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Mile High Van Lines has been in business since 2008 and provides nationwide moving services from the Denver, Seattle, and Richmond, Virginia areas with a fleet of company-owned trucks. The company can safely move your personal belongings, transport an office building or commercial goods to a new location, whether across town or the country. Mile High offers a dedicated moving consultant for each customer to keep in touch from pick up to delivery. We included Mile High Van Lines in our Best Long Distance Moving Companies guide because of the individual attention each customer receives. The company offers a stress-free relocation with no hidden costs and free quotes. This review covers Mile High Van Lines and not MileHigh Moving Company, both have headquarters in Denver.

  • One dedicated moving specialist for each customer
  • Small company attention with nationwide service
  • Hourly rate for local moves

  • Local moves only available in Denver and Seattle areas

Long Distance Moves with Mile High Van Lines

The Mile High Van Lines fleet completes state-to-state moves originating in Denver, Colorado and Seattle, Washington areas. The company does its part to keep rates low and assigns a moving specialist to each customer. The specialist provides one point of contact with a professional who knows the details of your move. In addition to logistical services and loading and unloading, you can opt for services like packing, blanket wrapping for furniture and delicate items, and stretch wrapping. Mile High Van Lines’ white-glove service is an excellent option if you want your items placed in specific areas within your new home or office.

Mile High Van Lines Local Moves

Mile High offers an hourly rate for local moves to help customers save money. Pay under $200 per hour for a truck and a three-person moving crew. The company provides floor protection and other measures to avoid damaging your new home when furniture is removed or placed. Logistics specialists plan the relocation, so your relocation happens on time with no surprises. Mile High Van Lines offers local moves in the Seattle and Denver areas.

Relocation options for local moves are the same as those for long-distance.

Mile High Van Lines Moving Services
Residential Commercial
Appliances Office furniture
High-value items Electronics
Fragile items Boxed documents
Furniture Retail or office fixtures
Art and Pianos Additional padding and floor protection
White glove service Packing and Unpacking

Mile High Van Lines Moving Quotes

You can get a cost estimate by using Mile High Van Lines’ online quote tool. Enter your contact information and the number of bedrooms, then indicate the items you plan to move on a survey form. Use the quote form when you have about 20 minutes since it takes some time to look over and consider which items to select on the form. You can also call to speak to a Mile High representative to discuss your relocation needs using the contact form or phone number on the website.

After you get the initial estimate, a Mile High representative visits your home or business to see what needs moving, room by room. You then receive a firm quote after this inventory. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires this procedure.

Mile High Van Lines Complaints

There aren’t many reviews for Mile High Van Lines, but what we found is promising. On a scale of 5, the company scores 5 stars on ConsumerAffairs, 4.5 stars on BusinessRater and 5 stars on UMover. Google Reviews yield 2.5 out of 5 stars with the most recent ratings giving Mile High Van Lines 5 stars.

Mile High Van Lines Q&A

  • Can Mile High Van Lines move all items from my home or office?

    Mile High Van Lines can move almost anything, but regulations prohibit all movers from transporting flammable, explosive, combustible or poisonous items. You also have to move your plants and perishable foods on your own as well.

  • Is Mile High Van Lines a small moving company?

    With more than 10 trucks, Mile High Van Lines is considered a medium-sized moving company. The fleet is adequate for availability while providing the personal touch of a smaller company.

  • Can I schedule a move over a weekend with Mile High Van Lines?

    You most likely can complete a weekend move with Mile High Van Lines. However, you may pay a premium if you don’t move during the week. Employees typically work on overtime on weekends.

  • How far in advance should I contact Mile High Van Lines for a moving cost quote?

    Call the company for a quote as soon as you are reasonably sure of your move date. The sooner you get a quote, the easier it is to compare estimates from other companies to Mile High Van Lines’ prices.

  • Is Mile High Van Lines a moving broker?

    Mile High Van Lines owns its fleet, plans the allocation of employees and resources to each move, and provides a moving consultant to each customer. The company is not a moving broker. Brokers put a customer’s order up for bid to a variety of moving companies, where Mile High handles relocation projects from start to finish.


Mile High Van Lines customer service model provides a consultant to answer any questions, at any point in your relocation. The company has several state-of-the-art moving trucks to transport your belongings to a new location safely. You can add white glove service to your order, and if you want all or part of your belongings packed or unpacked, Mile High Van Lines can do the job. The company takes pride in providing the same moving services as larger companies but with a higher level of customer service, and often at a lower price.

Mile High Van Lines Reviews

Recent Reviews

April 04 2021 10:13PM

If you are considering Mile High Van Lines (MHVL) as a moving service, I would suggest looking elsewhere. I was instructed by my job to obtain 3 binding quotes for moving estimates.

MHVL was within our budget and all but guaranteed our items would be delivered by March 1st. The salesmen strongly suggested over and over that March 1st was not a problem and they could get our stuff transported in that timeframe.

Another moving competitor suggested I get a guaranteed delivery date in our contract in order to ensure our stuff would actually show up on March 1st. So I contacted the salesmen from MHVL and asked him about guaranteed delivery.

He told me that including the guaranteed date would take the quote above my company’s moving budget, but he said without the guaranteed date we should still receive our items by the 1st.

With his “reassurance”, we decided to go with MHVL to move across the country. The movers picked up our stuff on February 21st. We were expecting a week of no stuff with a newborn baby, a challenge in itself already.

On March 3rd, I had not heard from MHVL to set up a drop off date, so I called the gentleman I had been communicating with to set up the move. He said he would get back to me.

He returned my call a day or two later and said our stuff had left the 29th and we should be getting a call soon to organize the delivery.

So I called again on March 8th to talk to a gentleman who let me know they had a driver for the move and our items had actually just left on Friday (March 5th).

On March 11th, we are told our stuff will be delivered the next day around 1pm, almost 2 weeks after we were told it would be delivered. While we do understand we did not pay for a guaranteed delivery date, we feel misled by the salesman’s “guarantee”.

On March 12th, the driver shows up at 4pm with no additional movers. Instead of “door-to-door service” as our contract stated, the driver and I had to spend over 4 hours moving in the stuff.

By the time we finished it was dark, my wife had been busy with our newborn, and we did not have time to do the full inventory.

The driver had us sign the form stating we received our items and told us we should email the office about the damaged items (our chest of drawers and a few other smaller items).

The next day when we finally had time to start unpacking, we found out our diaper pail, floor lamp, and step ladder were not delivered. We also received some other family’s box of stuffed animals (the box had an orange label and ours were pink labels).

Frustrated with the damaged/missing/extra items, we contacted MHVL via email to discuss all of these issues and have received no response from them.

We are writing this review so people are aware of what they are getting into and to suggest you avoid this moving company (we had other companies give similar quotes without making “guarantees” they had no intention of trying to uphold).

The positives: they were reasonably priced, the movers that picked up our stuff were all quite friendly, as was the driver who made the delivery.

The negatives: they lied about the estimated delivery date, we received some damaged items, we are missing some items, we received extra items (which are still sitting in our garage until we figure out whether we can get them to the family they belong to if MHVL ever emails us back), and when we tried to contact them regarding these issues we received no response.

Loren B.
Woodbridge, WV
November 01 2019 7:29PM

ITX LLC dba Mile High Van Lines, USDOT #**, stated in its "Binding Moving Estimate" that "if the load weight/cubic ft. [of a move] is less than the estimate, the customer will receive a credit for the difference. The load weight of our move was less than the estimate (witnessed and documented), but Mile High Van Lines has refused to refund the difference of $1,089.

On the day of the move, the actual movers insisted that the "Binding Moving Estimate" was too low even though a careful review of the things to be moved was given to the "Senior Moving Consultant." The movers insisted on rewriting the estimate, increasing the load weight by 329 cu. ft. Our house had already been sold and we had not choice but to agree.

I contacted the "Customer Service Manager," and was assured that we only needed to record the weight upon delivery, inform them, and a refund would issued. We did this, but Mile High Van Lines refused to issue a credit. In addition, we were never given a copy of the new "Binding Moving Estimate," the "Bill of Lading," or the "Home Goods Descriptive Inventory." I would avoid ITX LLC and its subsidiaries Colorado Transport Company, Presidential Moving, LLC and, of course, Mile High Van Lines.

Timothy H.
Denver, CO
September 05 2019 12:42AM

I'm a senior citizen and I was scammed by these people. They gave me a quote for moving and when the movers arrived they said it would cost twice as much. I haven't been able to get my deposit back and they won't answer or return my calls. I've been doing research and the in the State of Colorado they have changed the company name 3 times.

The owner recently filed for LLC status in Florida, (one month ago!) I was lied to throughout to whole process. They have a D rating with the Better Business Bureau. I'm working with to resolve this issue. Apparently they have violated Federal Regulation. Not to mention Senior Abuse. BEWARE

Carol E.
Golden, CO
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