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March 02 2019 4:03AM

We have a contract with AHS dating back 7 to 10 years. While we've had no major problems in our home and pay in excess of $50 a month. They replaced a drop in stove with a GE glass top a few years ago. We use the stove every day. The glass top broke while I was pushing ribeye steaks down in a plastic bag to marinate on top of it. Very little pressure, since I'm a woman of 61 years. They sent a technician out and then denied the claim because of "abuse". What a crock. Previously, they replaced a dishwasher that we use once every few months, only when a big dinner with company occurs. It went bad within 12 uses. They sent a technician once who reset the unit and it worked once. It quit again and the next technician said the panel had a roach infestation. I've never had roaches but they again denied the claim. Synopsis; pay over $600 a year and get very little return. After paying all that money for this service, we had to pay to get another dishwasher ourselves and now, because they like, we will have the expense of replacing the stove when we can save enough to buy it.

Phillip and Penny F.
Columbia, TN
February 25 2019 6:29PM

I set up an appointment on a Sunday because my heater went out during a snow storm. Because I could not get an appointment until the following Thursday, I had it fixed at my own expense. I canceled the appointment 3 days in advance and was told online at that time that my money if charged, would be reimbursed within 2 business days. I was charged the fee the day of the appointment. I waited 2 business days before reaching out to American Home Shield but was not reimbursed. After sitting on hold for 15 minutes waiting to speak to someone, I decided to try chat online instead. I was told that there was a system error and that the charge shouldn't have been charged. Because it was, I now have to wait 10 business days before a physical check is mailed. I explained that since the error was not on my part, this was not right. The agent refused to give me a supervisor and said that it is what it is. I will NEVER renew my policy with them and will share my experience with as many people that will listen. DO NOT CONDUCT BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY.

Derek T.
Hesperia, CA
February 14 2019 8:20PM

Stay away from American Home Shield (AHS) at all costs. AHS is probably one of the worst companies with which I have done business. Indeed, if AHS does not solve my problem or return my money today, I will sue them. AHS sent a technician to my home on January 25 to repair a dishwasher, a refrigerator, and an oven. The technician called AHS for authorization to get the parts that were needed for the repair. On January 25, but there was no one at AHS who could authorize the needed parts. The repair company AHS sent to my home called AHS a number of times to get the needed authorization, but there was never anyone at AHS who could authorize the needed parts. I called AHS on numerous occasions, and could not get any information from AHS on the status of AHS's approval of the needed parts. Indeed, on most of my calls to AHS, I was put on hold for more than 30 minutes after which I was cut off. It is now February 14, and neither I nor the repair company has been able to find someone at AHS who could authorize the needed parts. It is my personal, subjective opinion, belief, and interpretation that AHS disappears when expensive parts are required for a covered repair. I personally believe that I was ripped off by AHS.  Therefore, it is my personal, subjective opinion, belief, and interpretation that AHS is dishonest and unethical.  The foregoing review solely provides my personal, subjective opinions, beliefs, and interpretations.

January 23 2019 9:40PM

Carpet very wet around, Toilet base and by bathtub and wooden cabinet. Small area. First plumber from AHS said bathtub getting carpet wet when I shower. $125. Two/three months later, same area all wet. No one was using that same shower I might add! AHS sent out plumber again who said I had Crack in Toilet tank. Toilet wasnt wet anywhere? I don't have money to hire plumber to install new Toilet assembly.

Sandra S.
Dallas, TX
October 27 2018 2:44PM

I contacted AHS because my gas dryer was spinning intermittently and then stopped altogether. AHS assigned an out-of-state repair service that said it could not get to me for 10 days. I told them that was unacceptable and after saying they would immediately reissue the repair assignment, I did not hear from them for two days. I called them back only to be on hold for 16 minutes. I was then told they would get back to me with some information. The information: All the repair companies in my area were busy; hence, I was assigned and was to contact for a repair date the same-out of-state company. I declined. I called two local out-of-AHS-network repair companies, both of whom could schedule me within a day or two. I find my experience with AHS thus wholly unsatisfactory. I rated them a two rather than one because the AHS representative were cordial.

Yazmin S.
October 27 2018 12:23AM

In my experience, the WORST company EVER! So, two months ago, oven not heating, sent a guy, he yelled at me in front of my daughter, and then, my husband! The oven never did get fixed. The dryer broke, they were going to send same company, I said HELL NO, so they sent a different company. The guy BLEW UP our dryer and our electric circuit. Blamed it on our electricity. SO, they sent an electrician, he fixed it. It blew again, the electrician came again, fixed it, looked and said the dryer is melted inside and that it is burned up and the electric is not the problem and that the dryer has a short in it. I called the owner back and told him the guy he sent ruined the dryer and blew up circuit breaker. The OWNER came and "fixed" the dryer. I did a load of laundry and it BURNED my husbands expensive work clothes. I called the owner, said I was going to call Home Shield. He said I was lucky to have him because someone else would take a minimum of two to three weeks, maybe more, before they would be able to look at my dryer. I told him I was concerned about his guy blowing up my dryer (by the way he didn't know his employee's name, he said he goes through them a lot).

A guy at my husband's work said if it had so much electric going through it that the circuit breaker broke and it was melted inside, it would never be the same. So, he "fixed" it again. I did another load of laundry and it BURNED my husband's other expensive work clothes. NOW, the appliance guy told American Home Shield that he never found any problem with the dryer?! Really?! So, their first guy, over the oven yells at me in my home in front of my daughter and the second guy, who blew up my, still not working dryer, it has now been about a month, said he found nothing wrong with the dryer?! Who are these people they are sending to my house? CRIMINALS? Apparently. THEIR electrician said it was the dryer. NOW, after calling them for a month, having a shady people in my house, they want to have someone else come to my house. I said I really think after everything you have put me through I should have a NEW DRYER, because your guy BLEW mine up and it WASN'T blown up before! AND for ALL of his HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE inconvenience (just got off phone, now having ANOTHER guy come to my house)!

This has really added a lot of unneeded stress to my life. UPDATE: THEY SENT AN 8TH PERSON TO FIX DRYER AND THEY WERE A NO SHOW! WORST COMPANY EVER! Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend.

Adriene B.
July 08 2018 3:03PM

This company subcontracted with a company who sent a green, unqualified workman to my house who literally did NOTHING to fix the toilet. I had to have another company come out to complete the work. When I contacted AHS, they couldn't have cared less. They don't care about you at all, you are just a monthly check until you actually need help. You will never get the time back you waste with their unknowledgeable and apathetic service people who you reach only after literally 45 min to an hour of hold time. This was a waste of money for me for YEARS. STAY AWAY

Terry G.
June 29 2018 11:24AM

I call only to be put on hold, told their computers are down, or disconnected with no return call. It's taken over a month to get my air conditioner compressor replaced. It is still not fixed. The people they hire are inexperienced and rarely show up. The electricians they sent left gaping holes around the outlets they replaced. I had a sewage stoppage. Their plumbers took 3 days to get out and look at it, only to tell me it wasn't covered. In the meantime, I couldn't use my water and had 4 inches of sewage in my shower. So far I have had to pay $225 in fees for their people to come out and not one thing has been fixed correctly. It is beyond frustrating.

Kelsey V.
June 23 2018 9:37AM

We found our Coils from our HVAC were leaking into our house yesterday and ruined our hardwood floor. Called the company and they said go ahead and call any company out which we did. After they came out and determined our unit had rusted out we tried multiple times to contact them for the authorization for replacement. We were literally on hold for over and finally hung up and called on 2 other telephones. We were always placed on hold and when we finally got a rep, they wanted to talk to the service technician who had stay with us on hold for over an hour and then finally said he was sorry but he had to go. I called him and gave him the number to call and after being on hold AGAIN, they told him to send a detailed breakdown of needed replacements. Its a joke dealing with them.

John L.
May 21 2018 10:04PM

My wife and I had an AHS warranty for over twenty years. AHS warranties are very competitively priced for what they cover. One way they keep costs down is by not having enough customer service people available. You should be able to file a claim online and doing so is easy and effective but if you need to speak to customer service expect your wait on hold to be 45 minutes to an hour. You cannot request a specific service provider.

As is true of all industries there are good and bad companies. In that twenty something year we ran into two fraudulent providers. The problem is that AHS will take their word over yours. If some clown claims your coils are dirty but they aren't, well tough, you will have to provide them with either a bill showing you had the coils serviced or you can call another service provider on your own nickle and if they say your coils are clean, AHS will concede.

The web site is pretty horrible. Often after having a system repaired, the website would act like we didn't have coverage for that item anymore, so you end up on the phone, on hold for an hour. A customer service rep told me just file a claim on the closest item listed. That saved time but eventually there weren't going to be anymore items to choose. The last straw was when we moved and I tried to log in at our new location and the web site said we had no contract.

I called in only to be told, yes, we were covered but I'd had enough of their horrible website and horrible on hold times. I cancelled the policy. The only thing worse than having an American Home Shield policy is having to pay for the repairs out of pocket... and I'm not even certain of that.

Bobby W.
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