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February 07 2019 1:56AM

This is my second pair of hear-aids because my dog chew my previous set. I went back to Costco because I am happy with their services, price and courteous manner in dealing with me. Always repairing when I need and cleaning the set when I am shopping. That's good convenience for me.

Luisa F.
February 05 2019 4:28PM

Apparently the manufacturer of the Kirkland Signature aids is not supporting the brand. So now I have the small size of tubes and tips in one ear and medium in the other. They are ordering more medium but don't hold out much hope that the order will be filled. I'm afraid of the small ones, a tip came off in my ear canal and COSTCO doesn't allow their people to remove it so I had to go to an urgent care to have is taken out. I really do not know what to do now. I have only had the hearing aids for 2 years: I should not have to scrap them and get new ones.

Marylou T.
Pleasant Grove, AL
February 01 2019 9:05PM

This has been a very very frustrating experience. First, we had to purchase a membership. Ok, but all the goodies that influenced our decision were expired! $200.00 in coupons, no good! I have tried to resolve, forget it. Hearing aids were promised within a week and a half, try 3 weeks. The hearing aids once we finally received are defective. I'm disgusted with customer service at Costco.

Metairie, LA
January 31 2019 7:25PM

Would like is save time for people with profound hearing loss! Have profound hearing loss and, to make a LONG STORY SHORT, speaker behind the ear hearing aid is the way to go! Purchased speaker behind-the-ear hearing aids in November 1991. Audiologist refuses to sell me anything else since nursing required good hearing & potentially saving lives. Every few years, purchased new hearing aids . In 2012, my blue-cross, blue-shield insurance started contributing towards hearing aids. In September, 2018, attempted to purchase speaker in the ear hearing aids (huge mistake!)! Fortunately Costco has a six month warranty on hearing aids! In short, every speaker in the ear hearing aid broke (one crumbled in my hand after purchase at Costco, the other times the wire came out).

After three failed hearing aids, decided to keep the comfortable silicone ear mold and purchase SPEAKER BEHIND THE EAR (not in), & they work wonderfully! Found PHONAK (SPEAKER BEHIND THE EAR) to be my answer! Like night & day; 100% better than new technology speaker in the ear; something to consider for those with profound hearing loss. I Costco has BEST PRICES than any private audio place; unbelievably great fix for 3 year warranty (6 months return warranty!)! Thankful able to get hearing aids that worked best for my hearing loss (speaker behind the ear with soft silicone ear molds). My soft silicone ear molds were made by doctor in audiologist office.

Englewood, FL
December 31 2018 6:07PM

I have been buying my hearing aids from COSTCO since the early 1980s. Since the advent of programmable aids at COSTCO in the 90's they have been outstanding. The key has always been communications. I typically go back three to four times to get the aids 'zeroed' in. If you take the time to really talk to the well trained and attentive staff, they will make the small (and sometimes large) adjustments to make the instruments optimal for your particular hearing loss- but you gotta talk to them!!! Don't be afraid, and remember you can return the aids for full refund during the first few months of ownership.

Rye G.
December 24 2018 7:36AM

I spent more than I should have for hearing tests before visiting my local Raleigh Costco. For $1,600, they fixed my hearing. Everywhere else quoted me $7,000. Do yourself a favor and at least visit Costco for your free hearing test.

Daniel G.
December 03 2018 10:43PM

Costco (in spite of their reputation in other departments) charged me FULL LIST PRICE for two Phonak Brio 3 aids (very high end). The warranty was for three years. After a year of REPEATED returns for repair, they finally replaced both my original aids. Another year, and they, too, failed (basically they all intermittently hummed); annoying beyond belief of course. This time, no repair, no replacement, no nothing. The particular Costco was in Springfield, VA, however, forewarned is forearmed.

Curtis M.
November 14 2018 4:20PM

In 2013, I purchased some hearing aids, was shown Bernafon as the best hearing aid. I was totally disappointed. Yes I could hear louder, but that didn't mean I could understand the words better. I especially hated women's voices as all I could hear for the majority of the time was a high pitch, nasal sound. They were "adjusted" a number of times. In 2018, I went for another hearing test and was encouraged to purchased "new and improved" HA. I knew I didn't want Bernafon, based on my experience. I was told to do research and to make sure my phone worked with my hearing aids. I saw that if you don't have an Iphone, it is going to be a challenge. Being very parsimonious, I have a tracfone, $100 a year, can't beat that. It does what I need it to. I am adverse spending a ton of money for things I do not regard as important. Fortunately, I lost one hearing aid, (yes, it forced me to look seriously). Since the staff didn't answer my calls as to the type of hearing would be suitable with an android, she was for Bernafon, not another brand as being too "tinny".

So I researched on my own. Unfortunately, yes, you might need an Iphone, OR NOT. I did a lot of research which lead to a lot of frustration, but decided to go to an Hearing aid specialist. By then I had purchased a new Tracfone with the newest program (Nougat) built with hearing aid compatibility. He proposed a new set of hearing aids, which paired perfectly with the phone. I tested these hearing aids for a month with weekly visits to this company. Outstanding service. I purchased these hearing aids, yes they are expensive. BUT, not only can I hear, I can understand the words. I can hear in noisy situations as best as can be, this is the hardest to do. So find yourself a competent hearing aid specialist, a good set of hearing aids, a cheap phone to help pay for the hearing aids. Either Costco isn't it or its staff isn't it.

Roselyne G.
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