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August 13 2019 7:45AM

The results from Life Line Screening were good. Even my doctor had heard good things about them. I decided to have preventive screening done due to my family history. Life Line did my arteries and my neck and everything was normal.

I was reassured.

Todd H.
Virginia Beach, VA
Life Line Screening

Todd, We love hearing stories like yours that affirm that our services provide peace of mind for individuals like yourself. Be assured that at Life Line Screening our goal is that individual from age 45+ have access to affordable, and accurate cardiovascular screening services. Thanks for your comments!

August 08 2019 3:01AM

My first time with Life Line Screening was good. I didn’t have anything to complain about. The test was quick and easy and the atmosphere was pretty good. The price was also fair. I just suggest that they use the manual blood pressure instead of the automatic because I am in the health field and I know for some people, that the automatic will run higher on some people. You get a more consistent blood pressure off of the manual. Still, I would recommend it and I plan on going through again later on in the future to see where I’m at health-wise.

Todd H.
Omaha, NE
Life Line Screening

Todd, We're delighted to read your feedback and will pass along your suggestion to our field team supervisor. Thank you for taking time to share your positive experience. Life Line Screening's mission is to provide the best screening cardiovascular screening service at affordable prices. We greatly appreciate your business!

August 08 2019 1:25AM

We needed to be certain about my health and I was very satisfied with the results from Life Line Screening. I wanted to check the blockage on my neck and they put a thing in my heart also. The screening techs were very nice and everything was good and easy.

Yolonda L.
Laredo, TX
Life Line Screening

Yolanda, Thank you for taking the time to share your positive experience with others. The technicians at Life Line Screening strive to treat everyone with the utmost respect and professionalism and we were so glad to hear that your results were positive!

August 07 2019 11:34AM

I had quick tests including heart, cancer, bone and joints with Life Line Screening. It’s always good to know what’s happening.

Zdzislaw W.
Boston, MA
Life Line Screening

We appreciate your feedback, Zdzislaw! Life Line Screening strives to provide the best cardiovascular screening service for all our customers! Thank you for your business.

July 21 2019 1:40PM

I signed up for a screening and was paying for it $19.95 a month. Here it is a year later and they are still billing me and taking it off my card every month! I'm trying to get it to stop. No success yet.

Cynthia C.
Athens, TX
Life Line Screening

Cynthia, I apologize that you're having a problem canceling your Wellness Gold subscription. Please contact our help center, which should be able to help you with your billing problem. Thank you for letting us know about this issue.

July 17 2019 7:51PM

I do not plan to ever go back to Life Line Screening for any screening in the future. I signed up and paid for 4 tests to be done. When I arrived, I was asked for my Medicare card and apparently signed up for a wellness exam. I thought I was just signing paperwork for the tests I signed up for. No verbal mention was made to me about an an additional charge for a wellness visit. I went through the wellness exam which seemed frivolous to me.

The nurse practitioner said she wasn't sure why I was there. I left the screening thinking everything was okay. Within 30 days I received a bill from Life Line Screening for a co-pay on the wellness exam which was much higher than my own doctor for a physical because the doctor from Life Line Screening was outside my network.

My wife has called and tried to negotiate with them and got a 20% concession on the co-pay but that is all. She has spent so much time, effort and frustration that we have decided to pay the discounted co-pay just to make it go away. In addition, I cannot go to my physician for my yearly physical this year which would normally be covered by my Insurer.

I do not plan to go back to Life Line Screening and don't recommend it to others. BUYER BEWARE!

Michael L.
Columbus, OH
Life Line Screening

Michael, Your feedback is valuable to us and we will use it to improve our services. Someone from our billing department will be reaching out with a resolution.

June 14 2019 11:26PM

Over three hour wait time for everyone in the room. Prepaid, so you don't walk out. Not recommended unless you want to waste a day fasting. Staff could not give an explanation why the lengthy delay.

Steve M.
Edmond, OK
Life Line Screening

Steve, I apologize for your long delay. Our growing demand has placed a definite strain on our ability to effectively keep up with the growth in key zip codes. We will definitely pass along your feedback to our operations team so we can staff appropriately in these key areas. We do hope you'll give us another chance and we are grateful for your honest feedback.

May 10 2019 1:34PM

A total rip-off! Impossible to contact customer service! They list a price but end up charging a lot more. Don't join their membership unless you really want to get screwed bad. After canceling they sent me a bill for $187.00 after they already deducted $100's from my credit card. They inflate all their charges, make it hard for a customer to cancel, don't give what they advertise. BEWARE!! of this Company!!!!

Michael M.
Tamp, FL
Life Line Screening

Michael, Thank you for providing feedback about your unpleasant experience ! We appreciate the opportunity to improve our experience and will use your input to make changes.

April 04 2019 12:51AM

I had no issues with the tests, personnel, or anything about the exams or results itself. My complaint is with the price. It is advertised at $149, but by the time I was done, it was over $300. When making the appointment, it was an additional amount of money, and THEN an additional amount due upon the arrival for your test. I have requested an explanation for the price being different than advertised, but have never gotten one. I didn’t even participate in one of the tests. A bit of a scam in my opinion.

Helen L.
Nevada, MO
Life Line Screening

Helen, Your feedback is valuable to us and we will use it to improve our products and services. Someone from our Customer Care team will be reaching out with a resolution.

March 20 2019 8:26PM

I appreciate the appointment reminders by mail and by phone. Just as expected, I arrived on time and Will was ready to check me in. I no longer had finished completing my questionnaire when I was called back for the testing. It was amazingly low stress and the professionals were very friendly and efficient. I had a great experience knowing I was doing my best to stay on top of my wellness. This was my second screening and I will definitely reschedule again in the future.

ZoeLinda and G.
Nacogdoches, TX
Life Line Screening

ZoeLinda, We're so glad that your experience with Life Line Screening as a pleasant one. We hope to see you again, next year !

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