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October 30 2019 12:22AM

DO NOT go with First American Home Warranty!!! I have had coverage on my home for 2 years and the first time I used them, the service was horrible! My HVAC (heating system) was not working. It took 2 weeks, numerous calls, and conflicting information only to find out I am going to end up paying the majority of the cost for replacing the part! In response, I called a reputable company (a personal friend) to come to my house to diagnose and give me an estimate. He stated my unit was 20 yrs old and should be replaced.

However, he stated, if repaired, it should not need a "so-called" modification which First American Home Warranty is charging me $195.00 for. Replacing the part is only putting a bandaid on a much larger issue. I have never, never, never, been this frustrated with any home service in the past! Additionally, in speaking with their NUMEROUS representatives, it is obvious they source this out to another Country or Company. I cannot understand their accent and they do not know the contracts. They contradict one another! Not to mention, I was hung-up on several times. YOU WILL REGRET USING THEM!

Ronda L.
Nashville, TN
October 28 2019 9:25PM

As a real estate professional (Broker in Nevada, agent in CA) since 2003, I would be honestly say, First American Home Warranty is the BEST. I have dealt with so many different companies in the past many years. But when things go bad, this is the only company would step up and do or correct things for you. It may takes some time to have things to be corrected in your way, but the result was good. My clients were very pleased with this company, so am I. I will not recommend any other companies, because it will just waste of your time and money. First American Home Warranty is your only destination. Call them today.

Betty M.
San Luis Obispo, CA
October 22 2019 11:58PM

Avoid this company! I purchased a home recently that included Premier Warranty Plan from First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation. After moving in to our new home, we noted problems with the pool equipment, microwave, and fridge. The First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation sent out technicians that all blamed either the age of the equipment and appliances, or technical issues with installations as cause of the failures, and therefore denied warranty coverage.

I believe the technicians were trying to take advantage of me and sell me additional services and replacement devices at exaggerated prices. Interacting with them cost me time and money. Shortly after this disappointing experience, I cancelled the policy and hired appropriate services to conduct the repairs without problems. I strongly believe this company is a scam, and the technicians are told avoid warranty coverage and sell additional services. I highly recommend that you avoid this company when you buy a warranty to cover your home.

Zachariah M.
Simi Valley, CA
October 22 2019 1:55PM

I have had this company for 20 years. They have been patching my AC which is 30 years old every since I've had the policy. The final straw is when they served me up to a company who is going to charge me almost $1,900 just for the repairs and unnecessary parts.

I was given a choice where they would pay me $386 and I could find my own person to fix the AC or I could pay their contractor the almost $1,900 and let them fix it. Keep in mind this is a 30 year old AC unit and really needs to be replaced. They sold me an extra policy supposedly the cover modifications of any type so I wouldn't be out of pocket. That was a waste of money.

As far as I'm concerned the whole policy was a waste of money. I plan on reporting them to the Texas real estate commission and the Better Business Bureau along with the AC company did they worked with. My advice to you would be just to keep your money and save it for repairs.

Denise A.
Tomball, TX
October 20 2019 5:30PM

In California... This company should be banned to deal with humans who are in the illusion of getting a service for their monthly sevice fee of 52$. As long you pay and your appliances are working all good. When your appliances breaks down, the naive customers are sent on wild goose chase or made feel like the broken appliance are their fault. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THIS SCAM ARTIST!!!

Tunde V.
Mission Viejo, CA
October 18 2019 2:13AM

This company should be banned to deal with humans who are in the illusion of getting a service for they monthly sevice fee of 52$. As long you pay and your appliances are working all good. When your appliances breaks down, the naive customers are sent on wild goose chase or made feel like the broken appliance are they fault. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THIS SCAM ARTIST!!!

Patricia D.
Mission Viejo, CA
October 16 2019 9:52PM

I thought I needed a new dryer since my old one kept breaking down. Called First American and had a technician come to look at it. Turns out I was right and did need a new one. They processed it very quickly with no hassles! Very easy and convenient.

Neil D.
Phoenix, AZ
October 14 2019 6:00PM

Terrible rip off company never got my ice machine fixed after 28 days waiting and waiting made many many calls to First American and the lousy subcontracting companies they hire on then after being so frustrated and almost 2 months later I decide to cancel policy I ask for my refund of the &1020.00 I paid they reply only refunding $438.73 what a joke!!! There customer service reps very rude unprofessional just like there subcontractors barely speak English and very rude!!! Beware don’t buy their policy you’ll regret it!!!!!!

Celia M.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
October 14 2019 7:20AM

First I wish I can get my money back as I don't want their services anymore. It's ridiculous. I paid for 2 years ahead of time. I pretty much got the mac that covers everything pretty much including appliances. So my refrigerator stop working. I called them, they sent someone out. He couldn't fix it, he don't work on my type of refrigerator so they sent someone else out and they don't work on any compressor. So they sent someone else out and they didn't also work on compressor as they believe that was the issue.

At this point I'm very upset as I have 4 kids and we had no refrigerator, no food. We ate fast food 3 times a day for 2 whole weeks which is very unhealthy. I explained that to them. They didn't care. They basically said it was nothing they can do but sent someone out again so here we are a month later no refrigerator fixed and about 4 people came to look and now I haven't heard anything.

Of course I bought another refrigerator as I'm not going to keep waiting and spend 100+ a day on food so I'm paying them but I won't be getting my money back and I wasted a service fee because nothing got fixed. I would think that a refrigerator should be high demand as that's how people eat but it's not. I would HATE to have to do a higher claim on my house and they pull this. No way. I'm going someone else

Stephanie F.
October 08 2019 10:43PM

Be aware, these people are crooks! We got an issue with the HVAC, the gas valve is defective. We called First American with who we have a contract and they sent a contractor. The dedicated contractor did not want to check the problem and left. First American Home warranty sent us another contractor who confirmed us that our heater did not work correctly, due maybe to a low pressure of gas and advised us to call Gas company. Then, we called Gas company, they dispatched a tech who told us that the pressure was perfectly correct.

However, as I told him that I was suspecting a gas leak in the kitchen because it was smelling a natural gas odor in the kitchen, the tech checked with appropriate gas leak detectors and found a gas leak. We called immediately First American to open a new claim. They sent us a plumber. The plumber did not do anything because according to him, the leak was coming from the oven.

We called back First American who send us a technician in appliances.The tech tried to locate a leak with soap and water…and did not find any leak…The guy was very rude and totally unprofessional. First American decided top deny the claim… We called back Gas company who told us, by using electronic appropriate devices, that there is definitely a leak to the oven. The Gas company tech, even if he was very nice and professional, was a little bit upset face to the ineptitude of the insurance company and the successive dispatched called contractors, and decided to shut down the gas to avoid any disaster….

We called back First American to keep them posted and they sent us a voicemail to request from us to take the double oven out of our cabinets. They requested us to hire a specialist to take the appliances out of the cabinets to allow another “HVAC specialist” to check the leak…I thought it was a joke but not at all!!

In fact, they requested us to disconnect the oven from the gas line to be able to check the leak between the oven and the gas line... I think their IQ is far above mine because unfortunately, I cannot compete…First American then decided to deny this claim as well…

Conclusion, Our HVAC gas valve is defective and we still have a leak in the oven, two issues which supposed to be covered in our contract with First American and for what they do not want to take care of. This company First American Home warranty takes your money but does not want to pay when you have a problem... How do we call a guy with a such behavior: A crook, right? Sign with them and that is what you gonna get... Now we have no choice but to escalate the matter...

Philippe M.
Encino, CA
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