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December 24 2019 8:53PM

CarShield is the seller of the insurance and United Car Care is the plan administrator. Neither deserve a 1 star--very bad rating. We want the consumer to BEWARE. Neither should be in business ripping off the consumer. Engine replacement DENIED, 8 months later turbo charger DENIED saying it was caused by the first problem. $12,000 out of pocket. No means of appealing. No towing, motel, car rental either! Reported to Better Business Bureau. Article we just read says to contact state's insurance commissioner or local consumer protection agency.

Car Shield is in Missouri dba United Car Care in Colorado and we live in Oregon. Insurance commissioner in Missouri can't do anything. I doubt Colorado commissioner will do anything. We at least want the last claim of $2500 refunded. Don't purchase if you want to be covered.

Timothy E.
Grants Pass, OR
December 20 2019 9:14PM

Omg always check into Carshield, it is owned by American Auto Shield LLC which has an f rating with the BBB.

I was in a repair shop when they were talking with an agent from car shield, which took a hold time of 30 mins waiting, then only to be told that car shield would only pay 138.00 for a part that cost over 200.00 of which you would have to pay the difference plus the deductible. I immediately called and cancelled our coverage with them.

When I told a car shield rep and told them I wanted to cancel and let them know about the bbb rating I was accused of being negative and that they didn't have an f rating but an a rating with the bbb.

Do not use this company. They will use remanufactured parts and if you need an engine it would be replaced with a used engine.....Now would you want that. Did not think so. They are nothing but a rip off so do not be dumb like I was check out the rating with the bbb using american auto shield llc for the rating who own car shield and they will tell you it is an f.

Sue H.
Bloomington, IN
October 30 2019 9:33PM

Car robbery is what it should be called. They really don’t deserve a star but I have to entertain this buffoonery. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of your contract so you fully understand it! Believe me it’s not written in plain English what they won’t cover for you. I’m not going to go over the whole story about ”Steve Proetz” Company but it’s not right what his company is doing to hard working people such as myself.

I asked for a refund for services not being render to me and the guy laugh and continue to laugh on the phone with also said you’re not getting a refund we don’t give refunds. So if anyone is thinking of getting this company to back you up just Incase something happens to your vehicle Please Please Please think again because you will be rob by them. As I’m doing my review it won’t even let me put the state I’m in but it’s Virginia Beach Virginia.

Katherline B.
Virginia Beach, WV
October 24 2019 5:23PM

I bought CarShield for my Ford Fusion '12. Only had 67,000 miles 37,000 before I bought it in 2013. I average 4,000 miles a year. Under coverage I was driving down N. Main St in High Point, and my car begin to sputter, then wouldn't restart. After a while it started but would lurch to 35 mph, down to 10, and would cut off. Then it just shuttered, I saw a Ford Dealership ahead, I was lucky to pull in...or roll into Service Bay.

I went to the Service Mg and told him of my plight, although others waited, he himself got to a mechanic to put it on a test machine, then he told me a rodent had climbed into my air intake and eaten my air filter making intake impossible. He vacuumed out my intake and in 1 hr charged me $160. I didn't know my number at Car Shield to call.

When I got home, I called. Not covered they said, you didn't call us first.....after much to do, I canceled my policy, but they drafted my credit card for next month anyway. They suck, are shabby only have one way, theirs. You better understand how coverage works or you too will be stuck. They are not consumer proactive or consumer oriented, they are only in it for your $, not about coverage. Daniel

Daniel T.
High Point, NC
October 17 2019 2:28AM

I purchased Car Shield for two vehicles. One car is running, just need minor repairs. The other vehicle needed to repair to get back on the road ( As the TV Ad stated).

When I contacted them for wrecker service, they only cover $75.00 of the towing bill, and their tower was well over $200.00 After getting the one vehicle to the mechanic shop, and call for approval for repair, I was told that the repairs were not covered, because the parts did not get coated with the oil in the engine. So long story short. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY. IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE

Esther B.
Atlanta, GA
October 16 2019 11:11PM

I was looking into Car Shield for my 2004 Oldsmobile. After reading all these reviews, I'm running the other way!! I've unfortunately dealt with ripoff companies like Car Shield before. It's enough to give one a heart attack. Thanks for spreading the word about this dishonorable company.

Lynda D.
Brockton, MA
October 15 2019 4:02PM

I called to cancel my policy within the 30 days to receive a refund. The following month I got the money taken out. I called and was told I never called to cancel. They didn't issue a refund for either the first or second month. The third month comes around and they take the monthly fee out again.

I call and once again I was told that I had not called to cancel the month to month policy. They would not issue a refund. I'm a disabled veteran in a tight month to month budget. I can't believe this company takes advantage of people like this. Stay away.

Gustavo S.
October 11 2019 2:32AM

CarShield customer service representatives are deceptive when telling clients what they offer and when you want to cancel the reps are rude and make assumptions about who you are as a person ( the reps will put you down by saying stuff like your car is broken down and your repairs will cost your at least half of your rent and so on). I own my home and my car isn’t broken down. STAY away from CAR SHIELD

Robin C.
Eugene, OR
October 01 2019 9:01AM

Two months after purchasing CarShield, I had to have an alternator replaced in my car. Took my car to the shop that morning, they called CarShield and by that afternoon my car was approved. My car was fixed and ready to be picked up the next day. CarShield gave me no problems. I highly recommend CarShield.

Adv A.
Stone Mountain, GA
September 20 2019 9:25PM

This company is a complete and utter ripoff. They do not tell you this but let me. My 2003 Toyota who has been under Car Shield for years finally had a breakdown. The passenger side power window would sometimes not work. The ASE Shop said the window power window motor was bad. They called Car Shield on a Thursday morning at 730AM. Car Shield said they had to send an inspector out to verify the claim. As of Friday at 7PM when this shop closed no one came. I called Car Shield and they claim that American Car Shield is who verifies claims and since no one was out I had to wait till Monday.

Now I am out a car for 4 days waiting on this asinine outfit to send an inspector and still do not know if they will honor the claim. Folks do not, I repeat do not waste your money on these idiots because they do everything possible to get your money and then deny the claim. For the money I spent with them I could have replaced every power window motor and still had money left over. Just imagine a major issue occurring!

Lawrence H.
Wilmington, NC
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