years for their most expensive plan. A major pipe broke in the basement and I had no water in the home. It took 30 minutes for them to answer, their demeanor and tone was as if they are doing you a favor, less than mediocre customer service. They gave me a contractor that does not service my area, he said they knew he does not service my area. They acted like I should be glad they were trying to find a contractor. You pay to have support when in need of repair, especially an emergency. Do not waste your money, I would give them less than one star.

Alma G.
Ewing, NJ
1 Star

July 12 2019 3:28PM

UNBELIEVABLE in the worst possible way! Supervisor worse than employee as far as customer service - nothing resolved a just a disgruntled ex-customer. Shame Shame Shame please feel free to contact me for further details.

Layla S.
22101, WV
1 Star

July 09 2019 10:51PM

Do you want to spend money on a home warranty that just does not work. Or how would you love the have your AC broken and needed to be fixed. You would just love to wait 25+ minutes for customer service. If you do not like any of these things I HIGHLY recommend not purchasing this home warranty. Waiting 2 weeks for an AC to be replaced. No one knowing when it will be replaced. 90 degree weather for several days in a row. Not fun, spend the money on another company.

Jessica K.
West Bloomfield, MI
1 Star

July 05 2019 9:26PM

Do not buy this warranty it is a joke. AC goes down on 4th of July weekend and had to get a guy out to get some air going. A new blower motor and a coolant charge - NOT COVERED! The "You'll Be Happy most trusted warranty!" Save your money.

Dan D.
Hellertown, PA
1 Star

June 30 2019 7:50PM

Late on a Saturday morning, we started to smell a strong electrical burning odor coming from the air ducts. Was our first phone call to the fire department? NO! The first phone call made was to 2-10 Home Buyer Warranty to make sure our claim would be covered. We opted to use our own local reputable HVAC company (researched and highly recommended).

We paid the after-hours service fee because I was afraid the house was going to burn down. The bill came to $700 (diagnostic service + part and repair). 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty would only reimburse us $115. 2-10's reimbursement didn't even cover the replacement part. I escalated the issue without success. 2-10 gives new homeowners a false sense of security that everything will be taken care of when you buy your new home.

It isn't until you file a claim that you learn the truth. I am very skeptical about the quality of their "in-network" service providers. Many reviewers have reported incompetent service contractors and lengthy wait time for repairs. That's what happens when you hire the lowest bidder. I would not recommend 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty to anyone. If you are a home seller, don’t waste your money on a 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty. If you are a buyer, be forewarned. We’ve had other claims denied as “pre-existing conditions.” I DO NOT RECOMMEND 2-10 HOME BUYERS WARRANTY.

Corrine R.
Knoxville, TN
1 Star

June 22 2019 12:50PM

Horrible customer service! 2-10 Home Buyers will gladly take your money when things are good, but go radio silent when you actually need them. We've had a premium policy for more than 15 years. When the A/C broke, they sent out an incompetent technician to replace the compressor. He failed to change the line filter, so the compressor died, and the coils are leaking freon. 2-10 then sent out two (2) more technicians, who both advised that we needed the A/C unit replaced. Since we have a replacement policy, we weren't worried, but we should have been. Now that 2-10 is responsible to replace the A/C, they stopped returning calls. They have disappeared leaving us suffering in the heat. The temperatures here are soaring. According to all the local weather stations 90 degrees feels like 107. Save your money. You are paying for peace of mind, but what you are actually paying for is company profits.

Gerald W.
West Palm Beach, FL
1 Star

June 21 2019 3:42PM

This company is TERRIBLE! Absolute waste of time and money. We live in the great state of Florida and our A/C has been blowing fuses for years. The A/C unit is but 4 years old and hardly ever used because its for a bonus room. They have sent numerous (4) A/C technicians out to replace fuses that keep blowing. They sent out an electrician that said its not his scope of work. Its been 2 months and they still haven't resolved the issue. My only guess is that they are not paying these companies that are coming out to fix the issue because, they stay no more than 10 minutes each visit. So please don't waste your time with this company!

Samuel B.
Jacksonville, FL
1 Star

June 17 2019 10:55PM

I have been out of AC for more than 3 weeks now. When I call them they keep on saying "Sir, your parts will arrive in 3-5 business days". It has been more than 20 days no parts at all. I live in Washington DC area and the temperature in summer is over 90. With a 2 year old baby at home, this company does not care about their customer. I have requested them multiple times and they always keep saying the same thing. My experience with this company has been one of the worst. I'm still without an AC in 90 degress while I'm tying these words. Really unhappy with the company.

Kapil A.
Centreville, SELECT A STATE
1 Star

May 20 2019 7:15PM

I called on May 13th with a plumbing problem, it has been 8 days and my issue has not been resolved. Tom ** is on my case. This is ridiculous, and they tell me if I hire my own plumber they can only pay him what their contractors would charge.

William K.
Akron, OH