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September 26 2019 11:16PM

We’ve been a member since 2011 and have most things repaired quickly. The past two years have not been as good. A/C repair took more than six weeks (in 95+ temperatures). Just had a plumbing issue (no water in upstairs faucet or shower). They fixed the shower but needed to replace the faucet. They wanted to replace the Moen faucet with a cheap builder grade (plastic handles and all). We bought our own comparable faucet and First American refused to install it! When I asked about a buy out they said I would get $3 for the new faucet and installation!! Read ALL fine print they rip you off!

Karyn H.
Hockley, TX
September 24 2019 12:53AM

SWITCHING FROM 1St American to American Home Shield Warning to anyone considering becoming a member of First American Home Warranty Corporation. They reward new clients BUT PUNISH LOYALTY. I’ve been a member since 2013 and the first year or so was great. But now that I’ve been a member for six years I’m being taken for granted and taken advantage of. The service has DEFINITELY DIMINISHED since 2013. I filed a claim for failures in my electric stove and oven two weeks ago and have yet to receive service. Their response time is lousy.

I was billed $200 for a repair that took First American 2 years to resolve!! And yet I stayed loyal to them. I’ve recommended First American to many people including my daughter and her husband and they signed up. But now I’ve had enough. I’m going to switch to American Home Shield to try them out. They may be as bad BUT THEY CAN NOT BE ANY WORST!! It’s worth a try. I’m going to every site I can find to warn as many people as I can. I’ve had good and bad experiences with them but now the bad outweighs the good.

Robert H.
Durham, NC
September 23 2019 10:01PM

Before you sign an agreement with FAHW be aware of the following: In the event you have a problem with an appliance they will send a technician that knows very little about repairing an appliance.

On May 1 2019 My ice maker built into my Whirlpool refrigerator ceased to work so I called FAHW and filed a claim and they sent a technician (Fair Price Appliance Service Corp) to attend to the problem.

He came to my home and opened up the ice maker to inspect it and then told me I have to order to parts. Three weeks later FAHW sent me a text setting up a time for the technician to replace the parts. He replaced a motor and some other part and told me that it is fixed and we will see ice in 12 hours. No ice cubes was visible after 12 housing I called FAHW and told them the problem was not fixed so they rescheduled for the tech to come to my home in two weeks.

He showed up and worked on the ice maker once more then promised me that he fixed it, twelve hours later still no production of ice. I called FAHW and filed my complaint and once more they sent this same technician and once more he wasted my time.

After I kept on calling them to report the problem they sent another technician after 2 weeks and that person knew nothing about fixing the ice maker. He left my home telling me he had no idea about how to fix it. I complained again only to be told that the original technician will stop bye and work on it. I refused to waste my time with that technician so I called a professional company and they sent a technician that pin pointed the problem and fixed it.

After a 3 month span FAHW sends me a text stating that a technician is scheduled to come to my home to fix the ice maker so I called customer service to tell them that I called another technician and got it fixed right away so I requested a reimbursement for the repair but the rude and discourteous person in customer service had the audacity to tell me that I will not get any reimbursement. I will not do business with this group.

Mukesh C.
Windermere, FL
September 17 2019 11:06PM

We had a problem with our plumbing and the contractor assigned by First American Home Warranty to resolve the plumbing issue cut a hole in the wall from our master bedroom to the master bath to repair the plumbing. We had a hole in our wall for several weeks and we still have an unmatched large paint spot on our walls in both rooms and we will have to repaint both walls.

We had a problem with our air conditioning unit and again the contractor assigned by First American Home Warranty did a poor job. The contractor assigned to repair our a.c., gave a quote of $1800 in repairs that would not be covered by the warranty. Since, we would have to be $1800 out of pocket we had another company look at our unit and it turns out none of the issues the vendor stated were really broken. Only a damper was closed our a.c unit is working fine and it only cost us $130 to have the unit checked out. The contractors chosen by this company are horrible.

P. H.
North Las Vegas, NV
September 10 2019 5:07PM

I must remain nameless because my work order is still outstanding. There has been problems not being able to find anyone to do handle the work order by the best possible tech. because First American Home does not pay the contractors in a timely fashion. FAH said I could pay the bill and then they would reimburse me. If I had that kind of money I would not NEED FAH!! I'm afraid they would pay me like they do their contractor

John Q P.
Tucson, AZ
September 05 2019 4:23PM

The contractor sent did not have the proper equipment to diagnose the problem. He poured water into the outside cleanout and then said we have two options to repair the backup.

Option 1 is to remove the toilet and attempt to clear the blockage from inside the house and run the risk sewage backup into the house and ruining our wood floors, he said didn’t want to be responsible for that.

Option 2 was to dig up my yard to install a 2-way cleanout that will cost me $2200.00 out of pocket because this type of repair is not covered.

I asked him how could he determine how severe the back up is without snaking it out and then using a plumber’s camera. He stated the cameras are too big to go down the toilet (WHAT) and never responded to the snaking. Needless to say, I wanted a second opinion because this didn’t seem right to me.

Called First American Home Warranty again they told me the claim was denied but would send someone out for a second opinion. They sent a second company out, these guys had camera equipment but claimed the backup was being caused by a belly in the line and it would be $3500 to repair. They charged me $350 to run a camera down the sewer line to make this determination. Not satisfied my son, called one of his plumbing contacts they came out the next day and fixed the problem for $250.

They also ran a camera down the sewer and determined that was not the problem because the belly was so shallow it could not cause a system-wide backup. The problem was a broken door on the sewer line that was not opening and causing the back up.

I’m not sure what kind of contractors this company hires but what good is a warranty if the repair people they send out misdiagnose the problem in an attempt to make more money and rip off unsuspecting homeowners. If you have a warranty with this company don’t take their contractors word get an independent third part opinion it will save you money in the long run.

Keith K.
Loganville, GA
August 29 2019 2:39PM

I had a very bad plumbing problem, water coming from from every toilet, bathtub and shower, flooding the floors. I called at 7:30 at night when I discovered it. The said the got me a plumber and I called the emergency number but the mailbox was full.

I called first American back several times, never getting anyone that spoke very good English. Finally I got a manager that promised me that if in 4 hours if the plumber didn’t call me back I was free to call around and use one if I could get one, but he was very rude also.

He said they had up to 24 hours to call. I asked him what I was supposed to do with bathroom situation for 24 hours and he told me, a woman to just go out side. I called back in the morning, 12 hours later and they weren’t open, another lie, only to new claims, and there are no managers, so I guess I just spoke to someone pretending to be one.

I asked where I was calling since everyone had accents, and they told me El Salvador. No wonder he said go outside to the bathroom!! I am furious. I cancelled the claim and had someone out and the plumbing (clean out) fixed in 30 minutes.

Delaine D.
Mesquite, TX
August 27 2019 12:38AM

Never buy from first American because you will be last, the took my money sent 3 plumbers out and nobody did anything, one company didn't have the right license, my house was leaking water over 10 day and it will still be leaking waiting on first American.

Customer service is bad, they take your money and never fix anything even if it's on your contract they will find a way to not fix anything, I demand my money back and I will be contacting the Someone higher to report you guys. Fyi they still have not fixed my plumbing problems it's been 3 weeks. Wow.

Xavier W.
Las Vegas, NV
August 24 2019 7:46PM

I've been told by other new home buyers that a home warranty is a joke. Now that I've experienced First American Warranty, I have to agree. They will come up with a lot of excused not to cover a legitimate claim. And doesn't seem to be any recourse, other than to submit more proof and have the claim consistently denied each time.

My advice is if your seller is required to provide a home warranty, get the cash instead. Especially if it's from First American Home Warranty. At least you'll have a little bit of cash to go towards fixing something yourself that should have been covered by the home warranty. First American Home Warranty is worthless.

Mike B.
Laguna Niguel, CA
August 16 2019 11:00AM

It's been over 2 weeks without AC. This company quotes you non-existent guidelines constantly to refuse to do crap. They give days on days to allow for their refusal to do anything. Then they refuse to pay for the items you need replaced. All in all COMCAST HAS BETTER CUSTOMER SERERVICE THAN THIS. Unprofessional company stay far away.

Mike D.
No, GA
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