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October 21 2019 3:36AM

I've been maintaining my cholesterol and my blood pressure, and everything. I've lost a lot of weight since over the past three years and the good thing is I was taking a blood pressure pill. I found my blood pressure a little low, so I have to have a little sodium to keep it going, but I'd rather afford to do lower rather than higher.

My doctor had told me that I had atherosclerosis of the aorta, but they weren’t able to give me any other tests. I had been seeing Life Line Screening and I just wanted to know how much calcification that I had. I found out that it was very, very mild and so, I just changed my diet and trying to eat healthy and trying to live longer.

I have been talking to people on and I'm sharing with some of the members in my congregation that they need to go get that Life Line Screening because that tells if you have clogged arteries. Also I'm trying to get my husband to do it 'cause he's a little overweight. But he's got healthy blood pressure and cholesterol. He was borderline diabetic years ago, but he's pretty much healthy. He has sciatic pain but he doesn't wanna know if something's with his body.

I felt very comfortable during the screening.
I'm gonna keep Life Line because I wanna know how my progress and make sure that it hasn't gone from mild to worse, or anything like that. The only thing that I shouldn't have had to pay for and that was the cholesterol test because I get that at Kaiser. I think I paid around 250 for all tests and my last payment is gonna be due in February and I have to call so I can cancel. I'm a VIP member and they l will continue to take payments out of my check.

Wilma C.
Sacramento, CA
Life Line Screening

Thank you, Wilma! We're happy that Life Line Screening has been able to help you in your cardiovascular wellness journey, and we appreciate you bring our services to the attention of those close to you. We're honored to be your trusted health partner and hope to see you again next year -- and hope to see your husband as well!

October 21 2019 1:17AM

The people at Life Line was nice. Everybody did what they’re supposed to do.

Twila G.
Jonesboro, AR
Life Line Screening

Thanks for the review, Twila! We're pleased to know that you were treated well by the Life Line Screening staff and hope to have the privilege of serving you again!

October 20 2019 11:09AM

I get preventative screening all the time. I’m a metal worker. How do I know if the results from Life Line are accurate or not? If they’re accurate, then it’s a pretty good deal.

Tony C.
Bowling Green, KY
Life Line Screening

Thanks for the review, Tony. We take great care in ensuring the accuracy of our screenings, and everything is handled by board-certified physicians. We're proud to offer affordable screenings for every customer and are glad you were able to take advantage. Hope to see you again next year!

October 20 2019 10:15AM

I’ve been screening with Life Line every other year for years. The results were excellent. I found out a couple of things about my medical condition that I didn’t know about.And we’ll be going to them every other year probably for the rest of our life.

Willis F.
Syracuse, NY
Life Line Screening

Thanks for the review, Willis! We're glad your results were good and that they provided helpful insight into your cardiovascular wellness, and we're thrilled to hear that you're trusting Life Line Screening to help you moving forward. We're excited to see you again next year!

October 20 2019 1:20AM

I've had screening with Life Line done several times. I got the basic package deal for the heart disease and I’m satisfied with the results. I'm diabetic, so I keep checking on everything as well.

Tony G.
Asheville, NC
Life Line Screening

Thanks for the review, Tony! We are happy to help and are glad you had a positive experience. Thanks for being a loyal customer and we look forward to serving you for years to come!

October 18 2019 11:22AM

My mom has used Life Line Screening a few times, and with my age I decided to go get multiple screenings done. The service was quick and everybody was nice, and they did what they had to do.

Tracy L.
Baton Rouge, LA
Life Line Screening

Thanks, Tracy! We greatly appreciate the kind words and are happy to be your preventative health partner. It's always an excellent idea to be proactive when it comes to your cardiovascular wellness. Hope to see you again next year!

September 10 2019 4:10AM

I decided to get preventive screening since it is another choice to look over my own health. Life Line seemed good when I read about them. Their staff were all good, professional. The results from them are helpful 'cause I can take them to my own doctor and then we can have a discussion.

Toni T.
Fort Collins, CO
Life Line Screening

Toni, We're so glad that you chose Life Line Screening as part of your preventative cardiovascular screening needs. We take pride in our staff offering a professional and pleasing customer experience for every customer. Thanks for sharing your positive experience and we hope to see you again next year.

September 03 2019 9:03PM

I called to see how much I still owed for a screening a yr. ago. I was told I had a $19.95 cr. toward my next screening. I said I didn't want another screening and want a refund of my credit! I was told I can't have a refund but can apply it toward my next screening.

I was NOT told a yr. ago that I would be paying for a membership for the rest of my life and I cancelled it! Today I called my credit card co. and have been billed ANOTHER $19.95!!!! And the credit does not appear! I want the new charge removed NOW!!!! And I want my credit refunded! And I want this so called membership CANCELLED!!!

Joyce K.
Meadville, PA
Life Line Screening

Joyce, I'm so sorry to hear about your bad experience. When our customers are unhappy, we're unhappy... Let us make it up to you! We will be in touch with resolution options

August 18 2019 6:10AM

The people who were doing the tests at Life Line Screening were very good and everybody was pretty good at explaining things. They did the bone density and other tests. They were in-line and reasonable.

Tona E.
Brooklyn Park, MN
Life Line Screening

Great feedback, Tona! We genuinely appreciate it and we're glad to hear that you're happy with the services provided by Life Line Screening!

August 17 2019 5:40AM

I’m a disabled veteran. I got hurt in Iraq and I was having all kinds of issues and to get an appointment with the VA, sometimes to get stuff done, it’s taking time. I read what people wrote about Life Line. It cost me $129 for everything, and then I started getting a free one because I pay $19 at the end of the month or something every month and I get something done for free. But I haven’t received anything in the e-mail. The check-in with them was a little bit slow, but there was a lot of people. The people were great. And I forgot my glasses and this lady loaned me her Cheaters. “I must be somebody special,” I said. Everybody you talked to, they were polite, very professional. I got two nurses in my family and they told me I’ve gotten better. I’m just happy with them.

Tommy C.
Tucson, AZ
Life Line Screening

We appreciate your feedback, Tommy! Life Line Screening's goal is to provide the best cardiovascular screening service for our customers!

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