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July 22 2019 7:56PM

My mother had this device for just about 3 months. I returned the unit since she was able to receive one through a state sponsored program. Her billing date was the 15th which they billed her credit card, they rec'd the unit back on the 18th. I expected to have some held back since it was after the billing date. When I spoke with the representative and I inquire how much she would get back, he informed me there is a restocking fee of about $35 or more. The monthly bill was $89.00 so essentially my mom will still end up paying most of the bill. This not Best Buy where they charge you a restocking fee if you open it up and return it. How else are you going to use the device if you don't open it. Whatever you do, always read the very fine print. Not a happy daughter.

P J.
Houston, TX
July 15 2019 4:13PM

The salesman who was so charismatic to promise me service and help with questions has never returned my calls or emails. Their “customer service” dept is inept and also pretend to provide personal service, but never follow through on actions promised. They now have my credit card for billing but recently billed me three times the cost and won’t refund for 7-10 day’s unlike other businesses who make it happen that day. Their directions for activation vary from salesperson to directions with the equipment to 6 different contacted customer service people. If I didn’t have to start over for my elderly confused Mother, I would change companies. Run as fast and far away from this company! There is no integrity for a company that pretends to care about people.

Monica D.
Racine, WI
May 29 2019 1:25PM

Please make sure you ask questions about being charge, if you return the equipment. I was charge 116.93 for not using the equipment. My suggest is to make sure you are explain when you return the equipment it is a restocking fee and they prorate your monthly charge. Lesson learned.

Cindy G.
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