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Health IQ is an insurance provider that pioneered an online quiz developed with a team of leading health, medical and fitness experts. The company uses this assessment to identify life insurance applicants with a statistically low risk of heart disease and diabetes. Health IQ then works to find lower-cost life insurance for individuals who are likely to live longer, regardless of family history.

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Health IQ considers your health proficiency, activity and underwriting credits to offer life insurance policies at a lower rate.

Health IQ Life Insurance Review

Health IQ uses scientific data to negotiate a special rate on life insurance for health-conscious individuals. The company combines your current health, activity level and knowledge of physical fitness to predict your long-term health. People with a healthy lifestyle are typically preferred applicants with many life insurance companies.

Health IQ sells insurance in all 50 states. The company is a managing general agent collaborating with respected insurance companies like Prudential, Assurity and many others. Your answers to the Health IQ quiz effectively assess your health, making you eligible for life insurance discounts.


  • Rewards health-conscious people with lower life insurance rates
  • Private online quiz determines eligibility
  • Free service for finding low-cost life insurance


  • Lengthy quiz required for application
  • Approval for a policy may take longer compared to other companies

How Health IQ Works

To get started with Health IQ, enter some general information about yourself and how much life insurance you want to buy. Then answer questions to assess your fitness habits. The quiz is designed to measure your knowledge, so you can’t fib about the number of miles you run each day. For example, Health IQ tests your knowledge of portion control rather than asking if you overeat.

Health IQ partner life insurance companies accept the quiz results because it’s nearly impossible to game the questions. You can buy life insurance for much less if you score highly on assessments and get a free medical exam. Prove your level of fitness, and you can save even more.

Health Literacy CreditsEarned after scoring Elite on the Health IQ quiz (8% savings)$2,020
Active Lifestyle CreditsVerify your fitness level by submitting proof of activities (9% savings)$2,270
Underwriting CreditsSave up to 24% more because your lifestyle offsets insurance risk factors like family health history.Up to $6,279
Total Savings8% to 41%$2,020 – $10,568
Health IQ Life Insurance
Sample Savings over 30 Years

Who Benefits from Using Health IQ?

Health IQ serves those who are healthy and know how to stay fit. Those who can save thousands of dollars on life insurance include:

  • Runners
  • Cyclists
  • Weight lifters
  • Vegans and vegetarians
  • Swimmers
  • Yogis
  • Tennis players
  • Avid fitness enthusiasts

The company also sells disability insurance. Healthy seniors can save up to $2,477 on Medicare Supplement insurance over the average time most people keep this type of policy.

Health IQ Costs

Health IQ is a free service. The quiz determines if you are eligible to reduce the cost of your life insurance. If you qualify, but you’re not interested in applying for insurance, Health IQ is still free with no obligation.

Where to Buy Life Insurance from Health IQ

You must take Health IQ’s online quiz before you can buy discounted life insurance. The only place to do this and apply for a policy is via the website.

Health IQ Complaints

Health IQ ratings on Trustpilot average out to 4.5 out of 5 stars. DoughRoller scores the company 8.7 out of 10. The length of time required to apply for a policy reduced the nearly perfect score.

ConsumersAdvocate awards Health IQ 4.8 out of 5 stars. The Better Business Bureau says Health IQ is an A+ company.

Many reviewers mentioned friendly and helpful customer service representatives. Complaints primarily pertained to the length of time between application and approval. Frequent follow-up texts and phone calls for those who did not buy a policy were an issue as well.

Health IQ FAQ

  • I already have life insurance. Can I get additional coverage from Health IQ?You can either buy additional life insurance from Health IQ or apply for a new policy to replace your existing life insurance. You can also look into refinancing your current policy. There’s no fee for obtaining additional coverage or refinancing.
  • What if my health changes? Will I be able to keep my life insurance?When you buy insurance, the carrier must provide coverage for the entire term at the same rate. If you stop paying premiums to Health IQ, you will lose your insurance.
  • Can I cancel a Health IQ life insurance policy before the term ends?Yes, you cancel your insurance at any time.
  • Do I need a medical exam to get life insurance from Health IQ?Yes, you need to have a physical, blood work and other tests typically required to buy life insurance. You also need to give Health IQ one-time access to your fitness tracker results for additional discounts.
  • I’m a diabetic with a healthy lifestyle. Can I qualify to save on life insurance by using Health IQ?You will likely find lower life insurance rates if you use Health IQ even if you have diabetes. The company finds money-saving life insurance for people who eat properly and exercise to control their A1C successfully.


Over 1 million people have used Health IQ’s online quiz to determine if they qualify for the best insurance rates. The company provides over $31 billion worth of life insurance to active adults practicing a healthy lifestyle. The process of applying for life insurance through Health IQ may seem tedious. Still, the savings on premiums are worth the time spent if you are a physically fit individual with healthy habits.

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