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May 20 2021 7:48PM

Good when out shopping or walking, no tanks to carry or drag the large ones. Quiet operation. Adjustable oxygen levels. But need to have a better way of attaching nose hose to tank so it doesn't bend. I have juryrigged a system but should be part of the oxygen machine.

Judy D.
Pahrump, NV
May 20 2021 7:44PM

Love it but have one concern....I need a humidifier hooked up to it nose is getting all stuffed up during the night & it is keeping me awake...there needs to be some sort of moisture & I can't find any place to hook it up...please look into this & get back to me. Thank you Sandy.

Sandra C.
Montrose, CO
May 20 2021 7:25PM

Inogen is a life changer!! I recently retired; and this gives me the freedom to travel, and still be able to do things I couldn’t have done before without it!! Today I went with my daughter in law to a nursery to buy flowers to plant. I couldn’t have done that before. Thank you Inogen!!

Martha Peterman P.
May 20 2021 7:16PM

It has made life so much easier. I would recommend it to anyone. It works wonderfully, absolutely letting you do more activities. It means FREEDOM.

I had been using the old liquid tanks for years, now I'm able to get out without dragging around the heavy old tanks, thanks to INOGEN I'm free.

Dean S.
Burley, ID
May 20 2021 7:07PM

Can not get through online. Always extremely long wait times. Keep getting emails and calls for returning something but no details. Told to call back but again extremely long wait times.

I have a portable system I paid for and I tried to send emails that I am not sending back my paid for machine.

Janet J.
Las Vegas, NV
May 20 2021 6:53PM

Equipment dependable, quiet and easy to carry for my husband. He passed away February 19, 2021. Thanks for all of your support. He was very pleased with his Inogen equipment and I would recommend this product to anyone who need to be mobile and needs portable oxygen.

Rilla B.
Nashville, TN
May 20 2021 6:52PM

Having the flexibility/mobility of the oxygen is priceless. However, the batteries are a problem - I'm only getting two and a half hours out of a double battery fully charged.

Have tried five batteries in three different machines and cannot get the advertised four and a half hours from any of them - company has been alright about sending me batteries for trying but none have given the length of time suggested. Last time I called the company they didn't return my call.

Valerie M.
San Diego, CA
May 20 2021 6:51PM

Great customer service. Could use higher ox output. I would buy again. The machine could have ox stepped up to 6 or 7 lit output and be a bit lighter in weight. The tech Guy I spoke with was very helpful and got everything going for me. Thanks, Bob **.

Robert E.
Reading, PA
May 20 2021 6:49PM

The Inogen is a life saver. The only problem I have with it is that the oxygen cord crimps and my husband can’t get the oxygen he needs so dearly.

You can’t sit in a chair with the back pack and the Inogen on. If you do the Inogen will overheat and turn off. Once again you will not get any oxygen. Other than that the Inogen is fantastic!

Jack H.
Carleton, MI
May 20 2021 6:46PM

It has been great working with this company. I have enjoyed the liberty of being able to walk about 1-1/2 miles and not have to worry about running out of oxygen. I do have a question, though - how do we know when our batteries need replaced??

Leonard B.
Coraopolis, PA
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