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August 19 2019 8:02PM

They accept ZERO responsibility for your household items, initial cost went up 4 times until it doubled. Horrible customer service. They lost and/or broke half our stuff. I filed with several agencies and have yet to get my issue resolved. They held my stuff hostage until I agreed to pay their high price or they threatened to charge storage. ***DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY.*****

Enrrique G.
Tyrone, GA
August 04 2019 5:31PM

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!! They outsourced my contract to horrible moving company, Energy Moving Systems out of Florida. American Standard Moving and Storage quoted me one price, 4k but instead the final pay was $6,700. The company that American Standard Moving and Storage hired, Energy Moving Systems did not deliver my furniture when I requested. I gave them my closing date and they told me they will deliver my furniture within 5 to 7 days but they actually delivered it 23 days later. The entire time Energy Moving Systems kept telling me that they were in route. I tried to contact American Standard Moving and Storage to help me but their calls always went to a full voicemails.

Felicia B.
Milford, PA
July 31 2019 4:31PM

They must post their own reviews to have a 4.7 rating. I filed with FMCSA, AMSA, BBB, FL attorney general all to get my stuff and stop them from their unlawful practices. Cost went up twice AFTER they picked up my load. Allen ** threatened with keeping my stuff if I didn't pay their exorbitant hostage money as well as breaking my stuff. I paid, and they broke glass, tvs, chairs, tables, beds. Lost several boxes including my dining room table. This is by far the worst company to hire to move you. FMCSA has 70 claims against them right now and wonder why they have not closed them down yet. DO NOT BE A VICTIM.

Enrrique G.
Tyrone, GA
July 12 2019 8:03PM

So I was helped with my move from Arizona to Florida and I was extremely skeptical because of what you hear about moving. This company far exceeded my expectations and service was above and beyond. I highly recommend American Standard Moving and Storage. The quote I received was a honest one and I didn’t believe them when they said my final installment would sometimes be less and it was I paid about 200 less than what they quoted me at drop off. Thank you for your hard work in this time of transition in my life!

Tim M.
Largo, FL
July 11 2019 12:32AM

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! It has been terrible! Jacob the guy on the phone told me my items would be weighed and the DOT calculator over estimates... every time I spoke to someone new price went up, of course after I already put deposit down. Movers showed up in a rental truck, said cubic feet. Couldn't argue we were on a schedule. Schedule got pushed back tried to inform dispatch. Said they couldn't wait. Had to have all my stuff put into ANOTHER uhaul at s storage unit. Too expensive! Should have done my research too! Told Jacob my son passed away from cancer he called and said his uncle just did too from cancer. Don't know if that was true, he sure played my emotions! Scandalous!!! Avoid avoid avoid!!! Check DOT'S website. Many complaints about them. Wish I would have! Over 4K for a move from Tennessee to north Florida! Ridiculous! They didn't even finish the job!

Angela M.
Clarksville, TN
July 04 2019 3:39PM

I had contacted several other companies from online before I settled on American. The story I was told when discussing the move was that my belongings would have up to 30 days of free storage.

I thought that was great and that would allow me the opportunity to locate myself and that everything would be waiting at the local storage and I merely needed to make the call and all would be delivered. I did not need 30 days as I found my new abode the very first day. I made the call only to find the my belongings had been 'brokered out' to Northstar Movers and as soon learned that the 30 days free was nothing more than them using that time to travel all around, moving my items from truck to truck and state to state and on the 30th day delivery was made.

Boxes were torn and tapped (I have photo's) damaged dresser, bookshelf, tabletop and every screw for the chairs missing. Mirror missing, new vacuum not working and a box or two did not arrive. I was told that I needed purchase receipts on my belongings.

Patricia C.
Tucson, AZ
June 29 2019 8:14PM

DO NOT use this vendor for any reason. They are completely unreliable and totally unprofessional. They will not show up on time. They are excellent at taking your money. They suck at everything else. Appalling!

Kurt H.
Maineville, OH
June 29 2019 12:17PM

If there was a way to give them zero stars it would fit. It is a miracle that we got through this move with this company. Once they take your down payment they could care less. The most stressful move of my life. I admit to not thoroughly doing my homework on this one. A very good lesson learned! Don't hire this company!!!!

J J.
Chicago, IL
June 26 2019 3:22PM

This company is a joke. Manager is a disrespectful **. After they pick up your equipment or materials, good luck ever trying to get a hold of them. I should of done my homework and went with another company. Please save yourself the headaches and go with another company. Nothing but trouble and anger with this company.

Nicholas G.
Sterling Heights, MI
June 25 2019 8:51PM

I wish I would have read Lisa's used before I schedule. When I talked to the rep he never said anything about a 72-hour frame but I got injured and call them on the third day. I called the dispatcher that had called me last. And told him I had to cancel. Then I seen a charge on my card $2,400. They haven't picked up anything. They've done nothing but scam me out of the money. When I called them again they didn't answer and then I called again and they told me they would call back with the person that I had talked to you. You never called back so I called again the next day. Then they told me that they could only give me 15% back. It's nonrefundable because it had not been 72 hours sorry I did call. And since when do I owe you $2,400 for doing nothing. Don't use this company scammers,

CiCi F.
Cheney, KS
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