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Cross Country Moving Group

4.6 Stars (2 Reviews)
Updated: January 24, 2023
By: Jeff Smith
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Cross Country Moving Group is a licensed moving broker that serves residential and commercial customers. The company partners with experienced and licensed movers to reliably and safely move belongings across the country or town. Cross Country Moving Group saves customers time and money by leveraging its employees’ expertise in the moving business with volume discounts.

Cross Country Moving Group

Editorial Breakdown

Easy Quote 4.4 Stars
Ease of Purchase 4.3 Stars
Price 4.3 Stars
Coverage Area 4.7 Stars

Overall Rating 4.4 Stars

Bottom Line

Cross Country Moving Group connects customers with a large network of long-distance movers to provide the best price and service.

Cross Country Moving Group Review

Cross Country Moving Group finds the best mover at the best price for each customer’s situation. To ensure customer safety and satisfaction, the broker carefully vets each mover it works with. Cross Country Moving Group’s partners offer a broad range of moving services and free customized quotes.


  • Coordinates entire moving process
  • Volume discounts
  • Specializes in long-distance moves
  • Residential and commercial moves
  • Offers a suite of moving services


  • Several complaints about delivery delays

Cross Country Moving Group Services

Cross Country Moving Group

Source: Cross Country Moving Group

Cross Country Moving Group’s residential moves help customers relocate from one home to another, whether they’re moving a studio apartment or a five-bedroom house. The broker specializes in coordinating long-distance moves but assists with local moves, too. Company representatives support customers every step of the relocation by providing a quote, liaising with the movers and following up post-move. Cross Country Moving Group’s services ensure a positive moving experience.

Commercial moving services from Cross Country Moving Group facilitate business moves and help companies relocate quickly and easily. Moving company partners handle small offices or large corporate buildings. Cross Country Moving Group remains in close communication with the commercial customer to ensure the move is minimally disruptive to business operations.

  • Packing Service provides skilled packers to secure the belongings being moved. The service includes high-quality packing materials and great care taken packing items securely to prevent damage during transit.

  • Storage Service is for commercial and residential customers who need storage solutions at any time in the moving process. Items are stored in secure, clean and climate-controlled facilities that are monitored by video surveillance. Customers can store belongings for the duration of the move or a more extended period if necessary.

  • Moving a vehicle via Cross Country’s Auto Transport plan prevents hassles and vehicle wear and tear. The experts at Cross Country coordinate with professional auto movers to transport vehicles. Licensed car carriers load, transport and unload the vehicle safely and securely.

Senior and Military Services from Cross Country Moving Group

Cross Country Moving Group Senior Moving Service finds carriers who go the extra mile for retirees relocating to a new home. The moving partners assist seniors with packing and unpacking belongings. Many retirees are downsizing and need to sell their homes, and Cross Country Moving Group sources services like home painting and staging to help the house sell more quickly.

For military personnel, Cross Country Moving Group coordinates seamless and efficient moves for the entire family. The company assists whether the customer is on a temporary assignment or a permanent change of station (PCS).

Cross Country Moving Group
Services at a Glance
Moving Service Description
Residential Moves household goods from one home to another
Commercial Moves corporate and business furniture, records and technology from one location to another
Packing Service Professionally and safely packs items to be moved
Storage Service Arranges secure storage for items
Auto Transport Moves a personal vehicle from one residence to another
Senior Moves Attends to the unique needs of retirees
Military Moves Coordinates efficient military personnel relocation

Cross Country Moving Group Costs

Every move is different, so Cross Country Moving Group does not offer prices on its website. However, you can see our general moving cost information so you have an idea of what to expect. The average cost for a 1,200-mile interstate move is roughly $4,300. Your moving cost quote depends on miles transported, the weight of items to be moved and whether you need add-on services such as storage.

How to Hire Cross Country Moving Group

Get a free quote by calling Cross Country Moving Group or filling out a form on the company’s website. A Cross Country representative calls soon after to discuss your needs. The quote process involves filling out an inventory form to account for all items that need to be moved.

Accept the quote, and Cross Country Moving Group collects a deposit to secure a spot on the mover’s schedule. Pay the deposit online by credit card or directly from a bank account. From there, Cross Country Moving Group continues to coordinate the service between the customer and the mover until the relocation is complete.

Cross Country Moving Group Complaints

Cross Country Moving Group has mixed reviews online. They have a C+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, but the average customer review is 4 out of 5 stars. Mymovingreviews also ranks the company with 4 out of 5 stars. Satisfied customers praise Cross Country Moving Group for making their move less stressful and providing attentive customer care throughout the process. Complaints were typically about damaged items, delivery delays and unexpected price increases.

Cross Country Moving Group Q&A

  • What is Cross Country Moving Group’s cancellation policy?

    Cross Country Moving Group refunds a customer’s deposit, minus a 4% cancellation fee, if the move is canceled within 72 hours of booking. There are no refunds for those who booked a move for seven days out or less. Customers may have their deposit applied to another move scheduled within the next 12 months for cancellations after the 72-hour window.

  • How does Cross Country Moving Group vet the moving companies that they work with?

    Cross Country Moving Group carefully reviews each moving company’s complaint history and credentials. The broker confirms each mover is appropriately authorized and insured to transport customer goods. Cross Country Moving Group partners with movers that provide binding estimates so customers aren’t surprised by a higher price at the time of service.

  • What happens if some of my items are damaged in transit during a Cross Country Moving Group move?

    Since Cross Country Moving Group is a broker and not the mover, customers must file a damage claim with the company that transported their goods. However, customers should call Cross Country Moving Group to inform the company of the incident and receive guidance about the claims process.

  • What should I do if I have concerns about my Cross Country Moving Group move?

    The experts at Cross Country Moving Group want to hear if you have any questions or concerns. Call or email the company to open a line of communication so you have no confusion.

  • Can Cross County Moving Group move my piano?

    Cross County Moving Group facilitates the safe transport of large and fragile items, including pianos and pool tables. The trained and experienced moving partners create a custom moving strategy based on the item’s current location and destination. Potential obstacles like stairs or narrow passages are considered in the plan. The movers protect the item from damage and handle it with great care until it’s in the new location.


Cross Country Moving Group coordinates worry-free and affordable moves for residential and commercial customers whether they’re moving across town or across the country. The company guides and coordinates the entire relocation process and partners with reputable movers who prioritize the safety of customer belongings. Cross Country Moving Group connects clients with an array of moving-related services at the lowest rates to get them through the stress of moving with ease.

2 Cross Country Moving Reviews

Write Review
1 Star

August 15 2021 1:14AM

Cross Country Moving Group is the worst experience I have ever had with a moving company. We moved across the country for a new job. Before the first deposit was given the customer service was good.

They promised to be a good company to use for the move and pack our fragile items for use (which we paid for and was in the contract). After they had our deposit, I could not get a hold of them more often than not, and when I did they were exceptionally rude.

They did not pack the fragile items (TV's) in TV boxes, they through blankets over them and called it good. This cavalier attitude toward their job continued throughout the packing process.

In the end, the items we packed ourselves arrived ok, but all the items the "professionals" packed were broken. We were remodeling a house and needed our household items stored for a short time (a few weeks).

We communicated this clearly to the moving company and they agreed to store our items for a fee. We agreed to pay the fee for the delivery delay. The next we heard from them was that our items were loaded and in route.

They placed them on the truck before we requested and we were not ready for them. I called and got a "it's your problem now" response from the owner of the company!

We were right in the middle of a remodel when the household goods arrived after we had paid to have them stored for a few weeks! When the household items arrived, every box was upside down. The labeled fragile boxes were under the boxes labeled heavy.

All the TV's were broken and one just missing, the drill press was broke, as was the entertainment center, refrigerator, upright freezer, both front loaders (washer and dryer), book shelves, one of the file cabinets (both were also upside down), our hand-made headboard, etc.

The shipping boxes were split open and plastic tubs were crushed (Christmas ornaments). I don't mean one or two either, every box and tub was either split open or crushed as it came out of the truck at delivery.

We figured the claims department would handle the broken items and pay for them as a good honest business (that wants good customer relations) should. Repair, replace, or fairly compensate for the damaged items.

We received the claim back today August 14, 2021. Our move was February 10, 2021. Six long months later during which time we had to keep all the broken items and material for the claims department adjuster to look at and verify per contract.

They never came to look at the stuff in 6 months, neither did they call to ask questions or more information. We followed the claims instructions to the letter to get just compensation.

Most of the broken items were denied by their claims department even though all the items were listed as damaged on the manifest except for the items we found damaged in the crushed boxes opened later.

Of all the damage done to our household items, they agreed to pay $405 to compensate us for their negligence and our hassle and heartache for the past 6 months.

They considered this fair and adequate compensation for 3 broken large flat-screen TV's, one missing (stolen?) large flat-screen TV, a custom made king sized headboard, a front loader washing machine, a front loader clothes dryer, a destroyed entertainment center, a broken drill press (shows how hard they actually were on our stuff), a broken kitchen refrigerator, a broken upright freezer, a broken bookshelf, a broken file cabinet, several broken antique frames and ornaments, and many other smaller household items.

If you chose to use this company after reading this review and ones that are like it, that is your choice. Be warned, you are inviting a group of hyperactive guys with hammers and bad tempers into your home.

This is how we feel, that we were robbed and vandalized then told to be grateful for it and pay many thousands of dollars for the experience. We will never be using this company again.

Cody C.
Pasco, WA
1 Star

July 11 2020 11:38PM

Is it possible to give negative stars? Honestly, I have never had a worse, more insulting experience than with Cross Country moving.

I was so hopeful in talking with Chad **, the front person, who told me in writing that his price was a worst case scenario and that there would be no surprises.

Well, my move went from $2303 to over $4000 at pickup, including a $700 booking fee, whatever that is, plus $100 apiece for television boxes because my padded cases weren’t acceptable.

Even though my furniture was not that valuable, the movers said they had to shrink wrap all of it for an additional $200. Then, when I asked how long it would take for the furniture to get to Phoenix from San Diego, only about 400 miles, they said 2-4 days. That was Tuesday.

It is now Saturday and we have just been told it won’t arrive until Tuesday—a whole week for a relatively short trip. I have tried numerous times to talk to Chad ** about the shortfalls, and he has not returned calls or emails.

I recognize that they contract with others, so some of the problems may come from that, but I have yet to see any evidence at all that they stand by their product or hold themselves responsible for the service provided.

Seriously, I have never in my long life gotten a worse hosing than from Cross Country Movers. I am truly STUNNED at how much of a nightmare this has been. BEWARE!!!!

Laurel W.
San Diego, CA