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Acorn Stair Lifts

4 Stars (102 Reviews)
Updated: January 25, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
Jonathan Trout
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For over 25 years, Acorn has worked to set new standards in both quality and innovation in the stairlift industry. Acorn Stairlifts has grown to become the world's leading independent company specializing solely in the manufacture and installation of stairlifts, pioneering designs and high engineering standards. Acorn was the first company to introduce DC batteries to power their stairlifts during a power outage.

Editorial Breakdown

Customer Service 4.3 Stars
Customization 3.8 Stars
Warranty 4 Stars
Price 4.5 Stars

Overall Rating 4 Stars

Bottom Line

Acorn designs and sells three models of stair lifts – one for straight stairs, curved stairs and outdoor use. Its stair lifts are designed to easily mount on your stairs instead of the wall and require no structural changes to your home. Check out our picks for the best stair lift companies by clicking the link below.

102 Acorn Stair Lifts Reviews

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3 Stars

September 13 2021 6:44PM

We had an exterior Acorn Stair Lift installed about 3 years ago. For the most part, my mother has been very satisfied with the device itself. About 6 months ago, the toggle switches on the chair failed and she had to use her remote fob to operate the chair.

Dealing with the Acorn corporate maze to get service has been very frustrating. Their scheduling and service systems are terrible. Every face-to-face interaction we have had with Acorn staff and support has been great.

Their online and over-the-phone support, however, is awful. It has taken nearly 3 months to resolve this toggle switch issue which is unacceptable. Again, the device itself has been satisfactory but customer service and support are lacking.

In addition, we learned that my mother was offered the highest tier one-year warranty without any mention of a lower priced option which is available.

Ryan L.
Colorado Springs, CO
2 Stars

September 11 2021 12:29AM

Purchased acorn chairlift and was informed we would get a follow-up checkup one year from purchase. This did not happen the scheduled visit was postponed and was given a new rescheduled date.

As the new date approached we were called and informed they could not make it and again gave a new rescheduled date. You guessed it. We received another call postponing the date with excuse being cases in covid rising. Well the first two dates had nothing to do with covid.

I will go to say new customers are getting lifts installed even with covid. Because there is no profit In the yearly follow-up the company has seen fit not to live up to their bargain for our owed checkup on the equipment.

If we were broken I am sure they would find time to come. Again 3 cancelations and still owed by contract a yearly checkup visit. Do not trust what they say.

Robert S.
Augusta, ME
1 Star

September 01 2021 2:00PM

My elderly mother has an Acorn chairlift in her home purchased about 5 years ago. The initial installation was incorrect and the lift had to basically be re-installed. Recently the chair has broken down twice and thus become unusable.

Evidently having a product that does not work at all does not move you up to the top of the list for service. In one case had to wait 2 weeks to get the initial repair. The latest repair has taken a week for a technician to show up.

The customer service person on the phone even stated an unit that is not working does not move you to the top of the list. Poor after the sale support.

Chris J.
Carlisle, PA
1 Star

August 31 2021 10:49PM

We bought the chair 5 years ago (curved chair-$10,000) for my Dad who just lost his leg. The install went fine. It was downhill since. We have had motherboard replaced, battery replaced, etc. The cost to just come out is $250 unless you have a $800 yearly service contract.

They can not be reached 24/7 which is poor for a company servicing handicap people. They always have an excuse that the service men can not come right away. Sometimes you wait days....which is not good for someone on dialysis!

I would not recommend this chair company until you do research on other chairs lifts and compare.

2 Stars

August 23 2021 2:39PM

We brought a chair three months ago. It's making lot of noise and scratches the rail. We were told to wipe it using a cloth. The chair is not comfortable to sit and both my parents feel they are going to fall off. It's not easy to get a tech to come and see in a short time.

Everyday I feel this may stop in the middle and nervous. It makes huge noise and we are not happy and seems spent lot of money and no peace of mind.

Srinivas R.
Elgin, IL
1 Star

August 19 2021 12:54AM

Be cautious and hear carefully, they come at your house, they are polite, they install it....but.... after the second year you have to pay $700 per year to have warranty!!! YES you heard well!!!

I called them today to teach me how can I remove the chair so the delivery guy to bring on the second floor my new refrigerator and they didn't tell me.

They ask me 250 to uninstall the chair BEFORE the delivery and another 250 AFTER my delivery take place TOTAL $500. My question is: is the technician graduated from Harvard? why do they charge me so much?

On purpose there is NO tutorial on YouTube and there is NO on manual how to remove the chair (you know why). Even if they have special prices, think TWICE the "after" I learned from my mistake!!!

2 Stars

July 24 2021 3:53PM

Bought the curved chairlift for my wife who was having knee surgery. Worked very well the first year. Then it just stopped! Impossible to get customer service to call you back. They called us to buy a service contract for $800 a year!! We said “no!”

Months later after much aggravation we got a call and they sent a man out from Atlanta. That was 6 months ago and over $500 and now it stopped again!

Robert M.
Columbus, GA
2 Stars

July 07 2021 5:08PM

Actually, the product is OK (see below) but the referral program is fraudulent. Don't expect to get your $200. The people in that program are rude and deceptive. They make up stuff as they go along to get you to go away.

We bought two stair lifts. The stairs are long and require a splice that causes a bump, rather annoying for a $2000 investment. The stair lifts require constant cleaning or dust builds up on the rail and the rollers.

I suggest you look for reviews that are written more than a year after installation. I think you will get a more honest appraisal.

Bruce T.
Decatur, AL
1 Star

June 29 2021 5:44PM

THE WORST Customer service EVER... you will be left on your own after paying for stairlift purchased from ACORN, even with extra payment for extended warranty.

It takes months to get back to you to book an appointment and when it gets close to the date, someone is going to call you to cancel or postpone your appointment.

Because at ACORN no one cares about any issue after your purchase is done. Unfortunately there is no (-5) stars here, otherwise I would have selected that one.

Mahdi K.
5 Stars

June 25 2021 10:34PM

We bought a stair lift as my mom was having a little trouble with the stairs. The service could not have been any better. The equipment was fabulous and the guy who installed it was unbelievable. So patient and answered all our questions.

We could not be happier. I thank you all for giving my mother the freedom to run the house. If you want great service call this company. They really care!

Yolanda H.
Villa Rica, GA