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October 11 2019 2:42PM

I experienced a rather abrupt sense of moderate hearing loss. I went in to the ENT and they were not able to provide a cause but prescribed hearing aids. I did a fair amount of research. I took advantage of the 45 day trial period to compare Eargo Neo to another top-of-the-line in-the-ear product (Silk Nx). Here are my Pros and Cons:

1) Pro - Neo fit perfectly. I generally don't remember that I have them in...so, I must mentally remind myself of this so that i don't accidentally scratch my ear with them in. When I wear them regularly, this becomes second nature.

2) Pro - the entire eco-system of the Neo design, from the carrying case/charger/bluetooth, the Flexi Palms, the Neos themselves, to the distribution and support model is far superior to anything else I have researched and/or trialed on the market.

3) Pro - no batteries. I very much dislike the whole battery management of hearing aids...it is just not conducive to a carefree busy lifestyle. This is, I would say, the most redeeming feature of Eargo. And of course, no replacement batteries, means Eargos can fit in the ear comfortably, and still leave room to pass natural sound around the device and into the ear channel.

The other side of this, is we all know that rechargeable batteries are only going to last maybe 2 years before they degrade. So, prepare to buy another pair of Neos in 2 years and make sure you buy the extended warranty covering year 2. Some see this as a negative.

However, compare that to the cost and hassle of replaceable batteries, the risk of hearing aid loss or damage and the technology advances year over year. In my analysis, I favor all the advantages of ITE and convenience of the portable charger pack; and I will likely take advantage of even better engineered units 2 years from now.

4) Pro - I do not want to be tethered to my iphone to change hearing programs. The Eargo app allows me to set up my Eargos to just Program 1 and 3. So, now a simple tap on my ear and I can select between these two programs that work for me, and not have to rotate through all 4 programs. This may seem insignificant.

But, in real life, I find myself changing programs a fair bit and nothing beats Eargo's ear tap technology for this purpose....really really nice.

5) Con - off all the many Pros, many which I did not list but other reviewers have; I do experience feedback that is rather irritating. I worked with the folks at Eargo and the best we could do is use larger Flexi Palms or change to Program 1.

When I blow my nose, I get feedback. When the TV hits just the right frequencies I get feedback. I experienced Zero, and I mean Zero feedback with competitive solutions. So, this is something that I can only hope that Eargo resolves with the Neo in the years to come.

Make sure you are comfortable with this feedback issue before your 45 day trial is up and you are going to commit to the purchase. For me, all the other redeeming features outweighed this only flaw I could find with the Neos. After my research and reviews, I shared with my brother.

I did not even know that he had trialed the Neos and returned them. He just wanted to see what else was available before committing. My choice influenced him and now he has made the purchase and is very satisfied. We both use our Neos regularly.

I can say, that it has made the difference for both of us, to stay employed and engaged in fast paced Information Technology leadership roles, where our ability to hear properly is the difference between early retirement and extended working years.

James V.
Monument, CO

Thank you for sharing your excellent Eargo experience, James. We're happy you're hearing every moment with Eargo Neo!

October 03 2019 4:52PM

I bought my Eargo Plus 1/08/2018. I was so excited, they were comfortable, happy I could have normal conversations again. 14 months later I started having problems with the right one not charging in the case. I contacted the company & was told to try cleaning it with alcohol wipes. That hasn't worked. I contacted them today again with the same problem & was told I would have to pay $395.00 to purchase 1 hearing aid because I am past the 1 year warranty. My next step is to contact the BBB about this company. DON'T Buy EARGO hearing aids they're not a dependable product.

Donna Y.
Port Charlotte, FL

Eargos are a technological device that requires both daily and monthly maintenance and care. Our team proudly honors our warranty and will replace and repair devices as needed during that time, we even offer an additional year at the time of purchase. The $395 is our standard repair fee, but we will replace the device and provide a one year warranty for that charge. Please call your hearing professional or our Client Care team with questions.

October 02 2019 8:10PM

I have owned my Eargo for over two years. My left ear has 80% hearing loss. I knew hearing aids wouldn't bring my level back to normal, but I had one good ear. I keep the left ear at 4 and right at 1. I use Eargo 2-3 days a week and have had little problems. Yes, people they are not perfect, but I can hear enough in life to be able to listen around me.

The only problem is keeping the contacts clean enough to charge the Eargo in the black charger. I have to move the Eargo units several time in the cradle until the led change color and then they charge correctly (don't move after led changes or they will not charge and just run down. I keep the units clean with a used tooth brush when they have dried ear wax and just brush off. This is the only hearing aid I have ever used, but I take care of them and didn't want to pay $7000 for hearing doctor.

October 02 2019 3:40PM

These hearing aids are not customized and no one's ears are the same size so it’s highly likely they won’t fit properly in both ears. Don’t buy them. And if you do make sure you know you have only 45 days to return them so you don’t waste your money like I did.

Beth G.
Katonah, NY

Eargo is a modern hearing aid with four Sound Programs designed for adults experiencing mild to moderately severe high-frequency hearing loss. Our device may not be appropriate for those experiencing more severe to profound loss. Eargo’s patented, soft-as-silk (well, medical-grade silicone) Flexi Fibers and Palms come in two sizes: Regular and Large. Our Regular size is going to be the right fit for about 90% of ears out there. Each purchase of an Eargo device comes with a 45-day easy return policy so you can return your device, no questions asked. Since you are about a year out of warranty, we cannot offer a refund.

September 18 2019 11:17PM

Words of caution, if you have hearing loss, go to a Hearing Specialist and have a Hearing evaluation before purchasing Eargo or any online or over the counter aids. I purchased Eargo and had many problems with them not working. Returned them and was sent replacements with refurbished parts, they did not work properly. My hearing specialist told me that there is no fix for ALL.

She told me that hearing aids are suppose to be fitted and programmed for your specific type of hearing loss. Eargo aids were over amplifying and advised me to stop using them. Now, I have to purchased some to treat MY hearing loss while still paying for Eargo aids. Expensive lesson learned.

Carolyn B.
Clarksburg, MD

Thank you for trying Eargo, Carolyn. We hope you've found a hearing solution that meets your needs, and please reach out to our Client Care team if there's anything we can do to help.

September 12 2019 7:00PM

I was pleased with my hearing aids for a while I've only used maybe ten times... in 2 years... cleaned them every time... one month after pay off they wont charge... when I called they said out of warranty... NOT HAPPY.

Barry H.
Garfield, AR

We're sorry to hear that, Barry. It's important to note our rechargeable hearing aids do require daily and monthly maintenance. Our team would be glad to help troubleshoot with you, and you look at our guides that speak to maintaining our devices. Please reach out to our Client Care team at [email protected] for assistance.

September 07 2019 9:35PM

I purchased my Eargo Max devices in October 2018. As of September 2019, both original instruments have now been replaced under warranty. Both entirely stopped amplifying sound. When I called to return the second instrument, I asked if there were a known design flaw, as I could understand a single failure (these things happen), but two seemingly identical failures within a few months seem suspiciously like a design problem.

I was told that there were no known problems with the devices and that the customer service person was not aware of anyone else having these types of issues. For now, I'm giving them a (4) Good rating. When they work, they work very well.

Pete H.
Janesville, WI

Thank you for your comment, Pete. We'd suggest getting in touch with your hearing professional if any issues occur from here.

September 04 2019 4:04PM

The sales and supporter are excellent. If there is a problem that is when true colors of the company show. Their product caused ear pain. I worked with their product person but in the end they had to be returned. It is now 5 days since this started and I still do not have a return authorization. No one above the phone person is available to talk they are all in meetings. Sad good product but the company not so much

Jim N.
Greenville, SC

Thank you for your comment, Jim. Is it possible your account is listed under another name than that which you used here? We're not seeing your name in our database as it's listed on Retirement Living. Could you kindly get in touch with us at [email protected] with the information used at your time of purchase? We're all ears to help yours get back to hearing life to the fullest!

September 02 2019 4:45PM

We have finally figured out what the scam is with Eargo. They actually know that these hearing aids don’t work so they sell them with these fabulous promises and a full moneyback guarantee. When you get the hearing aids and realize they fall out of your ear and you try to send them back they start their scam.

It takes call after call after call to finally get them to send a return label. Once the label finally comes to us and we return the product immediately it takes two weeks to get your money back and then they withhold $99! They have our $2550 for a month and then they keep $99! They probably only have about 100 sets but the amount of money they are making on those hundred sets by sending them out having them returned and keeping $99 must be amazing!

We live in the San Francisco Bay area and we are definitely going to go on ABC News with Michael Finney and have him help us. Please, no one, ever order anything online when it comes to your health. We learned the lesson the hard way!

George P.
Discovery Bay, CA

Thank you for taking the time to comment, George. We're sorry that Eargo did not work for you and are glad to see you have received your refund promptly. Please call our Client Care team if there's anything we can do to help from here.

August 15 2019 9:39AM

I called Eargo to discuss my hearing aid options. I sent a hearing aid test that was to be looked at by their audiologist. I was told that I would definitely benefit from the most expensive hearing aid Eargo has.

I proceeded to purchase the item through a sales rep named Susan **. I received the item on a Sunday and realized that they are not a great fit for my ears. I tried the customizable fiber plugs that they have and the aid just didn't fit. Also, the sound quality just was not up to par. I realized that I would need to send them back. Monday morning I received a phone call to see how the aids were working out. I told the sales rep that I would be sending them back because they did not work out for me. He told me that a representative would be calling me within 24 hours to speak with me about how to send the item back.

Thats when he told me that I would receive a refund minus the $99 handling fee. Ms. ** never disclosed that if the item doesn't work out that I would be charged a $99 handling fee. In fact, I was told that I would receive a full refund if the item had to be returned. I called Eargo to tell them that I was not given this information.

The Supervisor told me that I would not be issued a refund for the $99 and to look on their website under the hyperlink Terms of Conditions that is VERY SMALL and greyed out in fine print on the VERY BOTTOM OF THE PAGE. Who looks at the terms and conditions when the sales rep stated that a full refund would be issued.

I had their product all of 3 days before I returned it and they are charging a $99 handling fee. This company is unethical. They KNOW THAT clients are not being given this information and it is their way of still attempting to steal money from customers because they are a very small company and need to find ways to generate income even if customers do not purchase their item. I spoke with the “Supervisor” Jessica who informed me that they would pull the call for training purposes only but the $99 fee would not be waived because it is stated on their website, and on their invoice. I explained that if Its on the invoice, that would not have helped me. I would have never purchased this item and tried it out for 45 days knowing that there is a chance it wouldn’t work for me and I could be charged.

Please look into the business principles of this company. They are willingly deceiving people. II asked to be able to write the president of their company to inform them of the deceitful selling tactics being practiced and was told that the decision had already been made by the highest person that I could consult with which was the Director of Customer Service Latasha **.


Thank you for your comment, Richanda. We apologize for any miscommunication from our team, and were happy to hear you and Latasha were able to connect. Your handling fee will be waived, and you have Latasha's contact information should any questions or concerns arise. Or, we're happy to help at [email protected] We hope you find a hearing solution that meets your needs.

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