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February 21 2019 4:11AM

This company is a RIP off. They will not pay for any work that your car needs. They will find any excuse under the sun to deny your claim. I have had several friends and family members with the same outcome. Please do not waste your money hard earned money and your health in dealing with these vultures. Hope this helps someone from making a bad decision.

Jon R.
Marysville, WA
February 12 2019 7:38PM

As of 2/12/19... My Escalade has been sitting @ the shop for over a month waiting for an inspector to come & look @ my truck. I had the oil changed on 12/31/18 & a week later the engine began to knock. Took it to the dealership & the #6 cylinder is bad... they want to only fix the number 6 cylinder & they have bs me around for a month. I recommend you to NOT use this company. As of 2/7/19 the dealership said they will not honor this warranty insurance because of other cars that had the same insurance & that it took 2 weeks to get approved for a timing chain. DONT BUY THIS WARRANTY INSURANCE!!!

Reggie H.
Atlanta, GA
February 11 2019 5:52PM

Bought a 2011 BMW 328i. Contacted Car Shield for coverage. Took the car in for a recall and they found a oil leak that needed repaired. Called Car Shield and they said they didn't cover that even under the gold plan which was suppose to cover everything. Crooks.

Russ B.
Princeton, WV
December 28 2018 1:56PM

I had the insurance for over 2 years and when my motor went out...#1. The dealership refused to use this insurance because they were NEVER paid in the past. #2. They wanted my motor to be torn apart to see what went bad and I would have to pay for that myself and then it would not be covered anyway. This is a scam. 2 years of paying them all for absolutely NOTHING.

Deb S.
December 15 2018 5:18PM

Be aware what is said on TV and what is written by CarShield makes no mention that coverage does not go into effect immediately. Coverage does not begin until you have put on 1,000 and beyond 30 days so if you're a senior it likely will take you 2 to 3 months to put on 1,000. Also it is not CarShield pays you said on TV. It's another company with a F rating with the better business bureau. When I had a transmission problem, I was told it was less than 30 nor 1000 miles. When I told CarShield I was not told of the 1,000 miles & 30 days they would not provide me with the taped conversation CarShield's sales person. When I asked for another copy of the warranty CarShield said they would email it to me & the 2nd time I asked they would have the warranty copy mail me a copy and neither was done. When I asked for a full refund because they were doing nothing that was promises in their sale pitch. CarShield is a real rip off company selling a produce that has a F rating by the BBB.

William M.
November 14 2018 12:09AM

First off... CarShield palmed me off to some terrible company called American Auto Shield. Why? I don’t know. I thought I was signing on with Carshield! The transfer case died on my truck. This required a visit from an inspector. My truck was laid up 2 days waiting for this inspector. I missed work!! I missed getting paid!! The inspector arrived and agreed... the transfer case was dead. That apparently was not enough for them. They wanted me to lay up my truck for another few days to have the transfer case torn apart to find the EXACT cause of failure. This should have been done in front of the inspector!!! I am furious!!! The word of their inspector and 2 master mechanics in my garage wasn’t enough! They wanted to prolong the agony and tear apart the unit!! **!!! Total **!!! I quickly told them to cancel my policy and shove it!! Steer clear of these sham artists!!

Richard P.
November 10 2018 4:32PM

I brought a CL 550 Mercedes-Benz and before I drove it off the lot I called CarShield to get covered. I paid for all the extra coverage they have for luxury cars (which is a extra $30 month). The problem is they don’t pay the luxury car dealership labor rate so you have to pay the difference or take your $100k car to a Midas type of place to get labor approval. I have had a few things go wrong but because they are so rare on normal cars, they didn’t cover that particular part. My car had a unique suspension and a $900 Part was not covered. Then a simple $60 part went out(heater control value) and they refused to cover that. But they did replace the fuel pump relay switch($20) and a noisy pulley($64) but only paid what they believe labor rate should be(Mercedes-Benz charge $175hr) So I had to pay the difference. They also don’t pay diagnostic fee and every place needs to do that to see what’s wrong. So after diagnosis and deductible fee off $ 100, I paid more than I thought. I still have to drive around with a noisy suspension because that part isn’t covered.

R J.
October 06 2018 7:50AM

I had Carshield, got just after my factory warranty was up. I paid good money. My engine blew at just 47,000 miles. They would not pay for the repair because they said the engine was not covered under the circumstances? I specifically read the policy and it clearly stated my engine and transmission was totally covered with a small deductible NOT. They lie, I tried suing them and in the small print it states some BS that don't make sense, Apparently. If your car needs repair in the first 8 months of your coverage starts they don't pay. Yes that's correct. It has to be 9 months later before they will even think about a claim. They are crooks, stay away. Try this. Put away 10 dollars a day and save it for your repairs. Trust me, It's a lot better than giving these legal crooks your money. Hard working American people are getting taken with this company. They should be put in jail for there crooked ways, Save some money just for repairs at least 70 a month and you will be good. Or. Keep a credit card and save it just for emergency auto repairs. Now that is what to do.

Maer B.
September 17 2018 4:10PM

Do not I repeat do not go with this company. My car broke down, didn't know the procedure, they refuse to work with you, want cheaper parts on your car. Rude and disrespectful customer service. Please rethink using this company!

Andrea A.
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