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January 08 2020 7:45PM

Scam Alert-Call at your own Peril. Costs will continue to climb at every step to the point you are paying 3 to 4 times what you are originally quoted. But once they have yours belongings the hold them ransom until you pay the obnoxious price they come up with

T H.
Minnesota, MN
January 04 2020 12:13AM

I actually don't know where to start. I was quoted a price for a move from California to Tennessee and then when the actual movers got there the price kept going up and up and up. So far up that half of the things listed on my "inventory" had to be left off the truck, and even then I was going to owe about $1000 more dollars.

The inventory that you take is completely bogus, at least it was for me. You should have just said, "this price I have quoted you is for 640 cubic feet and if it goes over you will have to pay and pay and pay". I looked it up and a one bedroom home move was showing to use about 705 cubic feet, so how could my 3 bedroom home fit into 640 cubic feet? Nobody told me what the dimensions of my furniture had to be, or that a queen size bed sometimes wasn't a queen size bed.

Nobody said I needed to measure every piece of furniture in order for the quote to be accurate. In fact, the person doing the quote didn't even ask how big the house was or how many bedrooms, he did ask how many king beds and queen beds, which the king bed was one of the items left off. It's dishonest because you don't let the consumer know how exactly you are figuring the quote, so when they give you the inventory they think it's a good quote.

I paid $2200 to you up front and ended up having to have my kids take the furniture off the truck when the costs kept skyrocketing and we had already left off half of the furniture. We had a very short window of time and a limited budget but because of the costs that kept escalating we had to rent a U-Haul anyway and drive our stuff out ourselves. My complaint is not that you ripped off the money, $2200, which is a lot when you are struggling, but that you are not honest in how you do your quotes. There is no way my 3 bedroom home would have fit into 640 cubic feet, and yet your person doing the quote was perfectly happy to make me think it would.

The whole move was extremely stressful and to cap it all off, I wasn't there but my kids were and they were treated awful by both your customer service person and the person from Brooklyn Moving. It seems your company has a lot to say about movers who charge people more than they agreed to, but it seems you have plenty of practice in that. I sent an email and requested that it be forwarded on to your CEO, who I do believe would be interested in what I have to say. I am sure it wasn't because this whole thing has been handled wrong and that would expose that. Hope you are enjoying the $2200, we sure have been missing it at this time of the year. Happy Holidays!

Adam W.
Sacramento, CA
December 12 2019 4:09AM

Very happy with the services provided by American Standard Moving. Would highly recommend them for long distance moving! The movers were professional and ensured me that I would not pay more and as it was the estimate did not change. They were a bit late for pickup but that wasn’t a big deal as I was pretty flexible.

Booker F.
Delaware, DE
November 29 2019 6:17PM

DO NOT USE: American Standard Movers Boca Raton, FL Do not call : (888) 511-3280 Email : [email protected] Ready Set Go Movers LLC Oklahoma moving services Oklahoma City, OK Do not call (405) 436-7149 [email protected] Please read all. I contracted American Standard Movers to move my daughter and her family (Nataleigh ** and Justin **) from Texas City, Texas to Williston ND. They contacted Ready set go movers LLC to perform the move. They were not the only company I contacted but the one I choose because of the reviews on their site and other sites (some bad most good).

All seemed legit and OK I paid a percentage when I set up the move to American Standard Movers and percentage when Ready Set Go Movers LLC picked up the shipment and the balance before it was unloaded (seems flaky but that was all the movers I talked to plan).

The scheduling with Ready Set Go Movers LLC was a little rough as they said they would be there and were several days late in ND. The problem came when we did an inventory check and were short 60 + boxes. I tried to contact Ready Set Go Movers LLC with no response so I contacted American Standard Movers. After dealing with the sale person for a week I was told “I am a sale person and can’t help, call customer service”. I called CS at American Standard Movers and they said “We will look into the situation”. I started calling and emailing daily with the same response.

Finally I talked to a manager (maybe, maybe not) and they said I had to talk to Ready Set Go Movers LLC. After 5 days Ready Set Go Movers LLC found the rest of the shipment in Colorado on 14 Oct. As of 19 Nov there it still sits. They said I have to wait until another truck goes that way, which could be months. My argument is I paid in full over $4200 and I still do not have my completed delivery.

When I tried to work with American Standard Movers they said I needed to contact Ready Set Go Movers LLC. I contracted with American Standard Movers not Ready Set Go Movers LLC and was told today that I signed a contract with Ready Set Go Movers LLC that supersedes the contract with American Standard Movers. This washes their hands from the shipment even though they found Ready Set Go Movers LLC to do the move.

What I signed was a very detailed inventory sheet that I did not get a copy of, but I did take pictures of it to sent to my daughter for checking. I have left messages and emails every day to Ready Set Go Movers LLC with no response since almost the beginning of the loss. Timeline: 13 Sept, credit card deposit to American Standard Movers 26 Sept, cashier’s check to RSGM (Pickup) 1 Oct, Items still in OK, no truck available 3 Oct, Items left OK 6 Oct, I was told many unloads and loads in different places 9 Oct, delivery to ND, cashier’s check to RSGM (before unload) 29 Nov still waiting for the rest of shipment 2 Dec hiring lawyer.

Stephen C.
Houston, TX
November 10 2019 3:39AM

American Standard Moving has really helped me with this! Their customer service is great. From the initial call everything went well! The total estimate did not exceed what I was quoted. I loved my daughter from PA to Brooklyn New York and was scared to hire some of the brokers calling me.

Brian was great in guiding me through the process and customer service was great with my follow ups. The movers did a great job and the total cost of $1577 to move her studio apartment saved me a ton vs renting a truck and having to fly out there to move her. The delivery did take a little over a week but hey! It was quite a distance so it was understandable. I will most definitely recommend American Standard!

Mel R.
Brooklyn, NY
November 03 2019 2:10AM

Cannot thank American Standard enough. They did a great job. From the Initial call and payment they were tentative and kept in communication. Their customer service went above and beyond to ensure our problems with delays were resolved which is why I’m giving them a 5 star. Few hiccups but the cost of the move did not go up so that was great!

Sergio M.
October 31 2019 8:59PM

Would highly recommend them for your moving service. They are full service and everything from payment to delivery is great. One of the very few certified brokers in the industry who have trusted movers you can depend on.

Washington S.
October 31 2019 8:31PM

I would recommend American Standard for your moving services. Payments are easy. Anything I need I would call and they were very responsive and at tentative to my calls. Can not recommend them enough! A lot of brokers in this industry and American Standard does a great job explaining the process and most importantly guiding you through the process.

Thelma A.
October 25 2019 7:31PM

Andres, Cary and Gabriel were excellent. They arrived earlier than expected which was a nice surprise. They were gracious, dependable and efficient. Andres was a great organizer and Very team oriented. If we ever move again American Standard Moving will be used. Thank you so much for such a great experience. Definitely made this stress free.

Anny S.
Denver, CO
October 25 2019 7:31PM

The team American Standard Moving sent to my mother in law, Audrey, was outstanding. They did their job in a proficient and professional manner. They were polite and assured that they would assist in every aspect of the move. Her bed was put together and the furniture that needed reassembly was perfect. You couldnt ask for four more capable movers and gentlemen.

James S.
New Haven, CT
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