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March 13 2021 5:07AM

How this company has favorable ratings astonishes me. This company is the worst I’ve ever encountered. Harmony Home Warranty has totally convinced me NOT TO EVER get a home warranty.

Called to get repairs on my water heater, the companies they contacted would not drive to my town for the repairs.

Joe **, from Harmony Home Warranty, did call me in December 2020 and said he would get someone to my home but I never heard from him after that call and never got the repairs I needed.

All in all, the problem with my water heater started in November 2020, I had to get and pay for a new water heater on my own on March 1st. This company has cost me $1900. So don’t tell me this is a 4.5 ⭐️ Company. This company should not be in business.

Paula M.
Pahrump, NV
March 01 2021 10:42PM

Bought this Policy on October 2020 paying $450.00. Covering everything in the house. Told that covering will kick off a month later. So when I needed repair Last Month I discovered that this company is a big SCAM.

Always talking to the same person who promises that the repair is coming and they never show up and when they showed, they asked me to pay the full amount and HARMONY will pay me back.

I called again. The same person told me to pay them and he will Zelle the cost to me. I told his this was not the agreement and I suppose to pay the $50.00 co payment. Anyway now he does not even pick up the phone.

Please never buy a policy from this company. By law I will try to get my money back. Now I end up buying a new Washing Machine.

Izzeldin A.
Las Vegas, NV
February 26 2021 6:13PM

I Had very bad experience with Harmony Home Warranty's service. First of all it was hard to get through the phone lines, secondly, customers have to file claims online and didn't get respond for a long period of time.

When I finally got hold of someone I was told to find my own plumbers and pay the service out of my pocket in advance and get reimbursement later which never happened. It's been a month and half.

Now they disconnected the phone so there is no way to get hold of any representatives to get help and resolve the problem. I'm so disappointed with this company that I'll cancel the contract if it is possible.

Yen F.
Lynnwood, WA
January 30 2021 4:58PM

Worst company of 3 warranty companies I've used. I changed when moving. Now it's impossible to reach them.. They sent a plumber who wouldn't accept the warranty on 1/13.

Since then I've called 6 times and gotten voicemail cvas no customer rep available, leaving messages. I've resubmitted the claim 3 times with no response. There is no way to cancel.

December 01 2020 6:07PM

Worst company ever, did not follow through on helping me with my warranty to cover my water heater. They never even called me to tell me. I had to repeatedly call them and keep asking for their help. Horrible customer service and everyone there tells you something different.

Michelle M.
November 18 2020 5:06PM

At least five people from this company called me from various numbers 22 times in two weeks as early as 8:15 in the morning and though I told them I don't need a home warranty and to please take me off their lists, they continued.

I screamed at them, used colorful language, demanded they stop calling me, they continued. I had to block 6 different numbers on my land line to get rid of them. They seem to take advantage of retired people and badger them until they buy some policy.

JoAnn K.
Cinton, WA
November 03 2020 4:06PM

The ordering process was completed in less than 7 minutes. Coverage exceeded expectations and pricing was extremely competitive.

I will continue to use Harmony Home Warranty for my future buyer-clients and recommend to my sellers for Seller-coverage and to advertise the Harmony Home Warranty in all advertising to prospective buyers.

Mia K.
Los Angeles, CA
October 26 2020 4:15PM

Harmony Home Warranty is a joke. Real nice when you start up but when you file a claim you will be told that someone will come out, but will never show. Oh they will take your money but no services. Try another home warranty and Run from this one.

Pam R.
Moreno Valley, CA
October 16 2020 7:53PM

10/16/2020 Harmony Home Warranty – The Biggest Scam and Run Around You will Ever Encounter with a Home Warranty – Do Not Enter Into a Contract with these Scammers.

I submitted a claim via the customer portal on October 2, 2020. I received a call the next day from Harmony on my voice mail giving me a number to call to have a plumber scheduled to come to my house.

I called the number that afternoon when I got the message. It was a number to Roto Rooter. I proceeded to tell them I was instructed to call to schedule the plumber. I gave them my name and my claim number from Harmony Home Warranty.

They said they did not know what I was talking about. They also said if they came out I would have to pay the entire bill not just my service fee Harmony had agreed on. I was totally confused and told Roto Rooter there was some sort of a miscommunication. So, I called Harmony back.

They assured me that all I owed was the service fee and that they would take care of it. The next day I got a call from a fellow at Roto Rooter, he said he wanted to know the nature of my problem so he could set up the dispatcher to call me.

I told him, he said a dispatcher would call to set up a plumber. I waited. Tuesday 14 October until Friday 15 October, still no call. I called him back the morning of the 16th.

He said the dispatcher had called my and my voice mail was full, I assured him it was not, he said he would set it up for Friday 16 Oct between 12-and 2 pm. (I checked my voice mail and it was not full not even one.)

NOTE I PUT THE CLAIM IN ON 2 OCTOBER 2020- LEAKING TOILET... The Roto Rooter plumber did show up on 16 Friday October 2020 at 12:45. After examining the toilet he said $235.00 plus parts…. I said, "No, I only owe you the $45 service fee."

He said no. I said, "Let’s call Harmony now." We did. The claims guy said it would have to go under the review process. For the plumber to send an email with the diagnosis attached. They would review in 4 days or so.

The plumber left, gave me a copy of the diagnosis. The plumber said he would submit it to his dispatch and meanwhile I have a leaking toilet. I called Harmony back. The claims person who also said they were the supervisor said they had not received it yet.

So, I uploaded my copy to the portal for them to review. He said it would be 4 days or so. I asked about a refund for my purchase price of the Home Warranty. He said sure he could give a prorated refund. By the time he got thru he said -$75.00.

Of course then I told him to proceed with the 4 day review for fixing my toilet. What a mess this is! I have not even used this warranty.

I paid $450 cash up front for this warranty in advance on 7/6/2020. They told me I had a 30 waiting period and 2 extra free months of service once the contract was under way.

Kathryn F.
Portsmouth, WV
September 25 2020 12:00AM

It is a very bad company. They play a lot scam/fraud. Do not let them get your credit numbers because they will items, "new contract" after many months you disconnected with the company.

The company charged on my credit card without consent. I called company numerous times. The staff told me they have no authority to do anything and promised the manager or claim dept will contact me, but never happen..

Wallace J.
Waterford, CA
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