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June 03 2019 10:34AM

Absolutely horrible experience. I was moving from a small town right on a major interstate across the country. Brian **, a sales guy, told me he would be my direct point of contact for the whole move, and gave me his direct cell number-telling me to contact only him with questions or arrangements. I paid a huge amount to reserve my move more than 3 weeks in advance, then had increasing trouble getting in touch with Brian. I called the Friday before my Wed/Thurs pick up to confirm my move, and spoke to Jessica-she went out of her way to be rude, condescending, and unpleasant.

She told me I was never to contact them, they would reach out to me the following week, but my move would go ahead as scheduled with a Wednesday pick up, then hung up on me-and cancelled my move in their system. When I followed up again the next week because I didn’t get the scheduling call they’d promised, I first spoke to a lovely woman who was very confused by my move having been cancelled, but promised to sort things out, then I called back and by random chance spoke to Jessica-who laughed, acknowledged she’d cancelled my move, refused to let me speak to anyone else, and again hung up on me. After repeated hang-ups, I finally reached Christine, who claimed to be the only customer service supervisor in the entire company. She told me everything was fine, no, don’t make other arrangements, they’d pick up my stuff the following day as agreed, everything had been straightened out. But when my realtor called 7 hours later to verify that we didn’t need to reschedule closing (because I was nervous at this point), Christine was quite rude to her, laughing and saying the move was cancelled, they didn’t even service my area, and no, they had no intention of letting me know or refunding my deposit. It wasn’t until a lawyer-friend called on my behalf that they began the process of issuing a refund, but I was left scrambling to replan my entire move less than 18 hours before movers were supposed to show up. I’ve reached out several times since, and the only response was a two-word e-mail telling me to “** off.”

Winsor D.
Denver, CO
June 02 2019 4:45PM

These people are not to be trusted. They "broker" your move to disreputable movers, then say they're shocked at how you were ripped off by them, and how they will never work with them again. Yet they all say that and they ALL work together all the time. It's how the scam works. These guys are skilled at what they do. Even their software is designed to no longer give you access to your "Binding Estimate" after you electronically sign it, so be sure you download a copy as a PDF before you sign! You can also dispute charges with your bank and also file a complaint with the Dept. of Transportation at fmcsa dot gov website. Oh any review site where you don't see bad reviews of them, such as on "Verified Movers?" Those sites won't send the verification emails for low star reviews! The business model of this company is to rip people off, plain and simple, and eventually enough people will know it to be protected from them.

Indigo D.
Durham, NC
May 07 2019 1:50AM

Very pleased with their team! Have had two recent clients, I'm a home and office organizer, who have moved with the excellent services of American Standard Moving and Storage. It's extremely important to me that I can refer my clients to reliable and professional services and these guys certainly has risen to the occasion each time. Their customer rep led a lovely, careful and respectful team that took care of all requirements. They were universally very receptive to my client's requests and concerns. Looking forward to sending more clients their way!! I would recommend American Standard for your moving services!

Debra A.
Lake Worth, FL
May 07 2019 1:12AM

We’ve used American Standard Moving twice now and will always use them for future moves! We’ve gotten a three man team each time and they are very skilled at what they do. Both times they were great! The movers are polite, efficient, and careful with packing and unpacking your belongings. They don’t have waste time and work very hard. Booking with the company is very easy and they’re always on time and ready as planned. We so appreciate having a good moving service that also provide you with an exclusive box truck and drives it themselves within the timeframe that they promise so it’s one less thing for us to worry about when we are in a rush or have a set time to be in our new house! We love American Standard!

Henry C.
Alabama City, SELECT A STATE
April 15 2019 9:13PM

They told me the quoting price was going to be no more than 2300, and answered all of my concerns over the phone. They missed the original date of schedule and the contractor they used tried to delay me even further due to having other jobs booked. I requested to have another mover help me, but the guy ended up coming over anyways. The guy who put my stuff in the truck, changed me an additional $1000 for having to shuttle it to my apartment because he couldn’t get a big semi in there. Trying to find the date when they are going to be delivering my furniture and we’re on day 2 of constant voicemails and no returnee calls. Save yourself some time and frustration and stay away.

Casey S.
Renton, WA
March 31 2019 12:08PM

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! I used this company against my better judgment. I did read all of the reviews beforehand and bought up my concerns with the representative that was helping me through the process, he assured me that he would be there to help. They forgot to add items into my estimate and when I confronted them they told me they would take care of it since it was part of the original agreement.

I went with this company because they matched the price of another company that I received a quote from with ALL the items that were supposed to be on the list (which I also have for my records to show as proof) I didn't trust that they were totally honest so I started to send the items that I was missing via text and email just in case. After speaking with 2 representatives I contacted customer service - This man literally yelled at me on the phone and told me that I was a LIAR and that I shouldn't speak unless I am telling the truth, at this point they already had my deposit and I couldn't do anything about it except for document it and save it for my lawyer. I sent an email and text to my representative about the situation so I had a record of what had happened, I'm pretty sure that it was never sent to anyone higher in the company. Once the moving truck got there it was one nightmare after another, I ended up paying $600 more than I was originally supposed to pay because the moving company put all the things that they weren't supposed to put on the truck in first.

When I spoke to customer service on the price they said they would reimburse me money bc the moving company never had the added items that were supposed to be on the list to begin with - of course they never reimbursed me - bc I have had so many dishonest situations with this company already I made sure to cover my butt and put the representative who had told me I would be reimbursed on speaker so I have another form of proof with witness that he assured me money back. I wish the nightmare ended there but it didn't, the price just kept going up and the only thing the customer service manager would say is "well you have 2 choices, you pay it or you leave your stuff there" can I remind you that the stuff he wanted me to leave there was on the list of things that was supposed to be on the truck to begin with. I had to leave antique pieces behind. The guy who was leading the truck team was even ruder - he raised his voice at me more than once in my apartment - he kept telling me that I was wasting his time because I asked him why he put the things that were not on the list in truck and didn't put the things that were supposed to be on the truck until last which then I had to pay for. Thank goodness I have cameras in my apartment and it picked up the all the conversations that I had with the customer service representative and the movers - I will be taking legal action on this company for what they put me through.

Jennifer Z.
Sayville, NY
March 28 2019 8:51PM

I would recommend going thru a large moving company who has their own carriers. The brokers were very helpful and told me there would not be a problem with the pick up on the date I requested. Long story short I waited for a call to confirm pick up which did not come on my request date. I called the next morning to be told that is why there are two dates listed for move date. Now I am waiting for the moving company to tell me what is convenient for them. I told them I am not available later in the day. The representative told me I need to make myself available. The moving company who is doing the move is Executive Moving & Storage. They will call me later between 2-5 to schedule pick up for the next date. I hope they take better care of my belongings then they did with their customer service.

Diana B.
Roseville, CA
March 24 2019 4:58PM

Excellent Service!! We used American Standard Moving and Storage for the first time. And they packed and moved all the heavy furniture. Brian and David, awesome. I will hire them again next time. Once again excellent moving service for the second time. American Standard will meet your expectations and take care of your belongingness. I will hire them again next time. EXCELLENT SERVICE.

Karin S.
Sand Diego, CA
March 18 2019 12:24PM

I have used American Standard Moving three times over the past 9 years for moves. I highly recommend this company and the service they offer. Each move went smoothly and it was stress-free. The drivers showed up and they said they would & they were professional, courteous and kind, along with the girls in the office. I can say that my experience was a very positive one.

John D.
Miami, FL
March 11 2019 3:07PM

I’ve moved a lot and I've had bad movers and good movers but these people are exceptional. Even the "good movers" I've hired have some kind of issue. My most recent move with American Standard Moving was flawless. From the beginning, the owner makes everything so easy and the pricing is clear. Immediately he makes you feel like he cares about pleasing the customer and doing a good job. There is a plenty of communication. The movers showed up on time (in 6 moves, I've never had movers on time) they were so nice, very efficient yet still meticulous and careful, very, very professional. Immediately they make you feel comfortable and that they really care about doing a good job. And the price is so good. I can't believe he doesn't charge 3x as much for the level of service he provides. And there are no "hidden fees" that suddenly get tacked on at the end when it's time to pay. I know that when we move again I will hire them again. If you are looking for movers, don't waste your time calling one else - you won't find anyone better than American Standard Moving! MAny will low ball you and have extreme hidden charges. They are reputable and worth trusting.

Isaac T.
Las Vegas, NV
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