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October 06 2018 7:50AM

I had Carshield, got just after my factory warranty was up. I paid good money. My engine blew at just 47,000 miles. They would not pay for the repair because they said the engine was not covered under the circumstances? I specifically read the policy and it clearly stated my engine and transmission was totally covered with a small deductible NOT. They lie, I tried suing them and in the small print it states some BS that don't make sense, Apparently. If your car needs repair in the first 8 months of your coverage starts they don't pay. Yes that's correct. It has to be 9 months later before they will even think about a claim. They are crooks, stay away. Try this. Put away 10 dollars a day and save it for your repairs. Trust me, It's a lot better than giving these legal crooks your money. Hard working American people are getting taken with this company. They should be put in jail for there crooked ways, Save some money just for repairs at least 70 a month and you will be good. Or. Keep a credit card and save it just for emergency auto repairs. Now that is what to do.

Maer B.
September 17 2018 4:10PM

Do not I repeat do not go with this company. My car broke down, didn't know the procedure, they refuse to work with you, want cheaper parts on your car. Rude and disrespectful customer service. Please rethink using this company!

Andrea A.
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