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January 18 2020 3:30AM

I have had some sharp pains in my shoulder. I took screening for I heart disease, stroke and bone and the staff of Life Line Screening knew what they were doing and kept it in an orderly manner.

Brenda S.
Shreveport, LA
Life Line Screening

Thanks for the kind words, Brenda! We're more than happy to help and are glad you had a positive experience with Life Line Screening. We hope your shoulder is on the road to improvement and hope to see you again next year.

January 16 2020 11:28AM

I have used Life Line Screening many times before. They have an efficient process. It was fairly easy and quick. The staff talked me through the procedures when I went for kidneys, cholesterol, carotid artery, and other tests.

Brett H.
San Mateo, CA
Life Line Screening

Brett - Thank you for the review and your loyalty! We always love hearing from customers like and are so glad you've seen the value in our preventative screenings time and time again. It's so important to always have a gauge on your overall cardiovascular wellness. Hope to see you again soon!

January 16 2020 2:21AM

The literature that came with the application for the Life Line Screening really got me interested. Though we had to wait 30 minutes before it was my turn, it was done very professionally. The results came okay except for one. I’m feeling healthy anyways. Screening is an extra thing to do to protect yourself.

Mr. G.
West Palm Beach, FL
Life Line Screening

Mr. Garofalo - Thanks for the feedback! We're glad you had a good experience and apologize for the longer-than-expected wait. We always strive to provide a smooth and efficient check-in and screening process -occasionally demand can spike and cause wait times to temporarily increase, but we limit this as much as possible. Thanks for trusting Life Line Screening as a partner in your preventative health and we hope to see you again next year!

January 15 2020 6:08AM

Life Line Screening has given me peace of mind knowing that I am staying on top of my health because I know that there are things like aneurysms, stroke, and heart disease run in my family. Those are all things that unless I have something happen, my doctors aren't gonna check me for. Life Line’s staff was very professional. She just explained what she was doing.

Brenda F.
Columbus, OH
Life Line Screening

Thanks for your review, Brenda! We're glad you've taken charge of your preventative cardiovascular wellness and are honored to be your trusted partner. You can never be too careful with your health, and we always aim to provide the best and most seamless experience for each customer. We appreciate you and hope to see you again next year!

January 12 2020 1:44AM

I got a notice that Life Line was going to be in the area and I was making sure everything was in good working order. The screening was thorough and it pretty much confirmed that I didn't have any issues to be concerned about. No heart or circulatory issues of any kind.

The staff was great but I guess it would have been nice to have a better explanation of what each of the tests was for, in order to be able to make a decision about whether which ones I wanted and which ones I maybe didn't need.

Brian C.
North Port, FL
Life Line Screening

Thanks for the review, Brian! We're happy to hear about your results and glad that you had a positive experience. That's excellent feedback about the screening explanations, and we'll be sure to pass your message along to the appropriate team members so the information is communicated better next time. We hope to see you again next year!

December 13 2019 6:25AM

Life Line is the one that comes to mind for preventative screening. We get the mailings and it had been a year or two since I had done it, so it was just time.

I had no problem with the people. But they were so far behind for about one hour. However I have a friend who had a really bad experience. They rushed her through all these tests, she was done in 20 minutes.

I had an A1c done and my result was a 5.7. And six weeks later was my physical and they ran one at the clinic and it was a 6. And I guess I have found that in the past that if you do a test that has been done, it's always higher at the clinic, so I like the Life Line one better. I was satisfied with the tests that were done.

Judy T.
Brooklyn Park, MN
Life Line Screening

Thanks so much for the feedback, Judy. Occasionally the demand for screening can exceed availability, so we regret that you had to wait a bit longer on that particular day. We always strive to serve each person the best we can to ensure the best possible experience. We're glad you were satisfied overall with Life Line Screening and hope to see you again next year!

December 02 2019 8:27AM

My husband and I both had screening a couple of years ago or so, and a couple of the test results was borderline, where we needed to get some further screening or attention. And so, we thought it'd just be good to kind check those levels out again.

Life Line is in our city and they were easily contacted, and it was good. I don't think there are any other ones that we saw that came to North Platte. The screening techs were quiet, and precise, and kind.

Virginia O.
Grand Island, NE
Life Line Screening

Thanks for the review, Virginia! We're proud to offer convenient screening services for our customers in many cities and towns across the country, and we're so glad you had a positive experience. We always aim to offer the best possible customer service, so it's great to know that you were treated so well by the whole team! Hope to see you again next year.

December 02 2019 8:09AM

I did some screening because my insurance company offered that kind of stuff. And I get a regular check-up every year, but they don't do that like the heart check-up.

Life Line’s tech explained what they were about to do, and they were really efficient and fast. I did the heart screening and where they check the blood flow and they did the sonogram on the aortic heart. The results came really quick and there was no bad news.

Virginia P.
Pasadena, CA
Life Line Screening

Thanks, Virginia! We appreciate the time you spent to share your feedback. We're glad to hear we were able to provide a smooth, positive experience and that Life Line Screening was a helpful piece in your personal health assessment.

December 01 2019 12:09PM

I have gotten quite a few preventative screenings done through Lifeline. My doctor always told me that if I feel that I want anything, to get it because he could not do the same thing for the price that I have to pay.

But I was not at all happy the day that I was at the one in Richmond. It was cold in there. They don't turn the heat on. You couldn't take your coat off. The people were all congested. Their screening techs always been very nice though. And the doctor always seems to be happy with the results.

Virginia O.
Rockford, IL
Life Line Screening

Thanks for your feedback, Virginia! We're proud to offer thorough, affordable, and convenient screening services for every customer, and we're so glad you were able to take advantage. We are genuinely sorry about the temperature in the facility the day you screened -- as you know, we screen at various locations around the country and do not always have control of the buildings themselves, so we apologize that were weren't able to make it warmer. We're happy that you were treated well by the Life Line Screening team and that your doctor found the results valuable!

November 30 2019 5:07AM

Life Line’s offer sounded pretty good. When I made the appointment, it was pretty good and easy. When I got there, I waited for two minutes. Then, I got called and I stopped at each station, and everything went quite well. All the stations were separated, and they performed whatever service they provided. It was good. I liked my screening. It was a cloudy day outside that day, but when I got inside, it was sunshine.

Vincent B.
Chicago, IL
Life Line Screening

Thank you, Vincent! We're happy to hear you had a positive experience with Life Line Screening and that your results were good. We're proud to offer our thorough and convenient preventative cardiovascular screenings and are glad you were able to take advantage. We'll look forward to seeing you again next year!

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