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February 02 2021 6:56PM

I've been a customer of Beltone for many years and I would like to give a review and praise to Susan ** at the Southgate, Michigan Beltone Hearing Center.

Susan was and is very attentive to my needs and helped greatly. This is just her way of making us at ease each time I come for help. 5 BIG STARS for SUSAN **!!!

Albert H.
Gibraltar, MI
December 07 2020 2:11AM

On the Beltone website it clearly states, “60 day risk free trial”. I received battery Beltone hearing aids that did not integrate with my iPhone October 13, 2020 from Beltone Skoric Hearing Aid Center in Suttons Bay, Michigan.

After getting a second pair of hearing aids from a competitor that were rechargeable and beautifully integrated with my iPhone for the same price as Beltone, I returned the inferior Beltone hearing aids that same morning, October 26, 2020.

I was told that Beltone Skoric is not Beltone and Beltone Skoric refused to refund $4,300.00, because I had the Beltone Hearing Aids, says Beltone right on the hearing aid, beyond their 3 day trial.

I left the Beltone hearing aids with Jerome ** at Beltone Skoric in Traverse City, Michigan, but he has mailed them to my house 3 separate times. I have refused the package each time.

I have contacted Blue Cross of Michigan that their recommendation to their subscribers to try Beltone Skoric has been a nightmare. I have also filed a complaint with State of Michigan Licensing bureau.

I haven’t felt at all that Beltone Skoric Hearing Aid Center cared about me, but I have felt like all they really wanted was to sell me hearing aids, to trap me.

When I asked why their website promoted a 60 day risk free trial, but Beltone only offers a 3 day trial, Beltone Skoric told me they are not Beltone!? This misleading practice must stop. I am considering legal action.

Chris H.
Suttons Bay, MI
October 19 2020 2:45PM

Do not buy from Beltone. They will get your money and then they don’t care. Took my Mother in June of 2020 to have hearing tested, told her she needed hearing aids and then proceeded to sell her a $6000.00 dollar pair.

She’s 83 years old, cannot see or hear but they convinced her to buy even though she is on a fixed income. They did not explain all the logistics of the cleaning process which is something difficult for her to do.

Cannot just walk in for a checkup on them due to the Covid 19 so we waited until our 4 month checkup and we told him of our concerns and all he would say was Gotcha!!

They got us alright. She is not able to wear them or hear out of them but all they can say is Gotcha. Called the Beltone Operations Mgr. for Indiana and her hung up on me. Such professionalism.

Sherrie W.
Martinsville, IN
June 22 2020 8:24PM

Very poor service & unprofessional when fitting & setting up. Very rude when I wanted to return them. I had to have remolding that delayed the use. Several returns trips that they could not set the hearing aids up. Just too much to write about.

Bernard K.
Jim Thorpe, PA
March 26 2020 2:58PM

I was in the trial period and returned my hearing aids and equipment. I received Ed a letter stating I need to pay $400 for paperwork. In my 75 years I need heard of such greed and unprofessional behavior. I am on social security and can barely make ends meet and Beltone knew it. I will not pay $400 for paper work and please beware of them. I bought my hearing aids elsewhere for half the price.

Sandra L.
Little Elm, TX
February 23 2020 3:26PM

These are the worse hearing aids ever. I have had problems from the first week of having them. I bought them in Florence, SC. I have been back to them and all they do is clean them. They have sent them off two or three times. I still have them, still paying for them, and they are still not working. I've only gotten excuses about what is wrong with them. Is there anyone I can call and get help? Just tired of paying for something that doesn't work.

Carlton B.
Scranton, SC
January 17 2020 5:10PM

Don't get hearing aids with Beltone. I got my mom pair through them. I had to get the loan through Wells Fargo which is another company stay away from but anyways the hearings aids cost me 8000 dollars. I found out by other people who had similar hearing aids that I overpaid.

My mom and I at the time didn't know anything about hearing aids which gave them the opportunity to take advantage. My mom passed the hearing aids are 1 year old now. I tried to get my money back in October but they refuse. I am stuck with a loan and hearing aids I cant use.

Dianna L.
Lesage, WV
December 31 2019 4:07PM

Happy to be able to hear. I did not realize what I was missing. This office was wonderful. Personnel were extremely helpful, patient, and understanding. Set me up and took the time to explain everything to me. Helped me figure out what I needed, how to finance/pay for my equipment, and how to adjust settings. Love that I can set up on my iphone! Thank you!

Rae L.
Davie, FL
December 03 2019 12:09AM

Beltone hearing aids worst on market. Had to repair every two. Was in drawer. Now can hear with them. They could not repair the hearing aids, took them back lots of times. Got tired of going back to repair. So I put them in my dresser drawer.

Sidney S.
Wellington, KY
October 30 2019 9:20PM

Worst hearing aids I have owned. cCn't get them adjusted. They whistle all the time and one just died when the battery went dead and won't power up with new batteries. Will not recommend to anyone. Had concept by Iowa hearing aids before and they were great, ins co said get Beltone. What a mistake.

Norman R.
Adel, IA
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