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July 30 2019 11:34PM

Called in a claim on a Friday for my ac not working (ac is essential living in AZ especially in July). They assigned a contractor to me but they weren’t able to see me till that next Wednesday so First American found another contractor. I called them and they told me they were too busy and to call First American back. So after calling First American back, they said to try the second contractor again because they should have time. I have been getting the run around since Friday and it’s now Tuesday and my ac hasn’t been looked at. I have been on hold for over 30 minutes waiting to speak with someone about my problem. Very disappointed with First American and would never recommend them to anyone, I will go out of my way to tell people not to go with this company. Terrible service.

Samantha E.
Phoenix, AZ
July 28 2019 3:30AM

This company seems to be a scam. Our oven has been out for weeks. The repair guy was here a week ago at 6 on a Friday after it had been dead one week. We didn't hear from him again until today on Saturday a week later at 7pm. He left a voicemail. I could have been here if he had bothered to call ahead. I guess he only works repairs part time evenings and weekends and doesn't know about the internet where you can get a part for most anything in 3 days.. I emailed the company and got a call last Wednesday. I finally hung up on the nice lady that was trying to convince me their crappy service was to be expected.

Francis L.
Hurricane, WV
July 28 2019 1:29AM

This company is the absolute worst!!! Besides the facts that I never get an American or English speaking person they are incompetent!!! A week without AC and they’ve sent 2 different companies (who by the way are incompetent themselves) and when I call to find out status it’s just one excuse after another. They just do not care about their customers or the situation, it’s all about how they can spend the least amount of money fixing your problem. One manager told me, “you’re not the only one without air conditioning, and that companies are working overtime to fix all the problems” BUT you got 2 companies to come out and diagnose my issue after you didn’t like the 1st companies diagnosis. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! I’m reporting them to the BBB.

Matthew P.
Bensalem, PA
July 25 2019 7:18PM

Working with this company has been the worst experience I’ve ever had. All the previous complaints are exactly what I have gone through as well; non-communication, sending inexperienced technicians, poor customer service and delaying of jobs. I work in real estate and so I tell everyone I know to avoid FAHW.

Paul M.
Medford, OR
July 24 2019 8:30PM

Terrible service and I've been paying $75 pm. My fridge went down on a Tuesday morning they got one contractor who said they could come the next Monday. Not acceptable so I call 5 more times they change to someone who can come Saturday. Still not acceptable. Called Again. They said I could request another change. All my food is rotting. They don't care but charged $75 pm for years. TERRIBLE. TERRIBLE.

Louise B.
San Diego, CA
July 24 2019 4:12PM

Terrible company. What a colossal waste of my money. I had a contract on a rental property. The AC went out so I placed a claim. It took forever to get someone out there. The contractor said the unit needed to be replaced but the warranty company would only pay to have it repaired. They have been out four times replacing different parts. It just keeps going out. It’s July in Arkansas so it has been sweltering. This has been going on for 6-7 weeks. I have cancelled the policy and will pay for a new unit out of my pocket. Save your money! Dealing with those people is more stressful than just shelling out the money for whatever is needed.

Sharon C.
Conway, AR
July 23 2019 5:39AM

Very bad company, will come up with excuses why they cant cover you and they will still charge you a service fee, and the contractors they send to you work for them they get paid to come up with reasons for the insurance company not to cover you.

Jose P.
Yuma, AZ
July 19 2019 10:33PM

Worst company ever. The plumbers that were sent complained that they don't get paid good for warranty work. One plumber said he was still a little drunk from the night before. So the plumbers stated that they had top basically tear up 2 walls knowing that the company would not cover it. We told them where they needed to go to fix the problem. 2 plumbers came out stated the same thing. My husband said forget it and with a $9.99 snake from Walmart fixed the backup problem. The insurance company WOULD NOT reimburse our $75 deductible. Don't use them. You will be scammed by the plumbers they send out

Brian W.
Lompoc, CA
July 19 2019 2:29PM

Customer service was kind, but this is a waste of money. You can only use their contractors, many of whom are too busy to get back to you or to complete work. Call after call resulted in nothing. Even when parts are ordered, you cannot get them and use your own installer/contractor. You have to reorder or cash out which can take days. Would never recommend - make sure you read the fine print. Parts may be covered but you're still out hundreds with labor and other costs.

Ellen N.
Fremont, OH
July 18 2019 4:49AM

Do yourself a favor and stay away from First American Home Warranty! As a first time home buyer I'm incredibly disappointed with the services from this company. We called them to fix a leak in the bathroom. First they canceled the original appointment because they claimed that they had the wrong address. The appointment was reschedule to a few days later.

When the day came, they called a few hours before schedule and tried to cancel it again saying that they were running behind. I mentioned that I had left work to open the house for their visit, and that I'd want them to come. Long story short, an "employee" named GERA showed up 3 hours later, he did not come in a work related vehicle and did not bring any tools with him. I met him outside the house and walked him inside to where the issue was (a continuous leak in our shower).

Gera took a few photos (on his cell phone)of the shower and handed me a receipt stating that I owe $75.00 (cash only). I kindly told him that I do not mind paying but he did not service anything and that I wanted a work order made or service done before I pay. Gera did not state anything about what he or the company will do or let me know of any service that would be needed. He simply said that was okay and walked out of the house. I did not hear back from the company again.

I, as a woman, thought that this was the most unusual service situation and was completely uncomfortable with his late hour, not work related car, no tools, and him asking for cash. I had to go outside the company and get the leak fixed by another outside company and paid my own money. Later I received a call from First American stating that I had an outstanding balance for work the bathroom work that they claimed to have done themselves. After explaining the situation they demanded proof that I had gotten the service done by another company.

After providing them with the information they requested, I was surprised to receive a letter from a collections agency requesting the payment. I also noticed that my case has moved from closed to re-opened without my knowledge. This situation is ridiculous, I had to spend more money to get the bathroom serviced, and also my personal time on phone calls and sending emails to this company and they are still trying to charge me like they completed work at my house. I would NEVER recommend this company to any friends/relatives, and it has dramatically shaken my belief in the "home insurance" market. One star is more than they deserve.

Get it together First American!!!

Kristina S.
Mission Viejo, CA
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