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May 03 2019 5:31PM

Moria ** and Tina were fantastic. They were very knowledgeable about the job. Explained things to me in terms that I could understand. Showed me things that I didn’t know. Really helped me to hear better I am so pleased and happy. I have a brain tumor and have had a lot of radiation in through my ears I didn’t think there was anything they could do for me. But wow what a difference they had made. I have a follow-up appointment that I am actually looking forward to. Thank you for everything. Rainee!

Lorraine R.
CedarPark, TX
May 03 2019 12:51AM

I received a postcard offering free hearing test. I was seeing by two people one does the speech the other the testing. I was fine until they brought out their contract to purchase a very expensive hearing aid. I went to them due to a ringing left ear. I was so glad l left without purchasing hearing aids. I feel this company has no choices for consumers except the very expensive product they offer. I left without the gift card they offer to get you in the door. I guess you don’t buy, you don’t get. This company is very intimidating. Go somewhere else. Yes they are not doctors.

Nancy S.
Lyons, NY
April 27 2019 11:53PM

First of all I would like to thank Justin ** and Maureen for all their help and truly providing me with a miracle. They were open and honest about what to expect. I believe your auditory journey is what you make of it after you receive your hearing aids. For me Miracle ear was the only place that provided a hearing device that actually worked. I am truly grateful for work and assistance that was provided. Definitely looking forward to upgrading in about 4-6 months! :) Don't let the bad reviews posted fool you. Every location is not the same.

Tonya S.
Oceanside, CA
April 26 2019 1:04AM

This place is a scam, they are very nice smooth talking helping you hear then slap that high price on you. Well you want to hear so bad it’s like well if it helps me hear, but no they stay in the shop more than my ears! I will tell everyone do not pay this kind of money for these hearing aids! 4700.00 I am 70 yrs old and had to get a second job to pay for them.. I think it ought to be against the law to charge this much money for something so little! Please do not buy Miracle-Ear!

Jack C.
Austin, AR
April 18 2019 2:07AM

Do not patronize Miracle Ear!!! Besides offering obsolete technology hearing aids, they conduct dishonest and misleading business practices. They refused to honor their promotion of a “no hassle” 30 day free trial. We are still fighting with them over a $7000 pair of hearing aids that a second opinion said we did not even need. Total scam! Stay away!

Michael N.
Hawthorne, CA
April 11 2019 9:49PM

This office visit was/is a bad way to do business. They had me sign a contract just to get the hearing aid into the office from the factory. I did not know they would charge me, even after I had a serious family emergency and talked to the man about it. He would not listen and said it was too bad. They charged me $5000 plus a restocking fee. I worked hard and long with the operations manager from Miracle Ear and after talking with the Health plan they charged me still another $500 plus. Which I believe is a scam procedure to get money from me a Senior on limited Income. Go somewhere else.

Rosemary F.
Ventura, CA
March 13 2019 1:02AM

Believe me never deal with these people cause they lie to your face. Can’t take their word. Worst cons I ever dealt with. Theirs will screw anyone they can and as much as they can. Bring your own tape recorder to catch them and get a good lawyer. These people should be in jail.

Jonn S.
Gretna, LA
March 08 2019 7:31PM

I was told by my audiologist that I am a candidate for hearing devices. The prices I was quoted was from as low as $699.00 per device for refurbished up to $2000.00 -$4500.00 for new ones. I have looked online hearing aids for a company who offered buy one and get one free. But, they wrote that you did not need a hearing test, or evaluation, also stated the devices would automatically adjust to your situation... this was a red flag to me and my audiologist. I kept looking and researching and found Miracle Ear in Cedar City. I made an appointment with Mr. D. ** and so glad I did. I was given a hearing evaluation and test via different frequencies and spoken words. Again, I was a candidate for hearing devices.

I asked about Veteran discount and A.A.R.P. and they did both. I got two hearing aids for about $1600.00+ off the regular price. I also signed up for the battery club. He programmed them, set the technology for various hearing situations. Now, I can hear everything from birds, my cat, even the most quiet sounds 100% better. I am so glad I went to Miracle Ear. I got love the Genius 5300 RIC they have duel microphones and I can adjust volume and situations from "universal, noise background, and TV and movies and NO feedback squeal. I have been wearing them 10-12 hours a day for over a week and the batteries have not been changed yet. Mr. ** told me the devices will play a musical sound when the batteries are ready to be changed... They are hardly noticeable and I would recommend them for sure.

Lynn C.
February 24 2019 3:11PM

Scam!! Beware, they take advantage of elderly people. My 90 year old father was lured in with an ad boasting an affordable price. He was told those types were for 'children' and wouldn't work for him. He ended up paying over 14,000$ YES... 14 thousand dollars for hearing aids for himself and his wife. The devices they sold him were not even necessary for his lifestyle. They told him he had 45 days to return them but when he called about returning them was told they would deduct 10%. He was never informed of that!! Complete rip-off!!

Deidre S.
Mill River, MA
February 12 2019 5:25PM

Waste of Time & Money. Father-in-Law paid 4,500.00 for mine on sale. Never worked right. Eat batteries. When I moved the close by vendor just took them to back room and gave them back. Junk, still did not work. When contacted they told me to bring them back to where they were purchased at. Apparently these stores are franchised. The 20.00 dollar one as seen on T.V. at Walgreens works MUCH better.

James S.
Algonquin, IL
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