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November 16 2020 8:34PM

This is the worst company I have dealt with in such a long. A lot rude, unintelligent, unprofessional people that you speak to over the phone.

I had requested service. Never did I receive the service. I was talked to rude and my deposit was taken from me when trying to reach out to the original person because by this time you guys have received my deposit and was looking forward to having my items with me.

Instead I receive someone cussing me out, hanging up and threaten me and my family and calling us derogatory names which is unprofessional for a big company (so called). I was was shocked.

I would not definite would not recommend none one to this company for service or such > IT'S A SCAM, A RIPOFF and bunch of detergents that in answering calls and handling business > LAWSUITS are underway.

Paul T.
Duluth, GA
October 26 2020 5:05PM

American standard has no compassion for people because they tell you they're gonna move you and they don't. They lie to you.

I lost my money and I am trying to get it back so if anybody out there please find someone else because they are not recommended for no one and they should be out of business for what they did.

They just take your money and they do not give it back so I hope someone else doesn't get taken like I did. Hope that they go under because I am gonna Sue them. I will get my money back one way or the other.

Kimberly P.
Springfield, OH
September 23 2020 8:01PM

A nightmare to work with, miss the delivery date by 4 days without any explanation and my stuff is still not arriving. Charge a lot more than we originally agreed on a 40% jump of the price despite told me at the beginning there would be no additional charge and hidden fee.

Kun Q.
Bellevue, WA
September 19 2020 11:58PM

AVOID American Standard. Avoid. This company is a scammers. They will take your deposit then they will block you. You won't be able to talk to anyone. They professional is stealing people money. Don't do business with them. Don't fool yourself. Lesson learned so don't do my mistake.

Jason I.
Long Island City, NY
September 16 2020 2:22PM

I provided them with accurate inventory, went through the items in an interview, provided pictures and when their contract mover showed up they claimed I have too much. I have one-bedroom and they kept saying my queen size bed with metal frame is too large.

They wanted 50 percent more. Do not use them, they contract others to do the move and should be avoided.

Ray J.
Lincoln, MA
August 27 2020 3:14PM

I was in the process of setting up a move with the Scamming Fraudulent company that brokers out your move to the lowest bidder bottom feed moving company.

An hour after giving deposit of $2420.00 I called and canceled after reading 10/10 terrible reviews. They have not refunded my money and it has been over 3 weeks. Do not even deal with these scumbags.

Jason K.
Quaker Hill, CT
August 16 2020 6:42PM

A nightmare and con artists. I don't believe that their rating are legitimate because I've had nothing but a horrible experience. My rep ensured me that my price was "Binding not to exceed".

The drivers that they brokered the moving out to (even though they tell you they are not brokers) will extort every cent out of you. My rate was $1777, I paid $2600 so that they would give me my furniture.

I moved a studio apartment from Illinois on July 28, 2020 with my delivery date being August 10,2020. I was expecting it to be here when I arrived to my new apartment in Arizona. My studio wasn't even in transit until august 11, 2020!!!

So now for a week, my mother and I slept on the floor. Now when they finally do arrive, they demand $350 extra for a shuttle when a semi truck can fit into my complex.

This company is the least reputable, most unprofessional, scam artists ever. Do not ever ever ever sign with this company!!! Save your money and your peace of mind.

Nakia D.
August 05 2020 8:35PM

This company is a sham. They will lie to you constantly. They will say they don't broker out your job, then broker it out to horrible companies that destroy your belonging and not even deliver some of it.

They crushed and destroyed almost everything glass that was packed. They fought with me telling me that they wouldn't deal with me to contact the brokered company who by the way was worse.

They are the most rude customer service people I have ever used in my life. The company refuses to refund any money even after they broke everything that I own.

They left half of my belongings behind saying that it would be all these extra costs, finally agreed to go back for the rest of it but upon delivery most of the things were missing and are antiques that can never be replaced.

It took them over a month to deliver my stuff crushed and broken. I am personally suing them for their poor service and terrible rude customer service. They refuse to work with me on any of the delivery problems.

The movers insisted that I give each mover a $50. Cash tip before they would even enter my home then made me give them an extra $120. To take a few boxes they had planned to leave behind and those items were not delivered to me in the end.

They had a conference call with the movers who were paid and they denied the 150 tip and the extra 120 cash. Just a horrible company who gouged me every chance that they got.

When I asked them to address the missing items they immediately told me to deal with the other horrible company they hired to do the actual move. They are the worst business that I have ever dealt with in my life.

Safeguard van lines are just as bad. That's who they sold my job off to. They refused to let me speak to the actual sales person. They told me I was lying about the cash my sister witnessed me paying to them.

I'm in complete disgust. The things they destroyed and or kept are not replaceable and were worth a lot of money.

The representative told me they would not pay me for any damages and I told them I planned to sue them and all she said was that it was my right to do so and to do whatever I want they won't pay me back.

Don't be fooled by their smoke and mirrors. They lie and treat the customers like crap. They refuse to deal with the mayhem that they caused in my life and I ended up paying extra while they denied that I did. It's a total scam. Don't fall for it like I did.

I'm making formal complaints with the BBB and I already hired a lawyer. Please don't let them do what they did to me to you.

Be aware they are a front company who only sells you off to the lowest bidder and then dismiss you the minute you sign their bogus contract which essentially means nothing because you won't be dealing with them. You will deal with the secondary company only.

I filed with the Fmcsa, the bbb and the attorney general. Also have to spend more money on legal fees to take them to court. Don't let them do this to you please read. Literally every single box was crushed and filthy.

They stacked the boxes with the smallest on the bottom in my home, they were tossing the boxes around. They denied me my second tv and told me my dollhouse wasn't mine and they didn't have it on the truck.

I snuck a peek and they were both right there. Had to fight him to get it off the truck. Worst company I have ever seen in my life. Please don't let them destroy your property as they did mine.

Suzanne M.
Uxbridge, MA
August 05 2020 2:42PM

After I placed a search for a moving company, I was contacted by American Moving and Storage (3 June 2020). Spoke with them at length, agreements were made.

At the time my computer was non-functional (I was working only on my phone) and dealing with a sick child at the doctor's office. What I was told was not what was in the contract I inadvertently signed.

Verbal discussions stated a move estimate of around $3300 with a $1254 deposit. My household goods (HHG) would be picked up and stored in Georgia, close to my move destination. And I would be charged by the pound.

Never told I had three days to cancel, it's in the small print of their contract. A few days prior to the move, they called and charged me an additional $500 (still not sure what this was for, only that it would be applied to my balance for the move).

Everything seemed good at this point, until the day of the move. At 0800, three individuals showed up in a rented budget truck, they never identified themselves. I was told it would be American Standard Movers in one of their trucks.

Without doing a survey, I was immediately told that my cost would go from $3300 to well over $9000.

With further questioning, they were going to charge per square foot (agreed was per pound – and their movers would have a certificate of pre-load weight when they arrived), my HHG would be stored in Maryland not Georgia as agreed.

They hired a good lawyer to cover all their bases in the contract, which is nearly impossible to read on a phone. I had only 3 days to cancel, but 2 weeks later when the movers actually showed up was when the first signs something was not right.

I tried calling American Standard, but they did not open for another hour. The movers wanted to charge me $250 to wait. I immediately canceled the movers and sent them away.

Head mover entered my apartment for the first time to tell me that if I had headboards that would also increase the cost – after I had canceled them and sent them on their way.

I did not hear back from American Standard for until nearly 1800 (6pm), to say they had conducted a full investigation and concluded it. That the contract stood and my funds were non-refundable. How could they conduct an investigation and not speak with me?

I feel they misrepresented themselves by never telling me while I was speaking with them, they were not movers, but brokers/facilitators. Bait and switch in that they hired a subcontractor without ever telling me who they were hiring.

Fraud in that I was given a quote, with expectation there might be a MINOR alteration in cost, but to be told over triple total cost increase? $3300 to well over $9000 plus any headboards additional on top of that without a survey.

This was done by standing outside the garage. No survey was conducted, but they have that covered in the fine print- evidently, I waived that. Why would I do such a thing, leaving me open to being overcharged?

Breach of agreement/contract - I was told I would be charged per pound, the subcontractor insisted it would be per square foot. When I filed a complaint with the BBB they offered a $250 resolution.

This is preposterous and ridiculous. They have been dismissive and have taken advantage of a disabled veteran.

Joe C.
Suwanee, GA
July 23 2020 8:12PM

DO NOT USE!!! Do not even call them.... they pressure you to use their services and the payment IS NOT REFUNDABLE! They DO NOT have their own movers, they just refer you to someone.

They charged me $1213.00 for a move they guaranteed would only cost me $3137, but when the moving company showed up 1 day later than scheduled they said that $3137 would only buy 6' of space, that if I wanted to move my 3 plus bedrooms it would cost me over $9000.00, not to include what I had paid to American Standard.

The mover said that they do not receive anything from American Standard. Obviously I sent the moving company away and American Standard kept the $1213 for making a phone call. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

James R.
Reno, NV
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