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June 13 2020 11:28PM

From my first interview call with Tyler, who is extremely knowledgeable, very easy to talk to, and not at all pushy, my experience with Eargo has been terrific! They really want to make sure these aids suit your lifestyle and hearing needs and that your transition is comfortable!

Tammy J.
Dallas, TX
June 11 2020 6:10AM

I like the size of my Eargo. I had tried some of those that goes over your ear and I didn't really like those. And I had tried the Veterans, I tried one of those that they insert into the ear before and it just seems like it was muffled and Eargo seems a little bit more natural. They didn't muffle the sound in the ear canal. They have great support. And the cost is very reasonable.

Marlin E.
Waco, TX
June 10 2020 1:35PM

Even though the staff at Eargo was always very kind and respectful, the product failed my 91 year old Mother in law twice. The hearing aids themselves worked amazing for the short time that they worked however the time frame was only within the one year warranty.

We got a complete refund the first time. Due to product issues the product (charging) the first time, Eargo gave us a substantial discount on the new and improved version the second time. My Mother-in-law loved them so much the first time that she wanted to give the new version another chance.

The battery in one of the aids no longer charges, and now the charger will not charge as well. These new Eargos are only three years old and I've had to send one back prior to the the one year warranty again.

I've called to see if they can help with problem shooting and again if I had to rate the Eargo team they would get 5 stars. But the product is very expensive and does not even hold up to a 91 year old. First time shame on them, second time shame on me. Thousands of dollars down the drain.

Lynette A.
Benton, PA
June 06 2020 2:48AM

I got Eargo. They worked beautifully. The only thing is that little plastic tab on there that pull them out. If I could've got a longer one to put on there I would've kept them. But they said that they didn't have such a thing as a longer one. And that went way inside my ear canal and you had to pull them out with tweezers. They're so tiny and my ear canals are so big they kinda disappeared in there, so I couldn't keep them.

Their staff did everything just like they should have. And when I told them about my problem, I used the largest hearing aid and it still wasn't big enough. They were really nice. They took the hearing aids back and gave me my money back. It took a few days.

John H.
Winfred, SD
June 05 2020 10:04AM

I was a law enforcement officer for years -- shooting and dealing with explosives so I have damage in my right ear. Our former director did a couple little advertisements for Eargo, and it brought to my attention and I checked them out.

I like my hearing aids. It is very easy to adjust. Just a couple of taps on the ear. There are four levels. They're concealed so people don't even know I have them.

However I have some issues with the treble level--clarity in some instances and certain things on TV. Everybody I talked to in Eargo was very accommodating. The guy answered all my questions. Happy describes how I feel about them. My wife says I don't say "huh" as much.

Mervyn S.
Huttonsville, WV
May 08 2020 6:22PM

These hearing aids are the real deal. Both of my parents suffered hearing loss, and put off hearing aids. Not being able to hear me and watching the TV very loudly were what I noticed. I am in my mid-60s and for the past few years, I noticed some diminution of my hearing. But I got the flu this winter and my hearing acuity dropped more. I thought it was an infection, so scheduled an exam by an MD.

Unfortunately it showed that there was near equal hearing loss (high range) in both ears. I purchased the Neo Hi-Fi by Eargo and, remarkably, they were just as advertised, maybe better. There are 4 pre-set programs. Number 2 made a big difference for me. They really work! I hear much better and they are comfortable. So far… great! And their customer service is super.

Jeremy M.
Fullerton, CA
April 26 2020 5:50PM

Honestly I was thinking of buying two pair, one for the wife and one for me. However, since reading the reviews, I will pass. Got some samples coming, I'll try them out but that will be as far as it goes. Eargo needs to up their warranty, improve customer service and offer lower pricing it seems.

Lester C.
Belle Center, OH
April 23 2020 7:09PM

Unless there is a reliability problem the Eargo aids are great! So far they are performing above my expectations. The first 15 or so minutes that I wear them, they are uncomfortable. After that they are so comfortable that by bed time I have had to get up 3 different nights to take them out after forgetting and going to bed wearing them.

The only suggestion I would make is if at all possible incorporate a setting between 2 and 3. There are times 2 is not enough, and 3 is too much gain. I have already recommended them to 3 different friends, 1 of whom has bought a set, and two who are waiting to see how mine are working after the 45 day trial period.

I had forgotten that a tissue being pulled from box made a sound, and that a plastic bread sack creates a sound when opened, or that socks make a sound on carpet. Voices are so much clearer! I received my Eargos after the Covid-19 virus quarantine, so do not know if they will perform well in a crowd. That is the only unanswered question on my part right now. Even if they don't perform well there, they are such an improvement and they are worth the price.

Byron S.
Moberly, MO
April 17 2020 4:37PM

My first pair didn't make it a year but were replaced. Ok, that pair made it 16 months and stopped functioning! Not to mention the first charger didn't make it a year, but was replaced. $600. to replace after a year. Now after 6 months of not having any aids I reluctantly bought new ones at $600. since I am a returning customer. But after 4 days of use my charger has now malfunctioned So they work great but only for awhile. Very disappointed, beware!

Donald K.
Barrington, IL
February 20 2020 5:35PM

My purchase started out just fine. My right ear was outside the tolerance levels so cargo explained the left ear would work just fine. I accepted this and purchased the two units. The left worked well for almost one year, then the charger stopped working and I began calling customer service for help.

That started almost 15 months ago and still to this day all I am getting from the customer service people is we cannot do anything for you as the units is over 1 year old. You need to purchase a new pair. Interesting since when I purchased I did so with the understanding that the one ear that I wanted to use this product in would last as long as 5 years since the units are interchangeable and I only plan on using them in my left ear. Well this was a blatant misrepresentation of their technology. So sad especially for retired fixed income seniors. Be aware folks.

Peter C.
Buckeye, AZ
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