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Ideal Home Warranty

4.5 Stars (8 Reviews)
Updated: January 27, 2023
By: Jeff Smith
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Ideal Home Warranty is a nationwide company offering three home warranty plans. The home warranties are customizable with several add-on services, so you don’t pay for coverage you won’t use. Ideal Home Warranty assigns a dedicated agent to each claim, and you can reach the claims department 24 hours a day.

Ideal Home Warranty Logo

Editorial Breakdown

Service Quality 4.4 Stars
Affordability 4.4 Stars
Coverage Area 4.5 Stars
Customer Service 4.6 Stars

Overall Rating 4.5 Stars

Bottom Line

Ideal Home Warranty is a nationwide company offering three home warranty plans, with customizable add-ons available.

Ideal Home Warranty Review

Ideal Home Warranty offers coverage with three different plans, so you’re not locked into a “one-size-fits-all” service contract. The Gold Plan covers repairs to major household systems, and the Platinum plan is for appliances. The Ideal Plan combines the Gold and Platinum Plans and adds coverage for a ceiling and exhaust fan, garage door opener and whirlpool bathtub.

The home warranty company sells plans in all states and has 24/7 coverage for claims services. You can read the full contract terms on the website before you get a quote. Ideal Home Warranty assigns a dedicated claims specialist to your account, so you always work with someone familiar with your claim.


  • No transfer fee if you sell your home
  • Contract terms posted on website
  • 24/7 claims service
  • One claims specialist per case


  • Cancellation fee after 30 days

Ideal Home Warranty Plan Benefits

Home warranties cover repairs of appliances and systems that fail from wear and tear, which your homeowners insurance doesn’t cover. An Ideal Home Warranty plan helps to pay for the cost of fixing household systems (like heating and plumbing), appliances, septic and well systems and more. You pay a monthly or annual fee, which is easier to budget for than the high cost of a household breakdown. Ask about a discount for a multiyear protection plan.

If a covered item breaks down, call Ideal Home Warranty’s customer service 24 hours a day to file a claim. A service professional will be at your door as soon as the same day to diagnose the problem and make repairs or replacements. You pay a small service fee on the first visit, but there are no other fees.

Ideal Home Warranty Plans
Gold Platinum Ideal
– Heating and air conditioning
– Electrical and plumbing
– Plumbing stoppage
– Water heater
– Garbage disposal
– Refrigerator (kitchen)
– Oven, range, stove, cooktop
– Microwave (built-in)
– Dishwasher
– Washer and dryer
– Gold and Platinum coverage
– Ceiling and exhaust fan
– Garage door opener
– Whirlpool bathtub

Ideal Home Warranty Guarantee and Exclusions

Ideal Home Warranty pays to fix the system or appliance again if a repair fails. This guarantee is good for 90 days on parts and 30 days on labor, with no service fee.

All home warranties come with exclusions. For example, a service contract from Ideal Home Warranty won’t cover knobs on your washing machine, racks in your dishwasher or air conditioning filters. We recommend reading the home warranty contract and asking questions if you do not understand all the terms. Ideal Home Warranty contracts offer a great deal of coverage but include many exclusions.

Ideal Home Warranty does not provide contracts to homes with a business (such as a day care or professional office). Coverage does not extend to common areas shared with neighbors.

Customizing Your Ideal Home Warranty Service

Ideal Home Warranty allows you to customize your repair plan with optional coverage for many other systems and appliances inside and outside the home. You can immediately purchase any of these add-ons or wait up to 30 days after buying your primary plan.

Coverage for add-ons starts 30 days after Ideal Home Warranty receives payment and ends on the same day as your primary service contract.

Ideal Home Warranty Service Add-ons
Exterior Interior
– Pool and spa
– Septic system
– Well pump
Limited roof leak
– Refrigerator ice maker
– Central vacuum
– Sump pump
– Water softener
– Stand-alone freezer

Ideal Home Warranty Costs and Cancellation Policy

Ideal Home Warranty says it provides service contracts for as little as $1 per day but does not publish sample pricing. Home warranty prices vary by location, and there is a separate service fee for each claim. The Ideal Home Warranty website says it offers one month of service free, although this may be a temporary promotion.

You can cancel your Ideal Home Warranty contract within 30 days of your order date for a full refund. Published contract terms say costs for service provided during that time get subtracted from the refund. However, Ideal Home Warranty’s service ordinarily doesn’t go into effect until 30 days after finalizing your contract.

Cancel after 30 days, and you get a prorated refund less service costs and administration and cancellation fees.

How to Buy an Ideal Home Warranty Service Agreement

You can click on the “Request a Free Quote” button on the website and complete the contact form to get a call from Ideal Home Warranty. Another option is to call the company at the listed number to discuss home warranty coverage. If you use any contact form on the site, you agree to contact by phone, email, text and prerecorded promotional messages.

Ideal Home Warranty Complaints

Ideal Home Warranty says you’ll find consumer reviews on Google and several websites. We found no reviews anywhere except on the Best Company review site. Ideal Home Warranty has a few enthusiastic customer comments on its site.

The Best Company review highlights the same things we like about Ideal Home Warranty: 24/7 claims service and tiered, customizable plans. The review noted the incomplete contact information found on the site and a lack of pricing information. Best Company criticized Ideal Home Warranty for not linking to the contract terms on its site, but the link is now in place.

Ideal Home Warranty Q&A

  • Can I choose the contractor that makes repairs via Ideal Home Warranty?

    Ideal Home Warranty selects the contractors who fulfill the service contract. If you have a favorite household repair company, they can join the network online. You could request this company if you file a claim, but Ideal Home Warranty gets the final word on contractors.

  • Do Ideal Home Warranty service contracts cover multiple appliances of the same type?

    No. If you want to cover multiple appliances, such as two refrigerators, speak to your Ideal Home Warranty agent about adding the second unit to your contract.

  • Can renters buy an Ideal Home Warranty contract?

    Renters don’t own the covered property, so they can’t buy a home warranty. Landlords owning single-family and multiunit homes can buy a service contract from Ideal Home Warranty and name the tenant(s) as an authorized party.

  • How does Ideal Home Warranty vet contractors?

    The terms on Ideal Home Warranty’s website do not specify a procedure for investigating repair contractors. The contract spells out that it’s not liable for damages related to service, contractor delays or a contractor’s failure to provide service. Speak to a representative to learn how Ideal Home Warranty vets contractors that visit your home.

  • Is Ideal Home Warranty a maintenance company?

    No. Ideal Home Warranty does not coordinate maintenance, only repair service. You must maintain systems and appliances according to manufacturer recommendations. Ideal Home Warranty doesn’t cover damage due to negligence.


Ideal Home Warranty offers a decent level of repair service coverage for homes under 2,500 square feet. Take some time to decide if a home warranty is a good fit for you before you buy one. If a home warranty makes sense, read the contract terms thoroughly. Ideal Home Warranty’s 24/7 claim center and having one agent assigned to your claim are notable conveniences.

8 Ideal Home Warranty Reviews

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5 Stars

November 30 2021 11:28PM

My garbage disposal was acting up. Ideal Home Warranty had a plumber come out the next day and authorized him to replace the unit immediately. I could not be happier with the whole experience and how it was handled.

The service I received from Ideal Home Warranty was excellent. This company is professional, reliable and offers fast service.

Beulah O.
Orlando, FL
5 Stars

October 13 2021 4:05PM

I have had an Ideal policy for almost a year and have had 4 different service calls. All were repaired promptly, and all were done with repair service companies that I would be using after I no longer carry a home warranty. I love this company!

Jessica P.
Boynton Beach, FL
5 Stars

September 23 2021 9:41PM

It was a cold night and my heater went out. Jamie was excellent in resolving my issue. She was a great listener and very stellar with her knowledge of the issue I was having, and she cared about what I was going through. Ideal Home Warranty was able to help me out promptly.

The technician was very kind and called me so our schedule could align. He troubleshooted the problem and had the part on his truck. I tell my family and coworkers about this company’s level of service.

Abhishek G.
Camden, NJ
5 Stars

September 23 2021 3:23PM

Susan was very helpful to me. She helped me put in my claim for my air conditioner at 7am. At 10am that day the technician came to my house and got my ac running. I really love the quick service. I don't do well in the summer heat. Thank you so much.

Jada T.
5 Stars

September 03 2021 2:20PM

Very good customer service. I spoke to Karen. She handled my claim very quickly. I am glad that I got her on the line. She sent someone to fix my ac that broke down the previous night. I am impressed with the work the technician did. I appreciate the swift service.

Kojo D.
Tampa, FL
5 Stars

August 27 2021 2:24PM

My built in microwave broke down. I couldn’t warm up my leftovers. I did my claim with Ideal Home Warranty over the phone. Their reps are very professional and they're willing to help all the time.

I got a new microwave shipped to me in 3 days. Ideal Home Warranty is the best warranty company I have experience with.

Brian M.
Chicago, IL
5 Stars

August 23 2021 8:35PM

Hayden was wonderful and very helpful. She made my experience a joy. I would recommend Hayden to help anyone with regards to Ideal Home Warranty. She helped me with my situation and offered options that I was not aware of.

I was blessed to have met her. Very professional and a joy to conversate with. Hayden took all the time explaining the process and what further steps I and my tech should take to complete the claim. Hayden was courteous, informative, sincere, and helpful. I appreciate the great service.

Laura C.
Chicago, IL
5 Stars

August 16 2021 10:34PM

I am a first time home owner. I called ideal on last Monday for my ac. Ideal was able to have a tech come out in 2 hours. The Tech was courteous and professional. He did an awesome job of diagnosing issue with my ac.

He explained the issue and installed the missing part for my unit. I would gladly recommend Ideal Home Warranty to all of my family and friends.

Hana G.
Denver, CO