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July 23 2020 12:38AM

They are liars, they estimate, and at last moment they change price, they don't pick your phone once you make an initial payment as they are not the real movers, they work with other moving companies.

Whatever they estimate initially, be ready to pay at least 4 times of it when the actual movers comes on moving date. Regarding delivery, expect a delay of 7-10 days based on actual estimates.

Janki N.
New York, NY
June 30 2020 4:11PM

Highly disappointed with this company. They painted a beautiful story of my move to Miami. When it came down to the date of the move they pushed it back another day, like if I lived in a owned house. I'm literally fighting with my landlord to stay an extra day. I called customer service and all they offered was a $25 discount from a $1500 move. Bad Representative, Bad Customer Service, No Responsibly. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THEM ALL...

Jeff C.
Yonkers, NY
June 29 2020 3:42AM

Beware, American Standard Moving company will not look out for the clients best interest, No morals, Not Honesty or integrity. This is a flat scam company be aware.. I spoke with them for over 35 days confirming a one bedroom single man’s loft. We agreed on a price to move both my downtown loft. I spoke with them for over 35 days confirming a one bedroom single man’s loft.

We agreed on a price to move both my downtown loft and my storage building (10x10) of $2500.00. Once my One bedroom, living room suite and dining room table and chairs were loaded onto their box truck. They told me I have exceeded my space and it was now going to be $5700 that did not include my storage building.

The contract mean nothing. Most of their staff do not understand English. Guess what I paid my bill, mostly because they were going to auction off my belongings within two weeks if I didn’t pay the remainder of their adjusted price.

After paying $5700 I asked them what time they will arrive with my balloons would it be that day or the next morning? That’s when they called me the next morning and said it would be two weeks before I received any of my furniture, bedroom suite, golf clubs, TVs, stereos. everything I owned.

Once the truck arrived and was unloaded. I had one smashed smart TV and three sets of dumbbells disappeared, one extra set of golf clubs that I used occasionally, missing parts. I went to my gym my girlfriend lost three boxes of clothes. We called them immediately within 30 minutes after they left. They gave me a location to where I rushed off to get the remainder of my belongings. Of course no one was there.

So now we have called almost every day or every other day for four months, Filed their fake insurance claims. To be sitting here today what’s the guarantee that I will let the public know American Standard Moving company or anyone affiliated will not work to earn your business no matter what price you agree on this is a huge scam.

Right now I’m not the first and I won’t be the last of this happened too. Good luck, Stick with local companies To move your belongings. This company is not in the top 10 of reliable or trustworthy moving companies. I read the same reviews as you I felt confident in my decision to use this company I just did not read enough because the negative reviews are pouring in.

Ryan G.
Shelby, NC
June 14 2020 1:55PM

American Standard Moving is the worst scammers I ever seen in my whole life. They lie in your face. They quote me at $3,000 and the day of moving they wanted $9,000. They said that it will be only one truck driving from our house in NJ straight to Orlando Fl and of course it’s a lie.

It turned out that they broker out to another company and all the furniture will go to a warehouse and wait for a third truck to pick it up in 10 business days.. WTF!! I kicked them out if my house and I filled a complaint at the BBB and will sue them. I will make sure that this company closes cause they can’t do this to other customers. DON’t HIRE THIS COMPANY PLEASE. THEY ARE SCAMMERS!!!!!!

Dina E.
Winter Garden, FL
May 11 2020 5:40PM

Rude and harassed me via text. In my phone call to receiving a quote for my move I was talked down to after I stated I wanted to check other companies. He then went on to start texting me and talking down falling me ignorant and I was making a stupid decision.

When I called back to speak to a manager I was just put on hold. They over quoted my move and were trying to justify the 2,100.00 move. It's not even a studio amount of stuff. After looking over these reviews it looks like this company has a history of doing this. Wish I could post the picture of the texts.

Emmie M.
April 01 2020 5:45PM

I've never been a fan of moving but I used American standard from Florida to Kansas and the process couldn't have been easier! They discussed everything and upon getting the bill it was actually lower than the estimate. The initial customer service and scheduling was easy and very professional.

The movers themselves arrived on time, went over the plan in detail, packed all of our furniture with care and took the same care when unpacking at the new house. In addition - the team lead on the job was super nice and the staff in general were all very friendly. They even let our 2 year old "help", which he got a kick out of.

We have used other movers in the past and items were damaged and/or we found damage down to the house during the move. They were as friendly as could be, professional, and the most efficient movers I've ever worked with. Everyone I interacted with was always pleasant. If I ever have to move again American standard Moving will be the only moving company I will use. I can't recommend American standard enough!

Carla G.
Port Townsend, WA
March 24 2020 6:29PM

These guys were awesome! I was able to get my moved rescheduled to a week earlier with only 48 hours notice (that god they were able to fit me in). the guys they were assigned to my move were great, respectful, FAST, and treated my things like their own. I couldn't have asked for a better move. I'll be recommending them to anyone that's in need, which is how i heard of them myself. Don't think twice, don't shop around. These guys are quality are you'll be in great hands.

Michael G.
West St Paul,, MN
February 06 2020 7:57PM

So I hired this company to move me from New Jersey to Georgia and they did a terrible job. I have a lot of stuff missing a lot of stuff broken and a lot of stuff damaged! I would never recommend this company to anyone. Be careful. Don’t hire these people. They are the worst of the worst.

Ivonne B.
Nj, GA
January 28 2020 3:07PM

I assure you if you read this you will not hire this company. I am going to explain, as briefly as possible, to horror; this company brought in me and my wife's life. ( even if you do not want to read all the review, jump to the part that there is a paragraph all in capitals, and read that part only, it is important)

We didn't do enough research before hiring them, and we just trusted that they are human beings, and we were very wrong. Now I am going to do everything in my power to make sure you do not go through the same hell as we did.

Referring to my painful experience, I am going to describe:
- Why this company is ONLY a middle player and why hiring them is unnecessary and a risk.

- I am going to explain what their positive reviews are about and why they do not matter at all.
- I will also tell you about how rude and irresponsible they are, how they lie to your face, and how they stole over $750 from us.
- I will also explain how they almost cost us our car.

My wife and I hired this company to do our moving, in July 2019, from Cincinnati, OH, to Starkville, MS. We were moving out of our apartment on the moving date and arriving at our destination apartment the next day. They managed to fool us to hire them by lying to our face, that our property will be delivered from within 2 to 10 business days.

What they never mentioned, and later rudely denied is that in 2-10 business days, they start counting another 21 business days. Instead, they insisted and repeated that we will RECEIVE our property in 2-10 business days. Unfortunately, we trusted them and did not read the long and confusing contract word-by-word. We learned the hard way that we should not have trusted them. Initially, they gave us an estimate of about $2300 based on "the number of boxes we want to move" (more about this later).

Our final cost went well over $5600. As a broker company, their sole job is to connect you to a moving company. Their official representative during an official inquiry gave us the phone number of an auto-moving company for moving our car.

Again, we trusted them, we contacted that company, and we paid a down payment. Our car was scheduled to be picked up earlier on our moving day. After many frustrating calls and empty promises, it was after 5pm that we noticed that the company was only a scam! The company they introduced us to did not exist. Now imagine how much stress we went through to find another moving company that day after business hours. We had to leave the city before midnight.

American Standard keeps denying it and never took responsibility for this. So, a moving company (a random moving company) showed up, loaded our stuff as carelessly as possible, and even pretended that our property would be delivered within 2-10 days. We were stressed, exhausted, we got to our apartment in Mississippi the next day.

In 2-3 days, we called them to see where our property was. And it was the beginning of an incredibly frustrating marathon of panic, anxiety, anger, pressure, and pain from then. We were soon informed that our property would not get there in a month! They shamelessly lied to us numerous times (at least 10-15 times) about the location of our property. They pretended they called the moving company, and in reality, they were only acting.

They would frequently ask us to contact the moving company directly, while it was clearly their job as our brokers. They even made my wife cry numerous times with their very rude (very very rude) response over the phone. One particular time, instead of answering her, they cut and yelled at her for over 10 minutes. It was all because she had written a Google review about them! After a month of struggle, pain, anxiety, and living with nothing, we finally received our property after 30 days. A large vanity table was lost.

The movers broke a large and sturdy dresser in our parking lot to avoid bringing it up the stairs (that was the only item that did not fit in the elevator). Our washer and dryer were heavily scarred. They were pushing my bookshelf on its head and managed to break it in half. They charged us an extra $250 for the length of the hallway (our door is the fourth door in the only corridor in the building). And it gets me to my next and maybe the most critical point of this review:

1- convincing the customer verbally to trust them, so they lie and lie on the phone, about your price, about delivery dates, about the service you receive. They do everything to make sure you trust them. This step will get you to sign a contract with them that you most likely never read. In this step, they pretend that they are giving you an actual estimate, so ask you how many BOXES you move and base their estimation upon that. But think about it, the "number of boxes" cannot be a measure. Because anything from a small shipping box to an enormous appliance bix qualifies as a "BOX" here.

They only pretend they are giving you an estimate here, while, in fact, they have nothing to do with the pricing. American Standard only wants you to believe that they are a part of your moving. In reality, they have a list of crappy movers, they refer you to them, the movers do everything and then finally give a percentage to American Standard.

2- They have a collection of movers they work with, and they will leave you to them. If you are lucky, you may find yourself in the hands of a decent company (if they ever work with a decent company). But most likely, you are stuck with a collection of crappy movers (I'll explain why I use the word "collection" here) that you would never do business with. IF YOU ARE READING THIS, it means you care about the ratings and reviews of the company you hire.

So why would you hire this company only to assign you to horrible movers that you do not know randomly?! Just think about it, you obviously care that you are reading this review. Now, you know, by hiring American Standard, you are actually leaving yourself in their hands to pick some of their random crappy movers for you. Save yourself.

3- American Standard may use its network of movers to optimize its benefits. Meaning they are working with a lot of movers, and your property will be dropped off and picked up by multiple movers in a given time frame to get to you. It could have been an option if their pricing was accurate or competitive. You will end up paying more than paying to a single moving company, your property will be heavily damaged and lost because so many movers pick up and drop them off, you will not have a single point of contact, and in the end, you are not able to hold anyone accountable because there are way too many of them.

American Standard covers all these facts, only to get you to sign their contract. We have had the most horrible experience in hiring this immoral company:

-We have lost so much. After months of recording and filing claims, we are offered $76, and only if we waive all our rights and future claims. The damage exceeds $2000. We also lost so much of our properties because we gave them away. American Standard in their initial evaluation makes it look like it is the volume that matters, not the weight! So we got rid of all our bulky things, not knowing they do not care about the size, they only care about their weight!

-We paid them a total of $5,616.00 (all with hard evidence), while the final value in the bill of lading is only $4,614.91. It is a $1,001.09 difference that they refused to pay back. They received: -$1,175 check on 4/17/19 -$750 check on 7/29/19 -$1,719.50 check on 7/31/19 -$1000 USPS money order 0n 8/30/19 -$791.50 USPS money order on 8/30/19 and -$180 check on 8/30/19, all with evidence and receipts The bill of lading, which shows the total we should have paid them, shows $4,614.91 They denied us the money back, they are giving us hard-time for the money, this money is stolen and does not belong to them.

They are probably going to respond to this post by saying things like: They are not an auto-moving company, or all the customer's requests were handled professionally and promptly, and so on. Trust me, they won't hesitate to turn the truth on its head to stay in business. I do not know who you are, but I am sure you deserve better than these people. If you are filing a lawsuit against them, you can count me in. If you can find me, I will be more than happy to spend more time talking to you on the phone to convince you that you should not hire them. I have wasted at least 50-60 hours of my time on these guys so far.

I am just hoping that at least, these last few hours I am spending to write this review can help some of you, not to go through the same nightmare as we did. Just imagine what they did to us that I put myself into so much trouble to spend so many hours of my time writing them a negative review.

Ali M.
Starkville, MS
January 13 2020 5:24PM

Misleading quote. I asked for a binding contract and was told that could be done if all items to be moved were specified. We had about 70 items of furniture on the list to be loaded and delivered. When the movers came, they loaded about 40 items and said that was all the space I was allowed. The rep with whom I spoke NEVER said anything about space limitations. The contract did mention cubic feet and weight amounts, but I was told as long as items were specified on the list, they would all be included. I have serious ethical questions about the business practices of the salesman and therefore the company which assured me that all my items would be included for the price specified.

I sent a complaint to the company asking for a response about 10 days ago and have heard nothing. So, my impression is that this company is very misleading in providing an accurate price for services delivered and exhibits very poor customer service for not responding to a customer's concern.

Charles B.
Tallahassee, FL
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