American Standard Moving & Storage Review

American Standard was founded in 2017 and is based in Florida. Although fairly new, it has already established itself well enough to have opened offices in Maine and Missouri and has about 180 employees around the United States.

American Standard is a moving broker that helps coordinate services with reputable movers. Working with a broker is a very efficient way to save money and time when it comes to planning your move. A broker can often find lower prices through the relationships it has with trucking companies. We recommend that you still do some research on the movers a broker recommends.

American Standard got our award for the best choice for safe delivery on our Best Long Distance Moving Companies guide. According to online customer reviews, American Standard seems to make the process of setting up a move reasonably easy, whether it is across town or the country. Having experts to turn to while planning a move will likely provide you with an additional sense of protection for your belongings. American Standard provides you with a personal moving coordinator who helps you figure out what services you need. There are packing services if you need them, they can coordinate and execute out-of-state moves and even move your vehicles.

  • Moving coordinator to help you find the best price
  • Free online estimates
  • Helpful chat feature on their website for getting quick answers from agents
  • Blanket-wrapped packing
  • Intrastate and interstate moves
  • Storage offered
  • Vehicle transportation
  • Subcontractors are not all equally reputable

Brokers like American Standard are required to register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the arm of the U.S. Department of Transportation that monitors movers and other shipping companies. FMCSA regulations require brokers to operate under full transparency, providing customers with information about their rights and responsibilities with a relocation.

Moving brokers are required to contract on behalf of the customer with moving companies that are also registered with the agency to ensure only ethical movers are used. A subcontracted moving company that owns the truck and hires its own staff carries out the move.

American Standard Moving & Storage Services

American Standard prides itself on providing a high level of protection for furniture by blanket-wrapping each item as a precaution before loading the truck. If you need help with packing a few things or everything at once, American Standard offers professional packing services.

You can buy moving insurance through the company to protect anything that may happen such as cracks or breaks while in transit. Keep in mind that movers are required to offer basic insurance on your belongings and this insurance will not cover more valuable items. Ask about full-value coverage for your move.

Those moving from one state to another or cross-country can hire American Standard to coordinate moving your car or other vehicles like boats and motorcycles, also with the benefit of insurance. The vehicle moving services include door-to-door pickup, and the website quotes shipping costs between 50 cents to $1.25 per mile.

For commercial customers relocating a business, American Standard offers similar protections along with a personal relocation team to help plan your move. Having a team of experts dedicated to business moves helps to reduce company downtime, which is crucial to your company’s bottom line.

Additionally, American Standard offers short- and long-term storage, in temperature controlled environments.

American Standard process

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American Standard Moving & Storage Pricing

American Standard will work to find solutions to fit your budget, and with a variety of budgets, quotes can vary wildly. You could get a lower quote through American Standard for the same moving company who gave you a different quote directly. The cost savings is one of the potential benefits of working with a broker.

The cost of a move depends on where you live, how far you are moving, the number of belongings you have and how much they weigh cumulatively, as well as the time of the week and year you choose to move. On average, a local move within 100 miles, in the same state with one truck and two movers costs about $80-$100 per hour. A cross-country or interstate move or one that is more than 100 miles runs anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 on average, but could include extra charges averaging about 50 cents per additional pound.

Home Size Move Type Hours Avg. Price Extras
2 Bedroom Local (in-state, within 100 miles) 5-7 $200-$500 Up to $50 per hour,
per additional mover
3 Bedroom Local (in-state, within 100 miles) 7-10 $500-$1000 Up to $50 per hour,
per additional mover
4+ Bedroom Local (in-state, within 100 miles) 10+ $800-$2,000+ Up to $50 per hour,
per additional mover
Any Size Interstate or more than 100 miles 10+ $2,000-$5,000 50 cents per pound
on average

American Standard Moving & Storage Complaints

Online customer reviews talk about the ease, simplicity and efficiency of American Standard’s process. rates American Standard 4 out of 5 stars based on 41 consumer reviews. Comments include “Stress-free,” “Went off without a hitch” and “The crew at American Standard made me have a whole new take on hiring a moving crew.” Google Reviews rate the company 3.8 out of 5 stars based on 193 reviews. Some of the comments include “smooth and simple,” “very responsive and willing to help,” and “no hidden or surprise fees.”

Negative reviews typically involved a small number of regional movers working with American Standard who made errors such as doubling the quoted estimate. Consumers who follow the recommendations of the FMCSA’s Mover’s Rights and Responsibilities should be prepared to handle situations like these before they occur. You should receive a copy of that document from American Standard or the moving company before you have to sign a contract, or you can download FMCSA’s Mover’s Right and Responsibilities yourself.

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American Standard Moving & Storage Product-related Q&A

  • What can I do to make sure my mover is reputable?
    Representatives from the multiple companies American Standard provides you should visit your home in person to give you written estimates. Compare the quotes and question those that are unusually high or low. Never use a trucking company that does not send someone to your home to come up with the initial, non-binding estimate.

  • Does American Standard move homes and offices on weekends?
    Technically, yes, but it will cost you. Movers who operate on weekends charge a premium for the service. Some local movers who work with American Standard that may not move on Sundays, so be sure to ask if it’s important to you. The time of year in which you plan to relocate can also impact the price.

  • How far in advance should I plan a move?
    Experts say start planning a move as far in advance as you can to book the time, services and terms you want. Even if you don’t have a move date yet, getting a head start allows plenty of time to compare moving companies and get a few non-binding estimates.

  • What’s the 110 percent rule?
    At delivery, movers cannot charge more than 110 percent of the original non-binding estimate. That doesn’t mean that you won’t pay more. You may pay up to an additional 10-15 percent for other operations charges, as mentioned above.

  • What is a DOT number?
    The DOT number is an ID for movers and other drivers who haul heavy or hazardous cargo intrastate. It’s not only required by the federal government but by 36 state governments as well. The DOT number is used to track company reviews and complaints, regular inspections and more. The FMCSA has an online mover search tool on its homepage to help you look up the moving company American Standard selected as well as other local movers. Pay attention to the history of complaints when considering and comparing moving companies.

  • American Standard free estimate

    Source: American Standard Home Page
  • What types of vehicles can a transport service move?
    All types–from regular cars, trucks and SUVs, to boats, motorcycles, exotic cars and more. You should have higher-valued vehicles moved in a closed trailer, which will cost more but provides the highest protection for the car, boat or other vehicle. Most cars can be moved more economically on an open trailer.

  • What if I have to cancel my move?
    You must cancel in writing or via email, within 72 hours of signing the agreement to receive a full refund minus a 10 percent service fee that American Standard takes for their costs. Otherwise, the move is nonrefundable but you can postpone to a time within two years of the original agreement.


Moving is a complicated process. A broker can make the process easier. Going by online consumer reviews, American Standard is a great option, and it has customers excited about the success of their recent moves. When you’re talking about a process as complicated as moving, customer excitement is a significant sign that you can trust the broker. Additionally, American Standard can arrange cross-country moves and vehicle transports from state to state, which not every moving broker can do. Considering American Standard’s free online quote capability and live online chat, working with the company is a straightforward process.

American Standard Moving & Storage Reviews

Recent Reviews

November 29 2019 6:17PM

DO NOT USE: American Standard Movers Boca Raton, FL Do not call : (888) 511-3280 Email : [email protected] Ready Set Go Movers LLC Oklahoma moving services Oklahoma City, OK Do not call (405) 436-7149 [email protected] Please read all. I contracted American Standard Movers to move my daughter and her family (Nataleigh ** and Justin **) from Texas City, Texas to Williston ND. They contacted Ready set go movers LLC to perform the move. They were not the only company I contacted but the one I choose because of the reviews on their site and other sites (some bad most good).

All seemed legit and OK I paid a percentage when I set up the move to American Standard Movers and percentage when Ready Set Go Movers LLC picked up the shipment and the balance before it was unloaded (seems flaky but that was all the movers I talked to plan).

The scheduling with Ready Set Go Movers LLC was a little rough as they said they would be there and were several days late in ND. The problem came when we did an inventory check and were short 60 + boxes. I tried to contact Ready Set Go Movers LLC with no response so I contacted American Standard Movers. After dealing with the sale person for a week I was told “I am a sale person and can’t help, call customer service”. I called CS at American Standard Movers and they said “We will look into the situation”. I started calling and emailing daily with the same response.

Finally I talked to a manager (maybe, maybe not) and they said I had to talk to Ready Set Go Movers LLC. After 5 days Ready Set Go Movers LLC found the rest of the shipment in Colorado on 14 Oct. As of 19 Nov there it still sits. They said I have to wait until another truck goes that way, which could be months. My argument is I paid in full over $4200 and I still do not have my completed delivery.

When I tried to work with American Standard Movers they said I needed to contact Ready Set Go Movers LLC. I contracted with American Standard Movers not Ready Set Go Movers LLC and was told today that I signed a contract with Ready Set Go Movers LLC that supersedes the contract with American Standard Movers. This washes their hands from the shipment even though they found Ready Set Go Movers LLC to do the move.

What I signed was a very detailed inventory sheet that I did not get a copy of, but I did take pictures of it to sent to my daughter for checking. I have left messages and emails every day to Ready Set Go Movers LLC with no response since almost the beginning of the loss. Timeline: 13 Sept, credit card deposit to American Standard Movers 26 Sept, cashier’s check to RSGM (Pickup) 1 Oct, Items still in OK, no truck available 3 Oct, Items left OK 6 Oct, I was told many unloads and loads in different places 9 Oct, delivery to ND, cashier’s check to RSGM (before unload) 29 Nov still waiting for the rest of shipment 2 Dec hiring lawyer.

Stephen C.
Houston, TX
November 10 2019 3:39AM

American Standard Moving has really helped me with this! Their customer service is great. From the initial call everything went well! The total estimate did not exceed what I was quoted. I loved my daughter from PA to Brooklyn New York and was scared to hire some of the brokers calling me.

Brian was great in guiding me through the process and customer service was great with my follow ups. The movers did a great job and the total cost of $1577 to move her studio apartment saved me a ton vs renting a truck and having to fly out there to move her. The delivery did take a little over a week but hey! It was quite a distance so it was understandable. I will most definitely recommend American Standard!

Mel R.
Brooklyn, NY
November 03 2019 2:10AM

Cannot thank American Standard enough. They did a great job. From the Initial call and payment they were tentative and kept in communication. Their customer service went above and beyond to ensure our problems with delays were resolved which is why I’m giving them a 5 star. Few hiccups but the cost of the move did not go up so that was great!

Sergio M.
October 31 2019 8:59PM

Would highly recommend them for your moving service. They are full service and everything from payment to delivery is great. One of the very few certified brokers in the industry who have trusted movers you can depend on.

Washington S.
October 31 2019 8:31PM

I would recommend American Standard for your moving services. Payments are easy. Anything I need I would call and they were very responsive and at tentative to my calls. Can not recommend them enough! A lot of brokers in this industry and American Standard does a great job explaining the process and most importantly guiding you through the process.

Thelma A.
October 25 2019 7:31PM

Andres, Cary and Gabriel were excellent. They arrived earlier than expected which was a nice surprise. They were gracious, dependable and efficient. Andres was a great organizer and Very team oriented. If we ever move again American Standard Moving will be used. Thank you so much for such a great experience. Definitely made this stress free.

Anny S.
Denver, CO
October 25 2019 7:31PM

The team American Standard Moving sent to my mother in law, Audrey, was outstanding. They did their job in a proficient and professional manner. They were polite and assured that they would assist in every aspect of the move. Her bed was put together and the furniture that needed reassembly was perfect. You couldnt ask for four more capable movers and gentlemen.

James S.
New Haven, CT
October 25 2019 7:30PM

The moving men headed by American Standard Moving were just spectacular. They really know their business well. I would highly recommend their expertise to anyone moving. They were very professional and courteous! Thank you for sending this special team! Great company!

Jim W.
Ruskin, FL
October 25 2019 7:29PM

They went above and beyond to make our move goes smoothly and efficiently. When we ran into an issue with our refrigerator being too large to fit through a narrow space in the kitchen, they took off the doors of the fridge, the doors on the pantry, The banister in the stairwell, and the front door in order to get it out. They worked from 7 AM and finished at about 530 with almost no breaks. These guys are really hard workers, and I highly recommend American Standard Moving!

Valdez R.
Milford, CT
October 25 2019 7:29PM

American Standard Moving and their crew did an outstanding job!!! They moved with urgency and it was no slacking!!! I’ve use other moving companies in the past and most of them took their sweet time as if it wasn’t costing me by the hour. Him and his team was on time and when they arrived they went straight to work. Couldn’t be more happy with my moving experience. I highly recommend American Standard Moving for your next move, and request Brian and his team if available!!! Like

Rosemary L.
Rosemount, MN
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