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4.5 Stars
Updated: January 27, 2023
By: Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith
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Indyfin is a free online financial advisor search platform that matches you with the best financial professionals for your needs. Indyfin combines financial industry experience with technology to validate advisor credentials and gather reviews from clients. You get all the information you need to make a decision based on facts and genuine client experiences.

Indyfin logo

Editorial Breakdown

Services 4.6 Stars
Tools 4.3 Stars
Network of Advisors 4.3 Stars
Screening Process 4.5 Stars

Overall Rating 4.4 Stars

Bottom Line

Indyfin is a free online financial advisor search platform that matches you with the best financial professionals for your needs

Indyfin Review

Indyfin provides a free, easy-to-use online platform to help you find the right financial advisor. Indyfin helps you spot the details that matter to find the best match for your life stage and financial goals. Client reviews help you further refine your search. Indyfin also provides free information about what to expect from a financial advisor on its website.

Indyfin is based in Texas and brings consumers across the U.S. together with financial professionals licensed to work in their state. Client reviews are a unique feature that adds a layer of confidence when you’re selecting a professional to help with financial decisions. With over 200,000 financial advisors in the U.S., Indyfin efficiently filters your best choices.


  • No sales pressure
  • All features are free to consumers
  • Complete your assessment in under five minutes
  • No technical knowledge required, easy to use
  • Client reviews with ratings for various services


  • Advisory fees are not included in all profiles

How Indyfin Finds Financial Advisor Matches

Indyfin gathers information from you and financial advisors to create the best client/advisor match based on your requirements. Click on Find Your Match or Find an Advisor on the Indyfin website and answer a few quick questions. You’ll have the option to create an account and compare the top advisor profiles that complement your needs.

Most people turn to online reviews for help with choosing products and services. Indyfin shows reviews from people like you who received financial advice from each professional. At-a-glance ratings indicate if the advisor is a good listener, readily provides information and acts in the client’s best interest as a fiduciary.

Once you enter your information, you’ll see up to three advisors. Click on the profiles to learn about each one, including credentials and key traits matching your comprehensive financial planning needs. You can set up a time to speak to the advisor you choose without leaving Indyfin.

Indyfin Financial Advisor Profile Data
Business Details Advisor Information
Business name and location Personal money management beliefs
Assets under management Education
Number of client households Certifications
Specific financial services provided Fiduciary details
Brokerage and custodian partnerships Work experience
Link to SEC public disclosure documents Personal accomplishments and interests
Types of clients and businesses worked with Unique programs or strategies offered
Minimum fees, commission or flat rates (optional) Client ratings and reviews

How Indyfin Works with Your Data

Indyfin’s investor experience platform leverages technology to match people with appropriate financial advisors instantly. An algorithm compares advisor competencies, client needs and personality traits through over 100 data points. A few of the data points Indyfin uses to make this match are:

  • Location
  • Life stage
  • Age
  • Investment objectives
  • Personality and behavior information
  • Level of assets
  • Risk tolerance

Indyfin uses leading security standards to protect your data. Your best defense is using a strong password. Read Indyfin’s privacy policy at the bottom of the website for details.

Indyfin Costs

Indyfin is free to consumers. Some advisor profiles post fees. There’s always a link to the SEC registration (Form ADV), where you can learn about fee structures and account minimums. You’ll set up an initial consultation (typically free) with the financial advisor you choose to learn about specific costs.

Indyfin: What’s in it for Financial Advisors?

Financial advisors save time by using Indyfin to find prospective clients looking for their skills, financial products and services. Indyfin won’t match you to a long-term retirement planning specialist if you need help budgeting for college expenses or a house. Neither party wastes time on the phone with a potential client or professional that’s not a good fit.

If you choose one of Indyfin’s recommendations, your personal financial advisor will immediately understand your priorities.

Indyfin Complaints

We found no complaints about Indyfin on any consumer review site. SEC filings revealed no complaints at the federal level. The platform’s questions are straightforward, and we would not expect anyone to have trouble completing Indyfin’s survey.

Indyfin FAQ

  • Does Indyfin provide financial advice?

    Indyfin is registered with the SEC to comply with federal regulations but does not provide financial planning or advice. The company will match you to a financial advisor with the background required to provide personalized advice.

  • Is Indyfin a technology company?

    Indyfin uses the latest technology combined with financial industry expertise to deliver a service. Indyfin’s president and CEO, Akshay Singh, has over 15 years of high-level financial industry experience, a computer science degree and an MBA in finance and entrepreneurship.

  • Will I get marketing calls and emails if I use Indyfin?

    You won’t get flooded with marketing communications from random financial advisors. Indyfin matches you with specific advisors. Then you decide whom to contact.

  • Can I see what a financial advisor profile looks like before using Indyfin?

    Indyfin provides three sample profiles on the website. Click on each one to see the information you’ll have access to if you use the free service.

  • How does Indyfin choose financial advisors to include on the platform?

    All advisors must pass a rigorous vetting process to qualify for Indyfin’s network. Not every advisor passes, so you only get linked with competent, qualified professionals.


Indyfin’s free, secure platform matches you to the best financial advisor based on your information. The service provides professional facts about each advisor match, and you’ll get an idea of their personal priorities. You’ll also see ratings and reviews from clients like you to help make choosing a financial advisor easier.

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