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October 09 2019 5:13PM

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! RUN RUN RUN!!! BIGGEST CON JOB MOVING COMPANY EVER! They seriously didn’t honor the pick-up date agreement, totally ruined our move out time from house closing, then rubbed the 1-14 day delivery date in our noses. We may not see our stuff for 3 weeks due to it being 1-14 BUSINESS DAYS. Total lack of professionalism in the moving business. BEWARE!

Glenn J.
Portland, OR
September 23 2019 10:32AM

Lied about everything. I couldn't believe that every part of the con was a set up. These people seemed so nice that I put down the $1,700.00 deposit that was mandatory. They even told me that the quote was locked in and I have it in writing. Movers showed up hours late, walked in and without even looking at our furniture told us everything is too big. Company wanted to add an additional $2,300.00.

My husband and I are senior citizens and raising our grand daughter. We are on a fixed income. After being taking things off of our quoted list to try to bring the price down, half of our items. The mover said he had to go to his truck to get the list and just left. I am afraid now that my husbands brother will die from his cancer before we can move back.

The company won't refund the $1,700.00, so now we don't have the money to move. Now they are saying my husband told them to leave and not come back. My husband never said that at all, he didn't even talk to the men, he is deaf. They are telling lie after lie. Woman on phone was smarting off to me and sarcastically told me to have a nice day and hung up on me because I was telling her that her mover was not telling the truth, she said she didn't care. Please, don't hurt anymore people. Movers barely spoke English.

Sue P.
Bullard, TX
September 21 2019 12:15AM

This is not a moving company; its a schmoozing company! Brian **, a salesman for this company, said a lot of wonderful things before the contract was signed. After that, you couldn't get him on the phone! I am writing this review for my daughter's move, because I spoke to brian and others at the company. He never said that this is a broker company! He never said they would choose another company to transport my daughter's furniture.

Long story short- they did choose a carrier to transport her things from Missouri to Cleveland, Ohio. Except that the truck didn't come on march the 10th as promised. (yes, my daughter paid for rent for the month of March and had no furniture to put in it!!) also, the truck didn't come on the next promised date of march 31! And no-one at this schmoozing company had the professionalism to call my daughter and tell her that the truck wasn't coming again!!

The carrier truck bypassed Ohio and went to upstate New York!! While driving on the NY thruway, the truck had a catastrophic fire and all contents were burned!!! Did Brian ** or anyone call my daughter to explain this??!! No! No-one did!

Only an employee for the corrupt carrier truck company called her to explain what happened. It is now almost 6 months, and no-one from American Standard Moving and storage has called my daughter!! My daughter has not received a dime of restitution for her entire life's possessions!!! American Standard m&s claims they have no responsibility even though they chose this carrier trucking company to transport my daughter's vintage furniture, etc.

I spent 15 mins. Researching and discovered that the carrier company they chose has a history of scamming customers!! Yet, they claim "There's nothing they can do"!!! This company will give you a good price because they use substandard carriers. They will leave you hanging!! Run away!! Run far away from them. (unless you think you'd like to call their customer service dept., and have them schmooze you, and play the phone tag game!!

Jessica and Christine and Nicole will all give you the runaround!! Nicole promised me on 3 separate phone calls that she would call me back, and never did! This is not a moving company; it's a schmoozing company!!

Nanci W.
North Port, FL
September 12 2019 8:07PM

American Standard Moving & Storage and their movers were great to me. Did a good job with their affiliate group to move my mother from San Diego to Mississauga. The whole process was seamless. We were very impressed with everyone that was involved from the packing up stage to the delivery of her things. Highly recommend!!!!

Michelle C.
San Diego, CA
September 12 2019 4:52PM

Great movers that support & communicate with you throughout the whole relocation. I was getting antsy because our delivery date was coming up, and always get a call like clockwork letting me know exactly whats going on. For me, those little things are very important, and

I am happy you guys were the moving company I chose!! American Standard is the way to go for your moving services!

Cora G.
Colorado Springs, CO
September 12 2019 12:53AM

Exceptional experience. My move went off very well. The truck showed up on time everything was carefully placed in the truck and showed up when Mitch promised. I would highly recommend American Standard to anyone who needs this service.

Ada C.
Tampa, FL
September 03 2019 1:58AM

Very very pleased with their services. Their quote was right on point and my balance was $200 less on delivery which was neat. I did overestimate at 2360lbs and came in under 2000lbs so that was good. Would highly recommend American Standard Moving & Storage!

Ashley F.
Tampa, FL
August 30 2019 1:54AM

American Standard Moving and Storage professionalism was second to none. I was pleasantly surprised to find my price actually less in the end than originally estimated. We overestimated from the start to ensure my price would not go up and I did not price gauge. My move was smooth across the board and allowed me to focus on my new business opening rather than stress about the moving itself. I’d use them again and recommend American standard to friends and family.

Dolly C.
City, GA
August 30 2019 1:14AM

Cannot say how glad I am for going with American Standard Moving. They facilitated this move for my mother. From start to finish they did a wonderful job and for that they earned my 5 star. Would highly recommend American Standard Moving!

Brad S.
Alabama City, AL
August 28 2019 12:57AM

American Standards movers were outstanding. They were kind, patient and hardworking. We were in awe as we watched them wrap every piece of furniture with packing blankets and tape to secure the placement of the blankets.

Our couch was valuable and they treated it as such. They wrapped it in packing blankets, shrink wrap AND tape. They worked diligently and without hesitation or complaint. Also, Seth, at the office was easy to work with and clearly described every aspect of the move with us.

If you are looking for a moving company that will treat your home furnishings with respect and care, we highly recommend that you hire American Standard Moving.. they are amazing!. They go above and beyond what is expected and they do so with calmness and good manners.

Evelyn M.
San Diego, CA
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