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February 20 2020 5:35PM

My purchase started out just fine. My right ear was outside the tolerance levels so cargo explained the left ear would work just fine. I accepted this and purchased the two units. The left worked well for almost one year, then the charger stopped working and I began calling customer service for help.

That started almost 15 months ago and still to this day all I am getting from the customer service people is we cannot do anything for you as the units is over 1 year old. You need to purchase a new pair. Interesting since when I purchased I did so with the understanding that the one ear that I wanted to use this product in would last as long as 5 years since the units are interchangeable and I only plan on using them in my left ear. Well this was a blatant misrepresentation of their technology. So sad especially for retired fixed income seniors. Be aware folks.

Peter C.
Buckeye, AZ
January 21 2020 2:26AM

The Eargo hearing aides did not work out for me and now I am trying to return them, and am within the 45 day trial period. I feel as if their customer support is trying to ignore me so that I go past the time period of return. I am a very dissatisfied customer.

Mike M.
Pasadena, MD

We're sorry to hear Eargo didn't work out for you, Mike. We've requested a member of our team reach out to help process your return, and we hope you find a hearing solution that meets your needs.

January 06 2020 9:19PM

Have no ideas how the wax guards are suppose to work and got no instructions in the kit on how to use them. Also am having problems now getting the sound gain increased by tapping my ear on the right one. Have also received NO reply from 6 or more calls to customer service. What a very poor way to service a seemingly excellent...and expensive product!!!

David R.
Madison, AL
January 06 2020 9:05PM

Have called several times and get NO reply. Need to replace my lost left one. Right one is not responding to go from step 1 to more volume with a tap also. Very disappointed in customer service on such a great product. What is the problem???! I was also told that Bc federal was very prompt in paying for these. Not the case as they sent invoice to California from where they were shipped. . Took a full 6 weeks to get payment I first put on my credit card.

David R.
Madison, AL

Hi David, thank you for your comment. We apologize for the difficulty getting in touch with our team, as our records indicate we've been playing phone tag trying to get in touch. It looks like our team emailed you our tips and tricks for cleaning and caring for your Eargos. We'd suggest reviewing those, and please reach out at [email protected] with any questions.

December 31 2019 12:32PM

Don't order anything from Eargo, their customer support is terrible!! I ordered Eargo Neo for USD 2363 from Eargo.com on 17 Dec and the delivery date showing on their website was 20 Dec. Till now I didn't receive my order, the money has already been debited from my credit card. I've sent so many emails to their support team since 20 Dec, nobody is replying!! My order number is **.

Muhammad I.
Springfield Garddens, NY

Hello Muhammad, please note that Eargo reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse or cancel any order for any reason. We appreciate your interest in Eargo and please know that any funds that have been collected for your order will be refunded immediately. Please contact our Client Care team with questions at [email protected] We hope you find a hearing solution that meets your needs.

December 24 2019 11:35PM

I loved my Eargos as first time hearing aid user. Researched 2years to find something that worked but wouldn't show. My husband C cord missing and can't charge my Eargos. Tried several others in my possession which do not work? Is this usb just different enough that you can't just buy a new one? Customer service told me I'd have to buy entire charger unit for $325???? Huh, really????? You wont sell me just the USB cord? NO. So I'm not longer impressed with this company who would take advantage poo f customers in bad spot and effort with) $2300 useless ear buds..... Come on Eargo, you can do better than this. Oh and yes I'm out of warranty by few months too.

Kate M.
Chandler, AZ

Kate, we spoke with our team who let us know they would be happy to provide a replacement charger. If that doesn't solve the case, we can replace a charger with a new or refurbished charger, power cord and USB plug for out-of-warranty customers for $295, which includes warranty coverage for an additional year. Please get in touch with your hearing professional to learn more.

December 09 2019 6:45PM

A good device but very bad pricing policy. I paid full price for the neo. A few months later it is 25% off .... then 15%off. DEFINITELY DO NOT PAY REGULAR PRICE. I wonder why they need to play the sale game when they have a good product they can clearly sell at a lower price.

John G.
December 02 2019 8:11PM

They worked fine for the first several months then I started having problems with them working, first the left one, they replaced under warranty then the right one replaced under warranty, now at 17 months 5 months after replacement of the left one is again not working at all and the right one has very low volume. They were very understanding but the warranty is over.

If I would like to purchase replacement they will sell them to me for $385.00 each. so my initial investment of $2,300.00 for the Eargo Max was wasted. Don't waste your money, the ear pieces seem to have a life expectancy of 6 months or less. there is no customer goodwill. What a shame good idea, bad product.

Ted S.
Grand Rapids, MI

Thank you for your comment, Ted. We're sorry to hear about your Eargo experience. Eargo hearing aids are technological devices that require daily and monthly cleaning and care to maintain. We are proud to offer out-of-warranty customers a $395 device replacement fee that includes an additional year's warranty. We would recommend getting in touch with your hearing professional with questions.

November 22 2019 4:41AM

Scam. They don’t work and like the other reviews. They want 99 dollars for handling. They send you something that won’t work and then when you complain they send another set for more money. Get your hearing aid locally.

Lisandro H.
Edinburg, TX

We're sorry to hear about your Eargo experience, Lisandro. Thank you for trying our device, and we hope you find a hearing solution that meets your needs.

November 07 2019 7:32PM

The Eargo max doesn’t last but only about 6-8 months. Then the company only wants to send a replacement the first time they stop working. When they send the replacement it only has a few months left on the refurbished ones then they go out. Then all the company wants to do is sell you another pair. Buy a new one every 6-8 months????? I can’t afford that!!!

Keith J.
Temple, GA

Thank you for your comment, Keith. We'd like to look into your Eargo experience to learn more about what's going on and how we can help. Could you please send our team an email at [email protected]? We'll take it from there!

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