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October 25 2019 7:30PM

The moving men headed by American Standard Moving were just spectacular. They really know their business well. I would highly recommend their expertise to anyone moving. They were very professional and courteous! Thank you for sending this special team! Great company!

Jim W.
Ruskin, FL
October 25 2019 7:29PM

They went above and beyond to make our move goes smoothly and efficiently. When we ran into an issue with our refrigerator being too large to fit through a narrow space in the kitchen, they took off the doors of the fridge, the doors on the pantry, The banister in the stairwell, and the front door in order to get it out. They worked from 7 AM and finished at about 530 with almost no breaks. These guys are really hard workers, and I highly recommend American Standard Moving!

Valdez R.
Milford, CT
October 25 2019 7:29PM

American Standard Moving and their crew did an outstanding job!!! They moved with urgency and it was no slacking!!! I’ve use other moving companies in the past and most of them took their sweet time as if it wasn’t costing me by the hour. Him and his team was on time and when they arrived they went straight to work. Couldn’t be more happy with my moving experience. I highly recommend American Standard Moving for your next move, and request Brian and his team if available!!! Like

Rosemary L.
Rosemount, MN
October 25 2019 7:28PM

American Standard Moving showed up on time. They were professional, courteous, and worked hard. They were patient and careful with my furniture and very eager to please. Three strong guys and a giant truck moved me about 100 miles. They made the move smooth. I will definitely use them again. Their price was good gouging and no hidden costs.

Shelley P.
Overland Park, KS
October 25 2019 6:27PM

I was hesitant at first because of the amount of companies blowing up my phone but I decided to stick with American Standard Moving and I cannot be more happy. Their estimate was accurate and I did not pay more. The movers showed up on time and were fast and efficient. Delivery took a little longer than expected but I know most movers are under DOT regulations so it’s an industry standard. Overall the services were great for the price. Thanks!

Nyla S.
Detroit, MI
October 24 2019 3:05PM

They got their money and did not follow up with the shipper they contracted on 25 boxes and tubs that are missing 3 weeks later. I was told to deal with the company that did the shipping so I tried with no response. I told ASM that I contracted with them not the other company. The person I dealt with said call customer service. They did say that they would send someone to fix the 70+ year old dining table that got broken. I said I would do it.

I knew the first quote was just an estimate since nobody came out to see it. The company that did come out is another bad review that I will hold them accountable for. The shipping company took a very detailed list of what they picked up. I did not get a copy but did take pictures of it. I later found out that it was for billing not accountability.

My shipment went up by $900 and I accepted that and took pictures of the sheets. They also state that the rating on this site is a 4 star on some sites yet on those sites they have 1-5 reviews and all are bad.

Steve C.
Houston, TX
October 20 2019 12:44AM

This is very bad service. It’s worst. We had to move 3 hours away. I booked same day delivery and they give me price $ 1470. They came to picked up 7.30 in the morning. And they said I have to pay $ 2251. After they loaded we can’t do nothing. So I paid half of money and rest I had to pay after delivery. They loaded truck and left 9 am. And they said they ll deliver around 5 pm. And we went our place and wait for them. Around 6 pm they call and said they ll deliver next day. We are upset we don’t have nothing with us. And I had my pet with me too. So we had to pay for hotel and had to buy clothes for night. I called customer service. They are so rude. They just care about money. Not good customer services no responsibility. They came to deliver next day and told us we have to pay rest all money if not they not unload truck. I’m very disappointed. Really bad service, worst customer services.

Chanaka M.
New Windsor, NY
October 16 2019 11:30PM

Had an awful move with American Standard Moving. They brokered another moving company to do my move that did an awful job.. The dates were wrong, they didn't communicate at all, and they continued to ask for more money every step of the way. I felt lucky I got my stuff in the end and would never recommend this company to anyone.

Sara M.
Bayside, WI
October 16 2019 4:20PM

Relocated from Brooklyn, NY to Denver Colorado. At first I was a little skeptical over doing business over the phone with a company That I have never heard of before. After Receiving quotes from Allied and Mayflower I decided to take a chance.

Dennis helped me out with phenomenal Customer service, he thoroughly explained to me how the move will be and exactly how he told me it would go It did. The movers where excellent From the Protection of the furniture to the follow up calls to arrival. I have nothing to say bad about ASM they have earned a customer for life!

Jose S.
Toms River, NJ
October 12 2019 10:13PM

They violated the written contract by taking a larger deposit then allowed and refused to refund it. They charged a $900 (45.5%) deposit vs $586 (30%) deposit.. They repeatedly lied to us. They bid low to get us to sign with them. $1964.00. They had exact measurements and weights, but they do a BAIT AND SWITCH...they only quote on weight, and then send a trucking company who only goes by cubic feet. THEY PROVIDE NO SERVICE OF VALUE.

They sent a company rated F by the BBB who had 80 complaints in the last 3 years because the items don't arrive, are broken, or held hostage for more money. The trucking company they sent was demanding $800 more in cash just to put our items o the truck. That was even after we had eliminated 8 additional items. In the long run, we were very lucky to only lose the $900 and not use their service.

Carol S.
Clearwater, FL
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