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October 02 2020 4:12PM

This is the worst machine I have ever had. The g4 is just worthless. Don’t buy this product. I have never been this disappointed in a product like this in my entire life. They have the worst consumer service of any place I have ever deal with.

Doug O.
Powhatan, VT
September 15 2020 3:01PM

I owned the G3 and now the G4. I have my G4 going on 4 years. I had to replace the columns twice which is expected. It is a wonderful thing when traveling as I have difficulty sometimes in planes to breathe.

When I had the G3 TSA would always pull it aside and check for explosives. Never happened with the G4. It is a little noisy at night but I get used to it. People really need to do their research before making a purchase.

The portable units are not continuous flow. They deliver puffs of air according to your inhalation. They are meant for use on the go. If your nose is stuffed and you breathe through your mouth it won’t work.

If you chronic sinus issues and a stuffy nose, don’t buy a machine that will not work under those circumstances and then complain about the machine not working.

People don’t ask pertinent questions when making purchases. It’s like buying a stick shift car and then complaining that the dealer sold you it and all you can drive is an automatic.

You need to take responsibility for your own health. There is a magical thing called the internet. Use it. Research. Read before you make a purchase.

Basil R.
New York, NY
August 11 2020 9:35AM

This review is for the Inogen At Home concentrator. The unit has been outstanding over the last 3-4 years. It is well-built and dependable. However, everything needs maintenance.

I had safety lights lighting, indicating that something was not working correctly. I called and we troubleshooted the machine. I paid a reasonable price for Inogen to send me the two columns that were needed to get my machine back into its brand new condition.

The columns came with clear, simple instructions. I made the swap within 10 minutes. I highly rate the Inogen At Home and I highly rate the manner in which Inogen went to service my machine.

This would have cost much more had I been obligated to return the machine to Inogen. Thank you Inogen!

Robert K.
Portland, ME
January 19 2020 3:45AM

Stay away from them. Bought 2 G5 portable oxygen machines. Both failed when they got hot after 45 minutes, the guarantee is a sham, went to american express in protest, I had a Phillips as a backup, or I would have died.. Again stay clear.

Plandome, NY
January 14 2020 3:42AM

Worst customer service ever! Purchased a brand new G4 and it didn't work on delivery. Customer service sent out a new part... Still didn't work. When I said I wanted to return item for a refund it took multiple calls to get RMA number required and Inogen refused to pay for shipping. Sales rep was very prompt during the purchase and nonexistent when there was an issue. Buyer beware! I should have done my homework before purchasing to see all other similar complaints.

Tina C.
Lisbon, CT
December 27 2019 11:25PM

My father, 94 years old, a Navy Vet, purchased this machine and in less than a year had replacements sent over 5 times. Just called again today because once again this freakin machine not working.. This is such poor patient care, false advertising, and putting patients in a life/ death situation. You pay over $3 or 4 thousand dollars for a machine that malfunctions. Then you're told, "!e will send another out." but they don’t want to spend the shipping to have to you same day or first thing in morning and they send a refurbished one that again breaks down.

They sure took our money but definitely don’t honor their equipment. I filed a complaint with better business. These companies that play with peoples life’s need to be shut down. I’m in medical and it really pisses me off that people like this rip people off and have no care over patients. They need to shut them down and refund all these people that fell for their lies...

Paula Z.
November 25 2019 3:12PM

I would like to give kudos to an employee named Andrew. He was a perfect gentleman from the beginning of my purchase, to the follow up after receiving your product. His expert knowledge assisted me in getting a prescription from the pulmonologist, and expediting the product to my home. He took the time to make several calls ensuring that I was aware of the process, and where we were in the process. Thank you very much for all of your assistance.

Elaine H.
Floral Gardens, NY
November 22 2019 11:53PM

Loved the machine, until it broke. Used it 2 months, sent it in for repairs, they have had it for three months. I call, and they say it will be done next week. I spent 4000 dollars out of pocket. DO NOT DO IT. I wish I could go on the tv and tell all about it!!!

Evelyn H.
Warren, OH
November 13 2019 4:49PM

Read the other reviews, this is a horrible company to deal with and the customer service is atrocious. Still trying to get through the information phase and am actually glad we have not made a purchase from them and happy I am doing the leg work as I think they would have confused and taken advantage of my parent.

Matt M.
Richland, MO
November 11 2019 8:52PM

Dont deal with this company, they are pathetic. They will send you bills and never credit you as they have a screwball invoicing system where they bill you for products that you are returning to them before they even get the product back, then they will start calling and bothering you. Also, I read where they are being sued because they lied to all the shareholders. Go elsewhere, there are plenty of reputable companies that are not as stupid as this one.

Thomas S.
Hemet, CA
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