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Getting into debt can happen all too easily, yet finding your way out can be very challenging when unpaid bills start stacking up. Case by case, Accredited Debt Relief excels in helping consumers determine which debt settlement or consolidation solution is the best option. Because Accredited Debt Relief offers the broadest range of services compared to competitors, we included the company in our Best Debt Consolidation Companies guide.

  • Wide range of debt relief services
  • A company-wide focus on customers
  • Excellent online reputation

  • $10k minimum debt requirement is higher than the average

How Accredited Debt Relief Works

Accredited Debt Relief acts as a broker in partnership with a network of debt resolution companies. The company links clients to a variety of debt relief solutions so they can pay off unsecured debt, usually credit card bills or personal loans. Though not all creditors work with debt relief companies, Accredited Debt Relief affiliates established relationships with most banks, credit card companies, collection agencies, third-party debt buyers and law offices.

Accredited Debt Relief and their partners can help clients avoid bankruptcy, experience fewer collection calls or get debts settled for a fraction of what they owe. Other programs help lower interest rates, fees or monthly payments. Accredited Debt Relief’s primary goal is to help save the client money and get out of debt.

Accredited Debt Relief Services

The chart below gives you an idea of how much you might be able to save if you complete an Accredited Debt Relief program. Each example assumes a 15% interest rate on the debt with 36 negotiated monthly payments. The savings amount does not include Accredited Debt Relief’s service fee, which varies by state and other factors.

Accredited Debt Relief Programs
Debt Solution Benefits Best For
Debt Consolidation
Combines multiple debts into one new loan.
– One monthly payment to ease paying off debt.
– Lower interest rate or more affordable payment.
Those with good credit who want a simplified bill pay process while saving on interest.
Debt Management
Negotiation with creditors to get more affordable repayment terms.
– One monthly payment to debt management company which pays creditors.
– Lower payment, possibly with a reduced interest rate.
Individuals needing some extra time to pay off debts and who don’t qualify for debt consolidation.
Debt Settlement
Creditors agree to accept a lower payment and forgive the remaining amount owed.
– Requires regular deposits into client-owned savings account. Funds are used to pay settlement agreements.
– Many are debt-free in 2 to 4 years.
People who are experiencing extreme financial hardship with no means to pay debts in full.

How to Contact Accredited Debt Relief Services

Prospective clients can call Accredited Debt Relief or fill out an online contact form to initiate a free consultation. A representative assesses the consumer’s financial situation and recommends one or more debt relief programs. After discussing the options, Accredited Debt Relief links the client and the service provider. Multiple online sources say you must have $10,000 in debt to be considered for an Accredited Debt Relief program, but we found no confirmation on the website.

Accredited Debt Relief Costs

Accredited Debt Relief doesn’t disclose a price structure online. However, fees vary depending on state regulations. Customers working with the principal debt settlement partner, Beyond Finance, typically pay only 68% to 75% of their enrolled debt, including service fees. The Accredited Debt Relief website features a tool to show potential clients how much money they may save by using the firm’s services. Accredited Debt Relief does not charge any upfront fees.

Accredited Debt Relief Complaints

The Better Business Bureau gives Accredited Debt Relief an A+ rating. The company is a ConsumerAffairs-accredited brand with substantial customer feedback resulting in 4.9 out of 5 stars. BestCompany readers score Accredited Debt Relief with a 4.9 on a scale of 5 stars. Most online reviews are positive and say the company provides excellent service, but we found a few complaints. Most issues revolve around misunderstanding a debt settlement program, unsolicited communications, difficulty getting a refund and other customer service concerns. Accredited Debt Relief is an officially-recognized member of the American Fair Credit Council, which holds debt relief companies to high standards.

Accredited Debt Relief Q&A

  • Are Accredited Debt Relief services available in my state?

    Accredited Debt Relief can assist residents in most states, not all. Contact the company to find out if the company can help you.

  • Does Accredited Debt Relief guarantee specific results?

    Accredited Debt Relief can’t guarantee how much you can expect to save until reaching a debt settlement with creditors. You should save money compared to paying off each entire bill, even with fees paid to Accredited Debt Relief. The company can’t guarantee that all creditors agree to a settlement or change payment terms. You get the highest savings by completing the entire program.

  • Will using Accredited Debt Relief services damage my credit score?

    Accredited Debt Relief clients can experience an adverse impact on their credit score. Consumers enrolled in debt settlement programs often stop paying creditors to divert funds into the settlement savings account. Interest and fees can accumulate during this process resulting in a lower credit score. However, many clients stop paying bills before consulting with Accredited Debt Relief, so the score may not drop substantially. Collection calls and potential lawsuits damage a consumer’s credit as well. Accredited Debt Relief does not provide legal services or advice, although you may get referred to a network partner company that does.

  • What are the tax implications of using Accredited Debt Relief’s services?

    If you save more than $600 with a debt settled, the savings is considered taxable income by the IRS. Accredited Debt Relief clients should consult with a tax professional to understand if the total savings on reduced debt outweighs the income tax.

  • Does Accredited Debt Relief issue loans to pay off bills?

    Accredited Debt Relief does not directly provide loans but can help clients secure a loan through one of the network partners. Annual percentage rates typically range from 5.99% to 35.99%.


Few things cause more stress than money problems, and struggling with debt can be overwhelming. Accredited Debt Relief partners with reputable debt relief service providers to effectively link clients with programs that fit their unique circumstances. The company helps people out of debt on affordable terms. Accredited Debt Relief’s consumer reviews reflect the company’s customer-first mission while working to implement debt consolidation solutions.

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