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May 20 2021 2:34PM

There’s one design flaw in the product that can be fixed with a simple torsion spring. The outlet for the air hose, located at the top of the unit, flexes and shuts off airflow in normal use. This could be fixed by a redesign or with a simple torsion spring.

Linda H.
Evansville, IN
May 20 2021 2:26PM

It's been great this last year being able to get outside with my G5 and not have any worries about a tank going empty or having to recharge for over 7 hours. I purchased a back pack so it stays in place and isn't swinging around my neck and shoulder like a pendulum and dead weight.

I can reverse the back pack to the front and drive my tractor or utv around on the farm. It's been good to me, Thanks.

Don W.
May 20 2021 2:24PM

I bought the big batteries. They're suppose to last 6 to 7 hours. I went to Mayo in min. Went into clinic with it. Set on 2 and about 3 hours I was out of air. Battery was dead. One of the nurse said that's all the batteries are good for. There you are. No air.

Al S.
Chippewa Falls, WI
May 20 2021 2:24PM

The oxygen hose kinks too much. They need to fix this problem as soon as possible. Thank you very much and let me know when it is done. Please please please fix as soon as possible. This causes issues with the oxygen coming out.

Johnny D.
Marlinton, WV
May 20 2021 2:22PM

This unit has been a blessing for me. I originally had a unit that was the size of a carryon suitcase and weighed 24lbs! It only had a one hour battery life which meant that I was very limited to where I could go outside of my home. I flew to Texas and it was a burden to deal with.

When my sister met me at the airport she was shocked and immediately got ahold of my sisters and they purchased the Inogen G4. My life changed forever. My salesman was excellent and served me well! Company has been great to fulfill my needs! Thank you Inogen!

Eugenie L.
Morrisville, VT
May 20 2021 2:21PM

I was ordered Oxygen, but it did not alleviate my breathing problems, so doctor cancelled the order & Inogen in the trial period & all equip was returned to Inogen & debt cancelled! It was a nice unit & IF I ever have the TRUE need for oxygen, I will contact Inogen! TY, Cleta **.

Cleta B.
Iowa Park, TX
May 20 2021 2:19PM

Overall, I'm very pleased with the Inogen products I have purchased. The only reason I did not give a five-star rating was due to the high cost of accessories. The price of a car charger cord for my portable unit was $75+, which is excessive!

Johnny S.
Locust Grove, WV
May 20 2021 2:12PM

We love the convenience and reliability of the Inogen and the ease of mobility it gives Mom. If we have one thing to be somewhat critical of it would be the valve "pop" sound it makes as it cycles. I'm sure Inogen is working on that. : ) Mike **.

Michael K.
Verona, WI
April 16 2021 3:18AM

Spent a lot of money for the Inogen G4 portable for my wife Ann ** who had COPD and wears oxygen 24/7. Ann used the g4 off and on for two years, she has a larger inogen portable she uses when not at home using a home oxygenator.

We had to replace the column and the battery for the larger portable and it is still functioning after about five years, but the little portable we had just over two years has had new columns added but still show as error messages.

Inogen folks are nice but no help in getting the little portable fixed without spending lots of money for the repair. I would be better off buying a new one but it could fail also!

Love the larger portable but the small one is a money Trap for us. Customer care is friendly as long as we have repair money. Sad Times.

Robert B.
The Villages, FL
January 30 2021 11:40PM

I bought the Inogen G one home unit for $2,500 plus I purchased a lifetime warranty for $700 and the Inogen One G1 stationary home unit has been horrible for my father and me.

He’s basically on life support at home and I have had to get 9 replacements because every month the Inogen home unit's motor just stops and then I have to call Inogen and tell them everything that happened and it takes a week for my dad to get his full amount of oxygen.

It’s like they keep sending me used machines and I bought a brand new Inogen One G1 home stationary unit for $3,000 including the lifetime warranty and I bought my father a Inogen One G5 portable oxygen machine for $4,000 plus $975 for 3 extra batteries and we’ve never had any problems with the portable unit except for replacing the columns with oxygen.

I give the Inogen One portable G5 unit, 5 stars, But the Inogen One G1 home unit I give less than a single star rating because my father shouldn’t have to suffer because the home unit keeps breaking down and won’t let my dad get his oxygen that I paid over $3,500 for.

I just wish I could get my money back so I can get a home oxygen machine that actually works more than a month. I am happy with the Inogen One G5 portable oxygen machine but I will never ever buy an Inogen One home stationary oxygen machine.

Has anyone else had the same problem with the home unit or did I just get ripped off and my dad’s suffering from it?

Edmund P.
Lodi, CA
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