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Harmony Home Warranty Review

Harmony Home Warranty is a New York-based home warranty company founded in 2013. The company provides warranties for major appliances and home systems. Clients include homeowners as well as buyers, sellers and realtors. Some homebuyers request a home warranty as a condition of the sale.

Harmony Home Warranty covers most major home systems and appliances not covered by homeowners insurance or manufacturers’ warranties. The company works with a network of contracted service providers who will come to your home to conduct an assessment and repair. Harmony Home Warranty replaces covered elements that are unrepairable.

We featured Harmony Home Warranty as our Great Add-on pick in our guide to the best home warranties.

  • Easy sign-up
  • Request service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Free month of service

  • Coverage can be confusing due to excluded parts

What Does Harmony Home Warranty Cover?

Harmony Home Warranty offers two different plans depending on what elements you need to be covered. You can also add additional items for a fee. The plans include repair or replacement of specific mechanical components and parts for each of the elements listed in the table.

Elements must be in good working order and regularly maintained to be eligible for coverage. Be sure to check the contract for specifics on how each appliance or system is included in the plan.

Harmony Home Warranty Plans
Inclusions Basic Plan $499/year Total Plan $599/year
Air conditioning system No Yes
Heating system (2 units) No Yes
Refrigerator No Yes
Washer & dryer No Yes
Plumbing system & stoppage Yes Yes
Water heater Yes Yes
Whirlpool bath Yes Yes
Electrical system Yes Yes
Oven Yes Yes
Cooktop / Range Yes Yes
Permanent sump pump Yes Yes
Built-in microwave Yes Yes
Garbage disposal Yes Yes
Trash compactor Yes Yes
Ductwork Yes Yes
Garage door opener Yes Yes
Ceiling exhaust fans Yes Yes

You can also add on additional coverage for elements like a pool/spa, roof leak, central vacuum, septic system and more.

Harmony Home Warranty Cost

Harmony Home Warranty has two annual plans: Basic and Total. The Basic plan is $499 per year, and the Total plan is $599 per year. The company offers various discounts and deals, such as $100 off or a free month of service. Be sure to check the website for current deals.

In addition to the cost of the warranty, Harmony charges a $75 service fee any time you call a service technician to come to your home. You may also have to pay an additional fee to expedite services if you need emergency repairs.

How to Buy a Harmony Home Warranty

To sign up for a plan, you can visit the company’s website or call their toll-free number, and a representative will enroll you. Your coverage begins 30 days after you join and pay for your plan, and lasts for one year after that starting date.

How to Use a Harmony Home Warranty

Requesting service for covered appliances or home systems only requires a phone call. Call Harmony Home Warranty’s toll-free number anytime 24/7 to request service. The representative will contact a service contractor within two to four days. The contractor then gets in touch with you to set up a time to come to your home.

If the work done on an appliance or home system fails, you can call to request another service contractor at no cost within 90 days for parts or 30 days for labor. Keep in mind that you must use a contracted service provider ordered through Harmony Home Warranty. The company does not reimburse fees incurred by using other service providers.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, you should keep a record of conversations and dealings with a home warranty company and any technicians involved. Having these details on hand is helpful in the rare event of a dispute.

Harmony Home Warranty Complaints

Harmony Home Warranty is a relatively new company and does not have many online reviews. However, it does have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a score of 8.1 out of 10 from Top10HomeWarrantyReviews. TheTop10Sites reviews website gives Harmony Home Warranty a 9.2 out of 10 due to its top-rated technicians and free trial.

Harmony Home Warranty Q&A

  • If I have homeowners insurance, do I also need a Harmony Home Warranty?

    Homeowners insurance and home warranties cover different things. Homeowners insurance pays for items damaged in situations like fires, wind and natural disasters. By contrast, a home warranty repairs household appliances and systems that fail as a result of regular use.

  • How do I renew my Harmony Home Warranty plan?

    You can renew your plan each year, though the price may change. You can also opt for a multi-year contract with Harmony Home Warranty to lock in your annual fee.

  • Do I need a home inspection to get a Harmony Home Warranty plan?

    You don’t need a home inspection to qualify for a home warranty, but it may be a good idea. Harmony Home Warranties cover appliances that are properly maintained and in good working order at the time of your contract initiation. This condition is determined in retrospect by the technician on a service call. If the technician says you did not keep the item in good working order or did not maintain it properly, they can deny service.

  • Does a Harmony Home Warranty cover older appliances and systems?

    The age of the appliance or system does not matter. Harmony covers all eligible elements as long as they are properly maintained.

  • Can I cancel my Harmony Home Warranty plan?

    Yes, you can cancel your plan at any time. If you cancel within the first 30 days of your contract, you’ll receive a full refund of contract fees less any service costs covered by Harmony. If you cancel after 30 days, the refund is prorated less a $50 administrative fee and service costs.


A Harmony Home Warranty can give you peace of mind. Be sure to read the contract carefully to determine whether your systems and appliances will be covered as expected. Harmony Home Warranty can help homeowners manage the cost of major repairs.

Harmony Home Warranty Reviews

Recent Reviews

September 18 2020 11:11AM

DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS SCAM ARTIST!!!! A day after purchasing a plan I tried to call and email them for coverage clarifications. I called 2 phone numbers provided by them, no one answered and no voicemail provisions either.

I then sent 4 emails to TWO different email addresses - NONE were answered. I then sent an email to cancel the contract (within the 3 business days) - Suddenly my phone blew up by company.

I disputed the charge with my credit card company and 1 1/2 months later won the dispute. All done! - Not quite! Here is the kicker - 1 day after winning the dispute- guess who placed another charge onto my card, HHW!

I disputed that new charge- It was not authorized and locked that card down. This company is unreal and MUST be paying someone of @ the BBB for the ratings they have.

Joseph C.
Wading River, NY
September 16 2020 12:28PM

OMG I WISHED I would have read these comments before hiring them as my home warranty. I am in the same boat. Mark Anderson and Kirk sold me on obtaining coverage. This coverage was for my elderly parents. I signed on May 14, 2020.

Last week in Aug 2020 my parents AC malfunctioned. I FINALLY received a claim #1158 on 9/8. Rob and Eli kept telling me before that the Technician NEVER put in the claim. I know the Tech did.

On that same day, I noticed they deducted from my bank acct THREE times in the same day!! I spoke to ROB & ELI on 9/8,9/9,9/10,9/11,9/14, two-three times per day!! They each telling me it will take 24-48hrs for the Claims Dept to make a decision and my money will be returned ASAP.

They will also flag my acct to make it top priority. NO RESPONSE!! On 9/14 ANOTHER deduction was made from my bank acct. I spoke to Eli and he stated that he will credit my acct today. He stated he will speak to Authorization Dept and I must call back Wed.

I asked to speak to someone in Authorization. He said they will not speak to customers....REALLY???

I then called 1-866-984-4422 and spoke to Jordan. She too gave me the same song and dance, she will inform Billing Supervisor and have it corrected and they will call me within 24 hours.

On 9/15 I spoke to Ebony and she TOO gave me the SAME statement Jordan did. I told Ebony that it IS 24 hours later and I have yet received a call from ANYONE!!!

Later on that day I spoke to Abdul. You guessed it, he TOO told me the same thing, that he would forward my info to Billing Supervisor. Each time I asked each Representative they could NEVER give me the Billing Supervisor's contact info.

I asked them WHO are they forwarding my info to? They could not give me an answer. THIS MORNING THEY TOOK ANOTHER PAYMENT OUT!! THIS IS THE 5TH TIME THIS MONTH!!! AAAAAAGGHHHHHH!!! If I could give less than a 1 I would!!!

Susan T.
Savannah, GA
September 11 2020 8:38PM

Do not buy warranties from this company!!! I am a Realtor and bought two. NO SERVICE, won't take care of the claims, send you to VM when you call. Just WANT YOUR MONEY!! Do not buy from this company!! YOU Will be SORRY!!

Debbie N.
Denver, NC
September 10 2020 6:14PM

This warranty company is a scam. They take your money and when you need a service they give you a run around for a couple of weeks and then deny the repair for some excuse.

I made a service request for my fridge 4 weeks ago. After 2 weeks, and after several calls to them, they told me they can not find tech and should find one myself. After I found one in the same day, the tech sent them the repair details and cost.

After another 2 weeks of calling them, they finally tell me they will not fix it. The reason they gave was they need 3 years of service record on the fridge. I only had this fridge for 2 yrs and obviously can not provide 3 yrs of service record. Who services their fridge every year?

In either case, their contract does not require a service record anyway, and still, they deny the repair. Please read all reviews on this company before you buy a warranty from them. Looks like a lot of people had the same problems as me.

Unfortunately, I did not do my homework before buying from them... They do not even give me a refund for service call or my contract... Total SCAM.

Shahin T.
Reno, NV
September 01 2020 3:50PM

We had a water heater break down, called them many times sometime 4 times a day. Every time they answer that they are looking for a technician and never sent anyone for 3 weeks.

Even today morning I spoke with a customer service agent who told me they will possibly look for a technician. How can they run a company without having technicians?? It's a waste of money to be with this company. They make you pay and don't provide any service.

Sudhir T.
Albequerque, NM
August 14 2020 10:05PM

May 21, 2020: Called about warranty service and signed up for a 3 year service. Rep said they provide fast service. Within 24hr to 48hr. June 15, 2020: I received my credit card Transaction Receipt of $1,350.00.

August 4,2020: Call my first service @8:25AM Pacific Time, to have a tech look at my washing machine. A person answered the phone and said I will receive a call back. 2nd call same day @10:25AM and got the same response from the person that answered the phone.

3rd call same day @2:30PM and again got the same response. August 5 Called again for same request @7:00AM and @3:35PM. Same response from the person that answered the phone.

On August 6, 2020 called @7:50PM and this time I called to cancel my service since I never received my first service to have a tech check my washing machine.

I asked to transfer me to the Cancellation Dept. and spoke with a person name Rob, he said to give them a chance to get a tech out to my address. He wanted the make, model and serial # of the machine, I gave him info.

He said there would be a $40.00 service call fee and gave me a Claim #983 and would be contacted 24hr to 48hr. I waited up to 48hr. with no response. He also told me always call between 6AM to 3PM Calif to get service because of the time difference.

I was never told about the time to call in the very beginning. August 9, 2020 Called @7:24AM: Called again to be transferred to the Cancellation Dept. Someone picked up and said that they can only accept a E-Mail to Cancel.

They would not take a verbal so they gave me the E-Mail: [email protected] I sent a E-Mailed same day to Claims to cancel and refund to respond and confirm. August 10th & August 11th E-Mailed to please respond and confirm. NO REPLY.

Gloria P.
San Jose, CA
July 28 2020 4:42PM

At first when I called for a price, coverage and all that they sounded very professional and trustworthy. I needed a plumbing service, got service done, I pay the portion of my bill and Harmony Home Warranty was supposed to cover the rest 352.00.

It has been since 1/14/20 and just received a call from the plumbing company saying the 352.00 still remaining. Is 7/20/20 now. I call harmony last week.

They said it was going to be taken care of and still nothing. 7/28/20 I call back again. I threaten on hiring a lawyer and cancel my contract and I WILL.

They say it will be taken care as emergency today but if not I will find a way to get my contract cancelled. I don't care if I have to pay a lawyer.. So far I got nothing good to comment, very bad experience so far.. Ivonne **.

Ivonne R.
Sparks, NV, NV
July 22 2020 5:34PM

I can pretty much parrot everything these other reviewers have said, sold a bill of goods, promises not kept, but I can add, charged for services not rendered!

How this company is consistently in the top 10 could only mean one thing...They're paying off someone to be there! Horrible company, No one calls you back on billing issues.

Edward R.
Cincinnati, OH
June 16 2020 10:27PM

A sales person by the name of Zack sold me a home warranty based on false claims on March 25, 2020. I was told I would not be required to provide maintenance records when filing a claim, and this was the reason I should choose Harmony over competitors.

When I attempted to make a claim on May 8, 2020 for an AC unit that no longer cooled, I was told I would be contacted between 24 to 48 hours. No one contacted me, when I called Harmony back on May 14, 2020, I was told that my claim required 36 months of maintenance records. I told the agent that I was told otherwise by the sales person when sold the warranty, but they refuse to proceed.

I requested a cancellation based on being sold the warranty on false claims. I was requested to physically mail a cancellation letter (I asked if I could email - they refused), I did so the same day on May 14, 2020. I didn't hear any response and on June 16, 2020, I called and spoke to Rob who then requested that I send an email to [email protected] to ask for a follow up on my cancellation request.

I then received an email stating they would refund only $110 out of the $400, sign a document and I had to remove any negative reviews. This is a complete scam. I demand a full refund based on the false claims made by the sales person when the warranty was first sold to me. I was then called by a belligerent customer service rep, that had the audacity to insult me and say that I should have read the fine print! WTH? Buyer beware!!

Rami A.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
June 12 2020 7:18PM

Have had the company since 12/2019 and had to make a call about a problem with my refrigerator on June 2 2020. Tried calling 4 times last week and this week with all of a sudden being told I was denied for non payment of my account (they take my monthly payments out ) has been 10 days and keep waiting for billing now to call me. This place is a scam. I am closing my contract with them. I would never recommend this company to anyone. If I could I would give them no stars.

Heather S.
Ramona, CA
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