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July 05 2019 7:13PM

The worst home warranty ever. Stay away. I don't know where they got their high rating. I have been without air conditioning since Sunday, and today is Friday. They sent the compressor to the distributor the specialist assigned to my claim refused to pick up "because he does not go to Phoenix." He claims First American has been changing the distributor for no reason. I am seventy years old and have a heart problem.

Ewa B.
Tempe, AZ
July 03 2019 8:51PM

This company is a ripoff! I don't know how their ratings come up so high, because the service is terrible. They find a reason to deny coverage for even the smallest claim (AC drip pan causing leakage.) Read the fine print carefully because you will find that very little is actually covered once you submit a claim. I'm glad our coverage year is almost complete so we can go with a different warranty company. Stay away from First American.

Nancy N.
Mesa, AZ
July 03 2019 1:15AM

Bought a home and received FAHW from seller. Hired local contractor to do routine maintenance on my heat pump system. He took cover off of gas furnace and found leak in draft diffuser that was leaking carbon monoxide into my crawl space. Guess what. Not covered. It could only kill me. Here’s the scam. Take sellers money. Then deny coverage whenever buyer files a claim. Don’t waste your time with these thieves!

Greg E.
Lexington, KY
June 29 2019 6:18PM

Very frustrating experience I had with the First American Home Warranty! My dishwasher’s control board is not working. For the last 3 weeks, I kept calling the warranty company and hearing different stories from the warranty team than the technicians from the appliance and plumbing companies. Yes plumbing too.. even though the technician from the appliance company didn’t tell me about a need for a plumber, the warranty team insisted on that. The plumber came and said everything is fine and even asked me why he was scheduled to come. Then the appliance technician came again and confirmed that the issue was with the control board ie. buttons are not working. I even recorded what the technician said and sent it to the warranty. Guess what they reported back- there is an issue with the plumbing/ air gap and it is not covered. Unbelievable, back and forth 10+ calls, 10+ hours.. such a waste of time and resources and money for sure...

Ifakat N.
Encinitas, CA
June 25 2019 2:23AM

We contacted the company around 7pm as the a/c in our home was not cooling, much less even coming on. I spoke with an employee who first told me they could not send 1 of the 9 24/hour a/c companies due to high call volumes regarding a/c. Upon me mentioning the number of companies in the area, he then revised and stated that it was actually due to my call being “normal” priority. I stated several times that I had two infants, one with breathing problems, myself being pregnant, and my husband being asthmatic. I eventually spoke with a supervisor whom I relayed all this information and he stated that even with our situation that the house would first need to reach 100 degrees in order to receive an updated priority. Our house was at 85 degrees and climbing. I told the supervisor, Nelson, to email me a documented refusal with all information included and have yet to receive this information. Absolutely the worst home warranty company we could have chosen.

Antaya J.
Pensacola, FL
June 24 2019 1:54PM

I had to post one star just to review them and warn everyone about the scam between First American and their contractor Master Tech. We have been a First American customer for more than nine years and our A/C failed in May. We live in Texas and the heat is oppressive this time of year.

First American sent Master Tech Heating and Air to repair system. They finally showed up five days later and told us our system components which had worked great for nine years were incompatible and had to be replaced and were not covered in First American’s contract. We requested a second opinion from First American and their second contractor, Crows A/C said the nothing was incompatible and a minor part needed to be replaced.

Four weeks later, First American continues to lie and delay. Several former customers of First American have posted reviews implying a complicit scam between First American and Master Tech to cheat customers into spending thousands of dollars needlessly. Please read the YELP reviews as well and beware.

Ted A.
McKinney, TX
June 20 2019 2:23PM

Poor customer service/no service, I've had no ac for 3 weeks and first American shifted blame on the contractor... that they picked. Turns out they never authorized the part. 3 weeks into this fight they tell me this part is still under a warranty with the manufacturer and that I need to call them. This is the worst experience. If you complain about anything they just ignore it and proceed to there will send an email or make a call. What a joke. They just take your money and do there very best to try and get out of spending anything to make a repair 3 weeks with no ac in 98 degree weather and it's just a blower motor. Image if it was the whole unit ...

Wes W.
Milton, FL
June 19 2019 7:57PM

Very disappointed in the company when it comes to resolving problems. Constant arguing to get things done. They refused to repair a pump for our pool spillway. Called it decorative fountain. Really is a significant part of our filtering system. They really disappointed us for a $350 repair. I’m sure I will hear from them now!!!

Leslie W.
La Quinta, CA
June 19 2019 4:02AM

This company is a joke. I first purchased this company as a package with my closing escrow. Months later my refrigerator broke down so I called them to make a claim, they send a horrible company that hasn’t been able to fix my refrigerator almost two months later. This afternoon I called to request them to send another company to fix my refrigerator so they told me that there’s nothing they can do because I am still under the first company warranty. I was so mad because this issue it has cost me a lot of money already besides the deductible I had already throw all the food of my refrigerator three times, that’s not counting that my husband go food poisoning once because of the refrigerator temperature, they offer to rent a refrigerator or to buy an used one, I agree with them, when I asked to find a rental company to deliver the refrigerator they told me that they can’t because that’s not included on the warranty. So they want me to pay $300 for the rental plus delivery! That’s just not right. So my advice for those who are looking for a home warranty is do not waste your money in companies like this.

Doricela V.
San Diego, CA
June 18 2019 3:41AM

My garage door spring broke and I called First American Home Warranty to have a tech to come out and when the two guys came out and they said we would have to pay $95.00 for coming out and we need all these things replaced and it would cost close to $400.00 or more. FAHW said they can give me a buy out, but I would have to pay to change the garage back to the original form and they would give me only $200.00. So today my garage door clasped and now we have no choice, but to pay this other company $600.00 tonight...

Felecia A.
Camp Springs, MD
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