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May 20 2021 4:43PM

I love my unit! It is so much easier than oxygen bottles. Light weight and easy to carry around. I sleep with it as well.

Great part is not having to deal with the oxygen firms bringing and leaving bottles all the time. I am also assured that I will never run out of oxygen as long as there is a plug to recharge.

Wanda B.
Corrales, New Mexico, NM
May 20 2021 4:36PM

This instrument is the Cadillac of oxygen machines. I used it when I go out and it also works in case of emergencies like the power going out. I love it. I would buy it again if I didn't already have one. It's a little heavy and I'd like to see it lighter.

Elizabeth R.
White Sulphur Springs, WV
May 20 2021 4:33PM

The G4 works wonderfully when it works. When using the device the pulse of oxygen is great then, unaccountably, no pulse or weak pulse of oxygen, this may persist for several breaths, then resume normal operation for a few breaths.

Then it starts all over again. Very erratic operation for a device that costs thousands with batteries, etc. Customer service is extremely difficult to get through due to extended wait times on hold.

I purchased a new G4, customer service sends refurbished units that work even worse. I returned 3 refurbished units that had the same issue but worse. I received my original G4 in August of 2020 and used it occasionally when necessary.

By early December 2020, I was seeking help from Inogen. The people that finally answer are as helpful as they can be with a limited script and knowledge of the product.

Today I am stuck with a temperamental device of my original purchase that I gave up on attempting to get remedied to no successful avail. DO NOT BUY INOGEN!

Gregory N.
West Deptford, NJ
May 20 2021 4:29PM

Having a member in our family with severe asthma it's frightening not to have oxygen on hand ready to give at any given moment. I'm most grateful for Inogen's fast delivery for everything we desperately need to keep on hand. Thanks, ** family.

Debra/william M.
Thorsby, AL
May 20 2021 4:08PM

Great company, professional and caring customer service on the phone, online and the online app is amazing.

The pricing was better than other similar companies and being able to purchase, directly through them, was a big plus. The design features and variety of portable equipment was a special incentive.

Lea M.
Crestview, FL
May 20 2021 4:02PM

I really like my Inogen but if you tap it on side it shuts off. The system is light and works great. I have two batteries and can be gone 14 hours then I have charger for car. I use the Inogen for my primary oxygen. I have another system for bedroom.

Karen S.
Bluff City, TN
May 20 2021 3:55PM

I had avoided getting supplemental oxygen because I didn't want to be dragging those big tanks around. I met a woman at the store once who showed me her Inogen and showed me how compact it was and how it had given her back her mobility.

Flash forward a year. We found ourselves once again surrounded by encroaching wildfires. The air had become too smoky for me to breathe and we were trying to decide where to go. I called my doctor who told me (again) about Inogen. This time I called.

The service was amazing! I ordered the machine on a Thursday, they overnight-shipped it to me so it arrived on Friday night, Saturday morning I was reading the instructions and going through the training on how to use it and Sunday morning we evacuated our house!

We were able to go along the high elevations of Highway 50 across Nevada without the limitations of my lungs.

Whereas a year before we'd had to cut our trip short because of my breathing difficulties, this time we were able to easily cope with being evacuees as well as seeing a very beautiful part of the country. We ended up being gone for six weeks.

I was able to get additional tubing from the road by using Amazon and General Delivery. The unit is very light and the backpack carrier enables me to wear it on my back very comfortably--I even did a short hike. We were lucky--our house was spared.

Others were not so lucky. One of the few positive things about that time was that I was able to get the Imogen machine, learn to use it, have support at the other end of my phone when I needed it and manage a crisis without that horrible feeling of not getting enough air.

Patricia O.
Santa Rosa, CA
May 20 2021 3:45PM

I never looked back after purchasing my Inogen G4. It has allowed me more freedom and worry free comfort. I bought an inexpensive mesh backpack and go everywhere! My activities have returned more closely to normal. Well worth the money. Thankful.

Kristyn Laurel M.
Rochester, WA
May 20 2021 3:43PM

My Mom has had her Inogen machine going on two years. She bought right before Covid hit. About eight months after very little use it showed the columns needed to be replaced. You replaced them free of charge because they are to last between 12-18 months.

Because of Covid, quarantine and her breathing problems she was only out for doctor appointments or emergencies for over a year. One month ago the machine showed she needed new columns again. Less than 12 months of use on these!

You refused to replace them free of charge and she had to pay over $100 for them. Nothing has lasted like we were guaranteed it would. Her Inogen machine has had to be replaced also!

She wishes she had never bought it! Instead of stress free, it's very stressful for her. Would not recommend this product.

Barbara W.
Fayetteville, AR
May 20 2021 3:23PM

Your sales staff were REALLY awesome to work with as my mother purchased a portable unit. After she passed away I called back to the sales lady asking if there was a program to reuse or helping out someone in need of a portable air machine.

I was told she would look into it. I haven't heard from her since... I will reach out to a local Dr instead...

Dan H.
Thief River Falls, MN
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