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September 26 2019 7:24PM

Beltone is the 3rd company I have dealt with for hearing aids. I believe I've had these $5200.00 hearing aids for maybe a little over a year and the doctor and me are on a first name basis now. I've had my share of problems with these very expensive hearing aids. Some of the problems are with the so-called App that is downloaded to my phone. There are times when the app shows "Hearing aids not connected" and they are..So many times has one earing aid worked and not the other, especially when I'm listening to downloaded music. One or the other just won't connect.

There are times when just putting them in my ear only one is connected. I'm getting very tired of calling the Beltone Store, making an appointment from my busy day to keep going around and around to repair the problem. The hearing specialist is more than helpful to get things going correct again. He is a great guy and I hope Beltone never loses this guy. I never had this problem with the cheaper ones I've had in the past..maybe I should have stayed with them. Biggest does not mean the best in any business. Now, again, I have another appointment to have these hearing aids programmed. I don't know if anyone else is going thru what I am but let me tell you, it's no fun.

David S.
Middleburg Heights, OH
September 26 2019 6:43PM

I have Trust 6 purchased 2019. Does not have very good noise cancelation. Been to the service rep twice so far but not good results. He put a large power dome in and it does help my receiver in the ear. But it does block up the ear.

Jon L.
Chelmsford, MA
September 19 2019 1:38PM

I bought my Beltone hearing aides in 2013. What has impressed me the most about Beltone is the service they provide. I have had two Hearing Aide Specialists since owning them and both have taken good care of my hearing aides. Once I forgot I had my aides on and jumped into a swimming pool. After a minute or so I remembered they were still in my ears! My specialist made time to see me later that day, put them in his "moisture eliminating machine" and they were saved! Same thing a year later with the shower. Granted, my hearing aides are seniors now and have had two serious incidences, but despite some occasional feedback, they " keep on going". I will be buying a new pair this year to enjoy the latest technology and hear TV better.

Linda A.
Glen Ellyn, IL
September 18 2019 8:09PM

DO NOT BUY BELLTONE HEARING AIDS!!!! I spent $7000.00 for their in-ear model. They took turns breaking and were repaired several times while under warranty but they never worked as advertised. The guarantee only lasts for three years, so now they want $300.00 to repair the broken one. It is laying on the dresser because I won't throw good money after bad. I am no better off than I was four years ago except I was $7000.00 richer. My bad.

Paul S.
Evington, WV
September 10 2019 7:32PM

Putting it simple the don't work and I wish I had not spent the money on them. Now granted I purchased their low end since that was all I could afford. When turned up just amplifiers background noise. When I complained the bottom line answer was kinda oh you really want to hear with them you will need to upgrade to the tune of an additional $5000.00! Even most of the cheap headsets have noise cancelling technology. Their things are useless!

Jo G.
Marietta, GA
August 29 2019 12:45AM

My husband has owned to pair of Beltone hearing aids. One analog purchased in 1994 and one digital purchased in 2005, Both were advertised as they are today as having a lifetime service agreement.

However, after 10 years in each case Beltone said they could no longer service these older hearing aids. SAD! We have been mailing them to a service company in California that is capable of servicing them. So why is it that Beltone can not? Beltone needs to stop the false advertisements of lifetime service agreement.

Mary Ann R.
Plymouth, MI
August 28 2019 9:51PM

I changed my review because at first I didn't know that my friend wasn't understanding what I was saying so he would get mad and think I was saying something completely different.

Today at Beltone on Harvard in Tulsa Ok call me in the room and explained to me his hearing isn't able to hear with clarity. So thank you Joe at Beltone because no one has ever explained it to me before that he can't help it.

Kathy C.
Henryetta, OK
July 12 2019 3:32PM

Paid $7000 For my Beltone hearing aids in the fall of 2017. Right one went bad in 2018 and had to be replaced. Left one went bad in June of 2019. Had it replaced. It lasted 4 hours before it malfunctioned. Sent it in and now I have been without it for 4 weeks. Not satisfied at all with all the trouble I've had with these expensive hearing aids. Right now I would not recommend Beltone hearing aids to anyone.

Mike H.
Fort Atkinson, WI
July 02 2019 1:35PM

Brian and Lisa ** run an extremely efficient and welcoming business in Winter Park FL. Brian has provided me with hearing aids since 2004. He is very knowledgeable and works hard to suit my needs. Because of the hearing aids my safety especially in traffic and quality of life are improved. I can hear TV without having the volume so loud that is uncomfortable for others and I enjoy the fellowship of friends and family.

David S.
Longwood, FL
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