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October 11 2019 2:32AM

CarShield customer service representatives are deceptive when telling clients what they offer and when you want to cancel the reps are rude and make assumptions about who you are as a person ( the reps will put you down by saying stuff like your car is broken down and your repairs will cost your at least half of your rent and so on). I own my home and my car isn’t broken down. STAY away from CAR SHIELD

Robin C.
Eugene, OR
October 01 2019 9:01AM

Two months after purchasing CarShield, I had to have an alternator replaced in my car. Took my car to the shop that morning, they called CarShield and by that afternoon my car was approved. My car was fixed and ready to be picked up the next day. CarShield gave me no problems. I highly recommend CarShield.

Adv A.
Stone Mountain, GA
September 20 2019 9:25PM

This company is a complete and utter ripoff. They do not tell you this but let me. My 2003 Toyota who has been under Car Shield for years finally had a breakdown. The passenger side power window would sometimes not work. The ASE Shop said the window power window motor was bad. They called Car Shield on a Thursday morning at 730AM. Car Shield said they had to send an inspector out to verify the claim. As of Friday at 7PM when this shop closed no one came. I called Car Shield and they claim that American Car Shield is who verifies claims and since no one was out I had to wait till Monday.

Now I am out a car for 4 days waiting on this asinine outfit to send an inspector and still do not know if they will honor the claim. Folks do not, I repeat do not waste your money on these idiots because they do everything possible to get your money and then deny the claim. For the money I spent with them I could have replaced every power window motor and still had money left over. Just imagine a major issue occurring!

Lawrence H.
Wilmington, NC
September 14 2019 7:06PM

I called Carshield. A women quoted me engine covered 100%, water pump, axel and transmission. When I asked her to send me the information. Then thats when she put the man on the phone. He kept repeating the same information.

When you fill out the Carshield questionnaire, it pulled up 5 or 6 other companies and I was not for certain if they were CarShield or not. I told him that I needed to do more research to see if I wanted the warranty. They both tried their best to make me get the warranty today saying that they could not guarantee me the $108.00 if I did not get the warranty today. He said that he would take the payment down from $140.00 to $108.00. I told him that I needed to research CarShield to see if I wanted to accept the plan. Rush, rush is what they are trying to do to get you to hurry up and pay that money so that you do not have time to think about if what they are offering is legitimate or not or if they are a good company or not.

I researched complaints and I saw what other said on here about that company and I told him no and hung up the phone. It has been my experience that if someone is rushing you to do anything they are trying to take advantage of you in some kind of a way. Don't let no one rush you to do something that you have not fully thought through because they are trying to get your money.

C S.
Washington, DC
September 13 2019 1:19PM

Got Car Shield in May for a 2012 Ford Fushion with 71+ miles on it. We have a Blue Ox unit on front to tow behind our motor home, which we have done for the last 5 years... transmission went and when their inspector showed up at the garage the car was towed to he said transmission went because of the electrical on the Blue Ox....

The service man broke out laughing, telling him no way that had anything to do with said transmission going... they refused our claim, called my card who got all my money back from May...they only want your money.

Charles L.
Troy, NY
September 11 2019 11:33PM

Nothing but 1 STAR reviews. I was thinking of getting this for my Super Duty but I feel they would give me a hard time in covering the cost of fixing a Diesel! I'm better of just saving a part of my income monthly on my own.

Dennis R.
Pharr, TX
August 21 2019 6:35PM

Do not use CarShield!! This company does nothing they advertise. We got no tow, no rental and out a car for over two months! They are trying to get us to pay several thousand dollars out of pocket to fix our car. They won't fix it as recommend by dealer. They use old parts and will end up leaving you stranded again. You can't get a hold of customer service. Literally hours on hold!! They are a bad curse!! Stay away from CarShield.

John S.
Broomfield, CO
August 15 2019 8:58PM

I called today to see about getting repair insurance on a slightly used vehicle I recently purchased with low mileage, but approaching the end of the dealerships warranty period.

The salesman from CarShield would not give me any specific coverage information, and just tried to make an immediate sale. Started out with the Diamond Plan for 129.00 per month, then went to 99 per month for the same plan, then finally 79.00 per month. I asked him if he had any additional information and what exactly was covered - he said everything is covered, then later got smart with me acting like I was stupid for asking any questions.

He also said I could not get that rate unless I bought it right then over the phone. I told him I would need to do some additional follow up before purchasing the plan and he said something like you have already said that twice, but if you wait you cannot get this rate again. - I then hung up on him, then immediately received a return call from him which I did not answer.

Won’t be calling CarShield back!

Tom F.
Chesterfield, WV
August 15 2019 3:32PM

I have a relatively new vehicle with high mileage, so I entertained the idea of getting CarShield because Glen Beck said they were better than sliced bread. I did my homework and could not find one, not one single satisfied customer. Not one. Screw this company and Glen Beck. Scammers.

Scott J.
Pinellas Park, FL
August 05 2019 11:02PM

I dont understand why Retirement Living would give them 5 stars. Every single review here is one star, wish I could give these scammers a negative rating. They blatantly lie in their non stop commercials. They are NOT the number one provider for service as they claim. The BBB gives them an F rating. $4000 a year for coverage, and it doesnt cover most of your first year. SCAM alert. Run. Dont walk from these pack of scamming losers.

Lois C.
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