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May 30 2019 9:42PM

Tthey are so full of **! my 2014 range rover sat at the shop for 2 weeks. My differential was failing. the adjuster came out, made a video of the damage. I sent all my service records that were up to date. They want the shop to break down the differential and then they will replace the failing part. Well I don't have 400.00 for the breakdown. And then they say no, I am so mad. I will be cancelling today, No 155.00 from me anymore. Ill just save my money monthly until I get the car repaired on my own, They need to go to jail asap for stealing.

Kimberly B.
North Port, FL
April 10 2019 1:21PM

I worked at a large Auto Repair service and we had a few people that had Car Shield which is a scam.. We repaired cars that needed timing belt kits, oil seals that were leaking, oil pans that were leaking, brake line problems, broken shocks, fuel pump, nothing they covered... Save your money people. Save a $100 cash a month put it in a box someplace your better off than giving it to CarShield which covers nothing. Most of the jobs above were $300 to $800 and none were covered by CarShield and people were putting out $100+ a month.. Heck if they won't cover $800 dollar jobs good luck on getting new Engines through them that could cost $3,000 to $6,000. This is nothing but a ripoff and the government should look into this. I feel sorry for the people that had to put out there own money to pick up their cars when they thought that they were covered.. And also nobody ever called us from CarShield. The people that had it told us that there going to call and ask about the car being repaired but nobody ever called. This happened like 7 times not a word from CarShield and nobody got a dime. A total scam ripoff.. One guy had it for 2 years and never used it. He needed it one time for a $940 job and they would not cover it.. So if he saved $100 a month and did not give CarShield a dime he would of had $2,400 saved to fix his car...

Howard B.
Vero Beach, FL
April 10 2019 11:21AM

We called CarShield to ask about details of coverage. We were given the Hoboken Hustle! We got all kinds non-specific crap and after we wouldn't commit because we wanted to explore other options, we were told we had to take the coverage that day or not at all. We realized they were a fully endowed con! That gorgeous ** actor has no idea that he's being used as a front for dishonesty and ** behavior. I hope it doesn't affect his career.

J C.
Milwaukee, WI
March 15 2019 3:51PM

My truck has been down for 6 weeks. You call there. You're on hold for hour or more then when its time to fix it they tell no because you commercial plates on it even if you work with it. The biggest scam there is. Anybody has problems let me know at **.

Keith N.
Northfield, OH
March 09 2019 5:24PM

I first saw ad on t.v. All the celebrity endorsements enticed me to try Carshield. After purchasing the Gold coverage, I put in a claim to cover axle, struts, window motor, and rear door latch with Carshield, after taking my car into repair shop. The mechanic called Carshield and was on phone for 2 1/2 hours!!! My rental cost me $45 a day and the service rep at the dealership said he had never experienced the worst customer service from a warranty company! After 3 days Carshield claim Dept denied repair costs and my rental that was necessary because I had to get to work!

Kevin B.
Chicagi, IL
March 06 2019 4:43PM

The ad on tv is misleading to the public. I talked to them and they want $120 a month and don’t cover anything but the engine and transmission so it’s a big scam. I have no faith or trust in this company cause of everything they told me and I’m going to make it public so everyone knows.

Donald T.
Virginia, WV
February 24 2019 11:27PM

My transmission went out on my 2012 Cadillac Escalade. I was told that I would need a receipt to prove my transmission was flush. I went to the shop and to get my 3 year old receipt. Next, I was told that mileage didn't match. I informed them we drove the truck to CA. I sent my bank statement to prove , I was in CA. Next, I was told that they could not verify the receipt. The owner of the shop wrote a statement for me. The last time, I spoke with the claim specialist and she said that, I need a service record. Carshield please know that receipt is in a service record. This company don't send anything in writing. Yes , I must agree with previous comments this company is not right . Dateline when are you going to do a story on this company?

Janice J.
Memphis, TN
February 21 2019 4:11AM

This company is a RIP off. They will not pay for any work that your car needs. They will find any excuse under the sun to deny your claim. I have had several friends and family members with the same outcome. Please do not waste your money hard earned money and your health in dealing with these vultures. Hope this helps someone from making a bad decision.

Jon R.
Marysville, WA
February 12 2019 7:38PM

As of 2/12/19... My Escalade has been sitting @ the shop for over a month waiting for an inspector to come & look @ my truck. I had the oil changed on 12/31/18 & a week later the engine began to knock. Took it to the dealership & the #6 cylinder is bad... they want to only fix the number 6 cylinder & they have bs me around for a month. I recommend you to NOT use this company. As of 2/7/19 the dealership said they will not honor this warranty insurance because of other cars that had the same insurance & that it took 2 weeks to get approved for a timing chain. DONT BUY THIS WARRANTY INSURANCE!!!

Reggie H.
Atlanta, GA
February 11 2019 5:52PM

Bought a 2011 BMW 328i. Contacted Car Shield for coverage. Took the car in for a recall and they found a oil leak that needed repaired. Called Car Shield and they said they didn't cover that even under the gold plan which was suppose to cover everything. Crooks.

Russ B.
Princeton, WV
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