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July 28 2020 4:42PM

At first when I called for a price, coverage and all that they sounded very professional and trustworthy. I needed a plumbing service, got service done, I pay the portion of my bill and Harmony Home Warranty was supposed to cover the rest 352.00.

It has been since 1/14/20 and just received a call from the plumbing company saying the 352.00 still remaining. Is 7/20/20 now. I call harmony last week.

They said it was going to be taken care of and still nothing. 7/28/20 I call back again. I threaten on hiring a lawyer and cancel my contract and I WILL.

They say it will be taken care as emergency today but if not I will find a way to get my contract cancelled. I don't care if I have to pay a lawyer.. So far I got nothing good to comment, very bad experience so far.. Ivonne **.

Ivonne R.
Sparks, NV, NV
July 22 2020 5:34PM

I can pretty much parrot everything these other reviewers have said, sold a bill of goods, promises not kept, but I can add, charged for services not rendered!

How this company is consistently in the top 10 could only mean one thing...They're paying off someone to be there! Horrible company, No one calls you back on billing issues.

Edward R.
Cincinnati, OH
June 16 2020 10:27PM

A sales person by the name of Zack sold me a home warranty based on false claims on March 25, 2020. I was told I would not be required to provide maintenance records when filing a claim, and this was the reason I should choose Harmony over competitors.

When I attempted to make a claim on May 8, 2020 for an AC unit that no longer cooled, I was told I would be contacted between 24 to 48 hours. No one contacted me, when I called Harmony back on May 14, 2020, I was told that my claim required 36 months of maintenance records. I told the agent that I was told otherwise by the sales person when sold the warranty, but they refuse to proceed.

I requested a cancellation based on being sold the warranty on false claims. I was requested to physically mail a cancellation letter (I asked if I could email - they refused), I did so the same day on May 14, 2020. I didn't hear any response and on June 16, 2020, I called and spoke to Rob who then requested that I send an email to [email protected] to ask for a follow up on my cancellation request.

I then received an email stating they would refund only $110 out of the $400, sign a document and I had to remove any negative reviews. This is a complete scam. I demand a full refund based on the false claims made by the sales person when the warranty was first sold to me. I was then called by a belligerent customer service rep, that had the audacity to insult me and say that I should have read the fine print! WTH? Buyer beware!!

Rami A.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
June 12 2020 7:18PM

Have had the company since 12/2019 and had to make a call about a problem with my refrigerator on June 2 2020. Tried calling 4 times last week and this week with all of a sudden being told I was denied for non payment of my account (they take my monthly payments out ) has been 10 days and keep waiting for billing now to call me. This place is a scam. I am closing my contract with them. I would never recommend this company to anyone. If I could I would give them no stars.

Heather S.
Ramona, CA
June 02 2020 7:05PM

Harmony Home Warranty is the worst company you can have for your home. I placed a service request 9 days ago for my HVAC. It took the technician 4 days to reach me that too after chasing him. Finally when he visited my apartment, he asked me to pay $310 upfront as Harmony Home Warranty did not give him a work order so he was not sure if he would be paid for his services by them.

My name and number was only forwarded to him. The technician then submitted a detailed report which needed the compressor to be replaced. First it took them to find that email from him 2 days. Finally when the email was found, 6 hours later the agent ROB calls to say it has been approved but I have to submit 3 years of maintenance plan. I told him that I bought my first home 5 months back and do not have that.

He tells me to contact the previous owner of the house who is outside USA and get that from him as otherwise the claim will not go through! So if you are looking for horrible customer service, expensive service plan with no service, please go ahead and pay them.

Saima A.
Woodbridge, NJ
June 01 2020 6:04PM

We put in a claims request on wed (today is Monday) because our AC is out and we have a home warranty with harmony, purchases by the sellers of our house. Our contract says they are available 24/7 and for our emergency claims they will respond within 48 hours.

No one has called us back yet and it’s been really difficult to get ahold of anyone. The phone keeps ringing. Then when we call during normal business hours Monday - Friday they said we have to call back OR they put in a request. They seem very disorganized and no one has yet called us back. This is really ridiculous and I wish anyone would have any compassion at this company and realize how uncomfortable it is with no ac in summer

Victoria S.
Carmel, IN
May 19 2020 8:38PM

Harmony Home Warranty contacted us with the request to provide service to their customer in our area. We checked the appliance, submitted the estimate same day and never got response from them. Their customer was calling for service saying that they directed him to us. We contacted numerous times with the status of authorization and later with the status of payment for the service call provided. They ignored both. Be careful with this company. They are scammers.

Tatyana G.
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