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Acorn Stair Lifts

4 Stars (102 Reviews)
Updated: January 25, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
Jonathan Trout
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For over 25 years, Acorn has worked to set new standards in both quality and innovation in the stairlift industry. Acorn Stairlifts has grown to become the world's leading independent company specializing solely in the manufacture and installation of stairlifts, pioneering designs and high engineering standards. Acorn was the first company to introduce DC batteries to power their stairlifts during a power outage.

Editorial Breakdown

Customer Service 4.3 Stars
Customization 3.8 Stars
Warranty 4 Stars
Price 4.5 Stars

Overall Rating 4 Stars

Bottom Line

Acorn designs and sells three models of stair lifts – one for straight stairs, curved stairs and outdoor use. Its stair lifts are designed to easily mount on your stairs instead of the wall and require no structural changes to your home. Check out our picks for the best stair lift companies by clicking the link below.

102 Acorn Stair Lifts Reviews

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1 Star

June 18 2021 4:04PM

We purchased an outdoor and indoor stairlift in April 2020. The products themselves are OK but very slow. The customer service is essentially non existent and literally takes weeks to arrange. While people are nice on the phone they have nothing to offer.

Our stairlift broke after only six weeks and it has taken more than two weeks to get a repair man out. If you really need a stairlift this amount of waiting time is unacceptable.

If you really need a stairlift find a company that has good local repair people and get references from people who use the service.

Lynn A.
1 Star

June 05 2021 2:38AM

I have been watching the tv ads for the Acorn Stair Lift for years and have said that if I ever needed a similar system, I would definitely go with the Acorn brand. After reading the reviews posted, I’d be absolutely crazy to think about buying anything from these people.

Steve H.
Tampa, FL
1 Star

May 23 2021 10:12PM

Problems occur on weekends and it's impossible to get through to customer service. You are virtually abandoned and left to struggle on your own.

After less than 1 year of purchasing the curve for $9000 I had to dish out another $800 for coverage and battery. At these prices I expect to have service on weekends.

Anna S.
Westbury, NY
2 Stars

May 22 2021 3:13PM

My siblings and I purchased an Acorn stair lift for our dad in June, 2020. While there have been no issues with the stairlift so far, after the 1 yr warranty is up, buyer beware.

The annual stairlift checkup which was included is due in June, 2021, but the rep on the phone said the techs are so busy in Pennsylvania that he couldn't come out to the home until November!

Then they try and sell you the warranty for $595, which covers everything in the event you would need a repair (this warranty is only for 1 yr). Otherwise, the service call alone is $200, plus parts and labor. That is totally unacceptable!!!

When I purchased the stairlift, the salesman said the warranty was $250. Yes, there is a warranty for $250, but it doesn't cover a service call or any of the parts. The battery replacement alone would be $300!

Unless your aging parents have extra money in their bank account to spend, I would not recommend purchasing. Like I said earlier, the stairlift itself doesn't have any issues so far, but the warranty is totally unacceptable!!! Not a good package for seniors.

Andrea G.
Allentown, PA
2 Stars

May 19 2021 5:25PM

We have the "curved" stairlift. This is S-L-O-W compared to the competitor's products. This one has been pretty error-prone. The most recent problem was with a non-soldered joint in a small component.

This problem occurred just after the first annual maintenance, and Acorn said that to repair it would be my next annual maintenance.

When you call for service, the waits are long (don't they use computers these days??), and once scheduled, you'll be waiting a long time. Here in New England, there is only one service tech. Go figure.

Daniel P.
1 Star

May 12 2021 1:20PM

The technician left several dirt spots on a newly cleaned area.. he held me hostage in my garage until he could get a American Express corporate credit card to work when he was too stupid to use the correct 4 digit code.

American Express Delta Reserve was also angry that a vendor treated me so poorly. The card has literally no pre determined limit. I have never been treated so poorly in my life.

James B.
5 Stars

May 04 2021 4:27PM

Tim ** installed the stair lift in our home May 4th, 2021. He was friendly, thoughtful, professional & neat. He wore a face mask for covid protection. He explained it well and did a demonstration. Thank you very much. Larry & Rosalie **.

Larry E.
Des Lacs, ND
2 Stars

April 25 2021 2:57PM

My complaint isn’t about the product because it works great. The chair has been a life saver. My complaint is the service contract. $600 I paid for the technician to come out and say the battery was fine and the chair really didn’t need service.

Had I been aware of this cost, I certainly would have shopped around for another company before purchasing.

Danelle T.
Capital Hgts, MD
1 Star

April 15 2021 3:04AM

Do not purchase!! Had 4 vs after installation to repair. Now they want me to purchase a warranty when yr is up for $683 for a stairlift for 1 yr. This includes taxes for my state. The company doesn't take payments for warranty.

I am a senior. Not able to use steps due to my handicap. The salesmen didn't go over the cost of the warranty. This is a scam for handicap seniors on fixed income. Amelia **.

Amelia D.
Wintersville, OH
1 Star

February 26 2021 7:39PM

A year ago, we purchased two stairlifts. Our stairs go halfway to a landing then turns 90º to reach the top of the stairs. We were sold on the idea two separate stairs would be more cost effective. It was true that the one lift that would make the 90º turn was more expensive.

What we were not told was that after the initial warranty we would need to buy an extended warranty at double the cost. This increased the cost from $565 to $1130 per year. They did offer, after I showed my displeasure, to reduce the cost on one of the chairs by $200.

The person trying to sell the extended warranty was very rude and would not stop giving me the sales pitch to let me speak. I felt as if I was talking to a used car sales person.

In addition, one of the stairs was showing a code that indicated that one of the batteries was getting weak. Because the lift was still operating they refused to change the battery while under warranty.

I would not recommend this company unless funds for the extended warranty is not a problem.

James M.
River Ridge, LA