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August 21 2019 6:35PM

Do not use CarShield!! This company does nothing they advertise. We got no tow, no rental and out a car for over two months! They are trying to get us to pay several thousand dollars out of pocket to fix our car. They won't fix it as recommend by dealer. They use old parts and will end up leaving you stranded again. You can't get a hold of customer service. Literally hours on hold!! They are a bad curse!! Stay away from CarShield.

John S.
Broomfield, CO
August 15 2019 8:58PM

I called today to see about getting repair insurance on a slightly used vehicle I recently purchased with low mileage, but approaching the end of the dealerships warranty period.

The salesman from CarShield would not give me any specific coverage information, and just tried to make an immediate sale. Started out with the Diamond Plan for 129.00 per month, then went to 99 per month for the same plan, then finally 79.00 per month. I asked him if he had any additional information and what exactly was covered - he said everything is covered, then later got smart with me acting like I was stupid for asking any questions.

He also said I could not get that rate unless I bought it right then over the phone. I told him I would need to do some additional follow up before purchasing the plan and he said something like you have already said that twice, but if you wait you cannot get this rate again. - I then hung up on him, then immediately received a return call from him which I did not answer.

Won’t be calling CarShield back!

Tom F.
Chesterfield, WV
August 15 2019 3:32PM

I have a relatively new vehicle with high mileage, so I entertained the idea of getting CarShield because Glen Beck said they were better than sliced bread. I did my homework and could not find one, not one single satisfied customer. Not one. Screw this company and Glen Beck. Scammers.

Scott J.
Pinellas Park, FL
August 05 2019 11:02PM

I dont understand why Retirement Living would give them 5 stars. Every single review here is one star, wish I could give these scammers a negative rating. They blatantly lie in their non stop commercials. They are NOT the number one provider for service as they claim. The BBB gives them an F rating. $4000 a year for coverage, and it doesnt cover most of your first year. SCAM alert. Run. Dont walk from these pack of scamming losers.

Lois C.
July 30 2019 2:05AM

I brought a car for DriveTime 3 years ago and when I drove off the lot I had Endurance Extended Coverage. After I paid over 3 thousand dollars for 18 months then I get a call from Carshield tell me about a better deal for senior living so now after another 3 thousand dollars I paid out. Now my car need fixed and they don't want to fix it and it's cost me $700 dollars to get my car fix and I don't have any money to get my car fix but I am not given up on them that easy. I am calling the new channel. I am look for a lawyer. I am filing a lawsuit because they are going to pay me 6 Thousand dollars is too much just to give away.

Erma W.
Memphis, TN
July 29 2019 5:37PM

I became a member of CarShield. About six months later, I had an engine problem. It was my first claim and even though they advertise that they cover engines and transmissions, I called and they stated that my engine was not covered. One person at the CarShield office said I need to call part sourcing and labor negotiations AND THEY WERE NO HELP AT ALL! I have talked to several people from that office and have gotten several different answers. Terrible Terrible service. Maybe they need to consider shutting down the so called "auto protection" insurance.

Lee H.
Denver, CO
June 20 2019 6:59PM

I wasted almost $600.00 paying for this coverage. Don't let their deceiving commercials fool you. You're better off putting that money away! They're good at giving you the runaround when you need information & you'd probably get your vehicle fixed faster if you did it yourself!

Margo K.
Argyle, WI
June 18 2019 4:02PM

If you're considering on getting Carshield, don’t. I had a seized brake caliber and they won’t cover due to overheating and blueing of rotor and premature wear of pads. I went round and round with them on cause and effect of a seized caliber being the cause of overheating and blueing of rotor. They didn’t care. They kept repeating its excluded due to the overheating. I swear where is their mechanical aptitude.

Stephen B.
Huo, NH
June 06 2019 10:31PM

I obtained the CarShields warranty for my 2005 Chev Tahoe. Mind you I purchased the policy in October of 2018. Well when I opened up a claim due to I was told that I may have a lifter problem. They had me to send in invoices showing where I kept the maintenance up on my truck then they tried to say that what I sent in didn't look like a valid. They also had the mechanic do a breakdown on my truck to see what cause the lifters to mess up. There is no communication between you and the adjusters you are not assigned just one person for you to talk the hold time is way too long. After I have been without my car for almost a month. They denied my claim basically saying its my fault because I didn't get my oil changed at exactly 3000 ml. CarShield is nothing but a scam just to get your money, now I'm out of $1500 to get my truck fixed. I don't recommend anyone to get anything like every

Shaqwitta J.
June 03 2019 9:06PM

First attempt to use this insurance and the dealer is on hold for 2 hours before giving up and telling me to deal with them myself. I come home and call CarShield myself only to be told that the part was not covered even though the printed info says it is. This company should be sued for false advertising. Anyone thinking of taking out one of these plans should read the reviews then call someone else!!!

Robert M.
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